Beyond the day-to-day health and rehabilitation services we provide, the VA Office of Research & Development proactively seeks to improve Veterans’ – and indeed all Americans’ lives – through constant discovery and innovation. From advanced cancer treatments to prosthetics and cutting-edge psychiatric tools, our patented technologies solve a wide array of problems. And when an outside company solves them first, we never shy away from strategic partnerships that can help us better our own programs.

One of VA’s more exciting partnerships was recently finalized with Tel-Aviv-based startup SoftWheel, whose patented ‘Acrobat’ wheel contains an embedded shock absorption system designed specifically for wheelchairs – customizing the wheels’ shocks according to what terrain the chair is on. In partnership with VA wheelchair-manufacturer Key Mobility, VA has approved the delivery of 361 SoftWheel-outfitted chairs, which is part of a larger three-year deal that will include 2,000 sets of wheels. Each set costs $2,500, but it’s a small price to pay for such a vast improvement to Veterans’ mobility and the reduction of common stress injuries.

Of course, our investment in the best technologies will be most successful when the best therapists, nurses, and technicians are available to help us administer them.
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