The health care industry is ever-evolving. From leading-edge technology to innovative care units and procedures, advancements are constantly being made to raise the quality of care. That’s why VA supports continuous learning and encourages employees to pursue higher education. We offer one of the most comprehensive education support programs in the nation, so VA employees can learn and grow at the forefront of medicine and continue to provide the best patient care to our Veterans.

The general programs VA offers help both current and future employees of VA. The Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), for instance, allows VA to provide student loan reduction payments to employees who are in critical needs positions. Other general programs include scholarships for employees pursuing health care disciplines; loan forgiveness programs for federal student loans; and learning opportunities for students pursuing degrees in nursing, pharmacy and medical technologies.

We also offer a more robust portfolio of education programs for current VA employees. Whether it’s leadership workshops, certifications in a critical skillset, online courses or on-the-job-training, VA’s education programs provide every opportunity to learn. In fact, we have our own network—VA Knowledge Network, a state-of-the-art system that delivers learning opportunities wherever you are, so you can work at your own pace.

At VA, nonstop learning is built into our culture. Our educational benefits are available to all VA employees who want to better themselves and the future of Veteran care. If that sounds like you, then consider a career with VA. Explore our opportunities for education support as well as our current open positions and apply today.

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