As medical practitioners, we never underestimate the value and importance of our work. Every day is a fresh opportunity to make a lasting difference in patients’ lives. And while the work is challenging, at VA, we’re honored to experience the unique joy of serving the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed so much to protect our country.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what VA providers are saying about their careers at VA:

• “All Vets should get the care they need and the opportunities they strive for, no matter what. The people that work at VA really care.” -Edward R., Occupational Therapy Assistant Volunteer (San Diego VA Health Care System)

• “Always an honor to serve those who have served.” -Christy C., Chief Nurse (VA North Texas Healthcare System)

• “I never felt so connected to any employment in my entire career. As a former Marine, having that connection with fellow Vets is as unconditional as [it was] while serving in the Marine Corp.” -Jack K., Assistant Chief EMS (Phoenix VA Health Care System)

• “The VA medical system is like no other, with no end of demand for the latest medical solutions and care for the most deserving patients…our Veterans.” -Ron C.

• “Come join VA, a wonderful place to work. I love taking care of our heroes.” -Renee B.

The choice to pursue a career in medicine is an honorable one. And as you explore your next career steps and where to make your greatest impact, we hope you’ll consider the added value and fulfillment a career serving Veterans has to offer. View open positions with VA and apply today!

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