Memorial Day reflections

Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Randy Reeves on this year's Memorial Day events


As I return from travel in the field, celebrating and honoring our brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, I am deeply impressed with the continued commitment our VA team members provide our Veterans and their families. I pray all our Country’s citizens will take this example of truly honoring those who have sacrificed so much. I am deeply proud of each of you and humbled by your willing service to others.

This year, I had the privilege to participate in honoring our Veterans at Yellowstone National Cemetery while our team members across the Nation attended, facilitated, and supported Memorial Day. What I witnessed in the field and the coverage I saw online was remarkable. So remarkable that I am compelled to share. I hope you reflect on these highlights and continue to remember our Veterans and their families, not just on Memorial Day, but every day.

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USMA Randy ReevesAbout the author: The Honorable Randy Reeves was nominated by President Trump, and Senate confirmed on November 8, 2017, to serve as the 6th Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs.  He now leads 136 VA national cemeteries and 112 VA grant funded state and tribal Veteran cemeteries in providing a dignified burial in national shrines for Veterans and eligible family members.

During his 27-year military career in both the Air Force and the Navy, he served in various positions, including command. He is a combat Veteran of Operation Desert Storm and the Global War on Terrorism.  




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    Honoring those that have fallen and remembering the sacrifices so many have made for the rest of us. Thank You!

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