Gary Hicks

is the Director of VA’s Office of Digital Media Engagement. He is a former managing editor of a daily newspaper and a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Gary’s wife is a senior master sergeant stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.


  1. Sherry P    

    This previous comment is only filled with Vitriol from someone named Ralph about how the Commander in Chief dedicated the support of the Department of Veterans Affairs to the past and current Soldiers in Uniform that Defend the United States of America on Veteran’s Day. The efforts involved with the military are the Best on the Planet and President Trump shared this Praise. President Trump has Never insulted our military, so where did that commenter come from is a dark silly place. Ralph, you need to bow your head in shame for such a stupid and unjust comment.

  2. Ralph    

    Trump insulted every veteran who has ever served in the U.S. military this weekend. To print anything Trump has to say is telling veterans they do not matter, and that their sacrifices were and are meaningless. Trump does not represent an america that veterans served to protect.

    Gary, you and the acting director should bow your heads in shame.

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