Borne The Battle 142: Carroll Harris – Marine Corps Veteran, Postal Inspector, Marine Corps Historian


FBI, CIA, AFT…USPIS? It’s not an alphabet agency that is often brought up in conversation around the DC Beltway. However, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service was founded over 100 years prior to the FBI and almost 150 years before the CIA.  Their mission is to “support and protect the U.S. Postal Service, its employees, infrastructure, and customers by enforcing the laws that defend the nation’s mail system from illegal or dangerous use.”

This week’s guest is U.S. Postal Inspector and Marine Veteran Carroll Harris. Since I’ve been the host, Carroll is the first guest to reach out and ask to be on the show so he can get information out to Veterans. Operation Protect Veterans is an effort by the Postal Inspection Service to prevent crimes and scams within the mail system that are targeting the Veteran population.

Among the current scams targeting our Veteran Community include (Source USPIS):
  • “Secret” Veteran Benefits Scam: Veterans are told they qualify for “secret” government programs or benefits that offer thousands of dollars – but first, they attempt to collect personal information or a fee.
  • Benefits Buyout Offer: Scammers take advantage of veterans in need by offering a quick upfront buyout – usually at a fraction of the value – of future disability or pension payments.
  • VA Loan Scams: Offers to refinance VA loans at extremely low rates.


In addition, we talk about Carroll’s role as a historian in the Marine Corps Reserve. He is attached to the Marine Corps History Division and is tasked with going on deployments to record Marine Corps history in times of conflict. In the episode, he covers how he was “drafted” into the history division in Kuwait, right before the Marine Corps crossed the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border during 2003’s Operation Enduring Freedom.

In this episode we also cover his deployments, his early work as a DEA federal agent and the postal service’s role in developing CBS’s The Inspectors.

Centering on the criminal investigations of U.S. postal inspectors, “The Inspectors” is the only show on commercial television paid for by a U.S. government agency, with its funding coming from the United States Postal Service asset forfeiture and consumer fraud awareness funds (Source, USPIS).


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Tanner Iskra

Tanner Iskra joined the VA in 2018 and is the host of the VA’s podcast, “Borne the Battle.” He is a proud United States Marine Corps Veteran who served as an administrator, an intel analyst and as a combat videographer/photographer. During his military career he deployed to OIF III to spent time in many countries as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force. After leaving active duty, Tanner was a Senior Post Production Editor with NASCAR Productions. Tanner is a graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies and holds a Certificate in Military Motion Media from the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University.


  1. Patricia Carswell Hernandez    

    The army did a terrible thing to me. I am a vet and although I have not been medically deployable I was let go after mynerve damage made me nonpromtionable I suffered extreme physical and emotional disability I was treated like I was fine. When I was injured they put my hands in ice water, no exrays were even taken. Now I have finally had surgery and fear of having of needing another one but because I had to wait the damage already done so long ago the side effects will never go away only get worse .

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