This week’s batch of resources and news for Veterans:

  • VA will host its first Veteran Career Fair and Expo on January 18 in Washington, DC. The free event will provide Vets from DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and West Virginia with information on jobs, education, health care, and small business opportunities. Also, Vets will be able to register for the benefits and services they’ve earned. Register here.
  • Medical schools will soon have more courses geared toward PTSD and traumatic brain injury in an effort to prepare doctors for the long-term care of Veterans.
  • On June 25, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games will commence in Richmond, Virginia. Participants will compete in 17 events, including swimming, basketball, table tennis, archery, and more. The registration deadline is April 15, so get started soon if you’re interested.
  • It’s not just the troops who deal with the consequences of war, but their families as well. My dad shared what my deployment was like for him back home, and gives advice to parents whose child has recently returned.
  • A lot of folks ask, “How can I give back to Vets?” Check out our volunteer page for more information on how to get involved locally.
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VA Career Fair Aims to Connect Vets with Jobs

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