The first VHA Innovation Experience (I:E) in 2018 brought together VA leaders and employees, private industry, and government partners to celebrate how VA innovation is changing and saving Veteran lives through a commitment to innovation and transformation. With more than 80 programs and practices showcased, I:E participants experienced how innovative solutions designed by Veterans Health Administration (VHA) frontline employees are directly affecting Veterans. 2019’s I:E promises to be even more exciting and impactful.

The second annual I:E occurs Oct. 22-23, 2019, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and will combine popular elements from last year with a full slate of new and cutting edge programs at this year’s event. I:E is open to all who want to attend in person and will be live-streamed over the entirety of the two-day event. VHA employees (innovators) from across the country will present the “best of the best” in VA innovative thinking and projects through multiple VHA Innovation Ecosystem programs, including the VHA Innovators Network and VHA Diffusion of Excellence. I:E participants will experience first-hand how the VHA Innovators Network is embedding innovation as a core fabric within VHA and building collaborative innovation communities; while Diffusion of Excellence supports the implementation of national best practices. Participants will be able to interact with many of the innovations through demonstrations and performances.

“This is a chance for all our employees, out there doing incredible work through the Innovation Ecosystem, to demonstrate innovation in action, and ultimately, how VHA is changing and saving Veterans lives,” said Dr. Ryan Vega, Director, VHA Innovation Ecosystem. “VHA is at the forefront and leading change in health care and this is a chance for both Veterans and the public to see what and how we’re doing it and the impact we’re achieving.”

While the I:E schedule is still being finalized, it will include the aforementioned demonstrations by VHA employee innovators (Demo Day), VHA I:E Talks, a discussion with Vijay Govindaraja on the The Three Box Solution strategy for leading innovation, special topic panels consisting of VA and industry leaders, and the live conclusion of VHA Shark Tank 2019!

You Won’t Want to Miss iEx!

Registration is now open or you can experience the innovation live by watching the demonstrations on VA’s YouTube page. Make sure to follow along by subscribing to the VHA Innovation Ecosystem’s email below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about all the exciting events at iEx hereClick to subscribe to VHAIE emails.

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  1. Graeme C. Payne June 25, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    The article about this conference mentions registration available through Twitter or Facebook. I DO NOTand WILL NOT use either of those platforms. What is an alternate means of registration?

    In addition, the like showing symbols of was to share the article is out of date. One of the symbols is for Google+, which no longer exists.

    • Matthew Razak June 28, 2019 at 12:04 pm

      Hey Graeme, registration will not be through those platforms, but promoted on them. It will also be promoted here.

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