America’s Veterans present a broad range of complex medical and psychological conditions. VA strives to deliver timely, tailored care to every patient. In an effort to best address patient needs, VA hospitals have taken steps to bolster programs and resources specific to Veterans within their service region. The James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center in Altoona, PA, is a prime example.

A year ago, Veterans based in and around Altoona had to travel to Pittsburgh by bus in order to receive chemotherapy. Today, Altoona VA hospital provides the critical cancer treatment on which many Veterans in the region depend as well as additional orthopedic services and colonoscopies. The hospital operates a number of community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs), and according to Director Sigrid Andrew, “works with other health care providers in the region, coordinating VA benefits when necessary.” A 40-bed Community Living Center is also available at Altoona VA for inpatient rehabilitation, long-term and hospice care. “We are looking at and listening to the Veteran’s needs and what we see as the Veteran’s needs,” said Public Affairs Officer Shaun Shenk.

VA is the nation’s largest integrated health care system—a dynamic network that’s constantly evolving to better serve Veterans. It’s our mission to ensure the quality care our Veterans need and deserve is always within reach. Are you ready to join the team committed to honoring our nation’s heroes every day? Discover a rewarding life of service with VA. Explore our available positions and apply today.

On Labor Day remember the work of Veterans and their caregivers.Labor Day is a celebration of work. At VA, it’s also a celebration of values.
creative artsVA uses recreation and the creative arts to heal

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  1. Niles Tagliamonte September 13, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    It is time that the V.A. allows patients to choose their HCP if 1) They cannot see the V.A. HCP within a reasonable time frame, 2) A particular service isn’t available at that facility 3) if it represents a hardship for the Veteran to travel greater than 25 miles to be seen. If that Veteran see’s a HCP, or Specialist outside of the V.A. network, the HCP bills the government…SIMPLE ! RIght now, if a Veteran experience’s or is involved in an emergency, they can be taken to ANY E/R through-out the U.S. We missing something??

  2. leonard franzil September 10, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Been to the Ann Arbor VA Hospital a hundred times over the years. Never once had a problem. Always promp, courtious care by the staff. A shout out THANK-YOU to DR. Seema Saini and her crew of the Yellow Team.

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