Labor Day is a great holiday. It’s picnics and beaches and the end of summer for many people. Labor Day was made a national holiday in 1884, expanding what a number of states had already begun, to note the contribution of America’s workers. True, the way we celebrate it has evolved, but there is nothing wrong with relaxing for a few days to take pride in the past year’s work and prepare for the efforts to come.

It’s also a good time to acknowledge the extraordinary work done by our active duty service people to maintain a safe America. It’s one of the reasons we can all enjoy a holiday weekend. We should also acknowledge the work of our Veterans, and their service and sacrifice. The great efforts of VA professionals, who give everything they have and more to make sure Veterans receive the care they need, must be honored as well.

Remember, for many of these people, Labor Day is like every day of the year – a day of work and sacrifice for others. Because when people choose careers of service like military duty or providing health care, there are things more important than holidays and picnics. Rather than just celebrating work, the work itself is a celebration of values.

VA has many professional possibilities for people who want their work to reflect the values they hold. In clinical physical and mental health care, administration, and many other areas, we invite you to explore a VA career today.

The job market is highly favorable for nurses—VA offers a wide variety of nursing careers to explore.VA nursing outlook: continued growth for the future
Through a population-specific approach to care, VA hospitals can best meet the needs of Veterans in the area.VA hospital’s population-specific approach to Veteran care

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