How VA supports ongoing education with debt relief


VA health care professionals are constantly learning—from diagnostic methodology to advanced treatments and the latest in experimental technologies—and we’re continually improving our ability to provide top-notch care for America’s Veterans. Continuous learning is essential to the work we do. That’s why we also encourage VA employees to pursue higher education by offering one of the most comprehensive education support programs in the nation.

One excellent support tool is the Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), which authorizes VA to provide student loan reimbursement to employees with qualifying loans who are in difficult-to-recruit positions in direct patient care. Participants may receive up to $120,000 toward a qualified loan over a 5-year period, covering tuition and other reasonable educational and living expenses, including fees, books, supplies, equipment/materials and laboratory costs.

Positions offering EDRP will be notated in vacancy announcements; candidates applying for positions non-competitively should inquire about the program with HR prior to negotiation. Of course, we encourage every health care professional considering a career with VA to explore all forms of education support we offer as well as our current openings—search opportunities and apply today.


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  1. Danny lee Dehaan    

    If fasfa didn’t use your VA funds for schooling then how can I see to it that it was completed, Thank you, Dan Dehaan

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