VA creates innovative solutions with the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO)

Building a partnership for best practices


On June 19, 2019, VA joined forces with the the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO) to amplify information about VA news and programs available to our Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors. NAVSO will serve as a communications channel, and it partners with organizations to create innovative solutions for challenges occurring in the Veteran community. Its role, as a non-direct service provider, is to serve as a neutral convener that can cut to the root of challenges, generate new ways to think about a problem, and offer an actionable path forward that can accelerate the pace of change. The partnership will leverage this advantage of NAVSO and the VA’s specific national priorities, such as suicide prevention, caregivers and improving customer service.

With over 160 member organizations, NAVSO scans the marketplace for best practices and brings organizations together to create efficiencies in the Veteran Service Organization landscape.

Dr. Lynda Davis, VA’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer signs the Memorandum of Understanding with NAVSO’s CEO Tim Farrell.

NAVSO’s members have online access to:

  • Fundraising tools – $2.2 Billion worth of funder prospecting data.
  • Online Learning – capacity building webinars and training tools.
  • Purchasing Portal – discounts on group purchasing to vendors like Fedex, Staples, etc.
  • Member Spotlight – get highlighted to new funders by participating in NAVSO’s membership network.
  • Access to data – build your business case for programs with information from MFRI’s Measuring Communities, and a library full of white papers and research all in one place.

“As an overarching association serving the nation’s nonprofits who directly serve our Veterans and their families, NAVSO is in a unique, bridge-building position to facilitate better communication, information-sharing and innovation between the Department and the nation’s VSOs,” said Tim Farrell, NAVSO CEO. “It will help focus and increase synergy that ultimately makes both the VA and our nation’s VSOs serve Veterans and their families better.”

NAVSO’s collaborative process employs tools and services that address gaps in service for our nation’s heroes and military families. NAVSO leverages technology to join Veteran-serving organizations in a national network to improve collaboration, inform research, offer educational programming, accelerate the development and deployment of innovative solutions, and facilitate evaluation of meaningful services. NAVSO supports transforming the Veteran services marketplace, and the network of Community Veterans Engagement Boards is the perfect integration point in local communities to foster innovation, provide education and resources, host summits, and explore research and funding.

“Creating a partnership between VA and NAVSO is a win for the Veteran community,” said Dr. Lynda Davis, VA’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer. “The partnership will enable the way challenges are overcome and leverage best practices that will improve the evolving needs of our Nation’s Heroes and military families,”

To learn more, visit NAVSO or the VEO Partnerships page.


Brett Robbins

Brett Robbins is an Army Veteran serving as a communications specialist detailed to Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Experience Office.


  1. Tammy Freeman    

    Thank you serving veterans

  2. Michael John    

    Nice one VA. It’s a welcomed development that we still remember and show love to our veterans.

  3. Henry Verner    

    This something that is long overdue, the V.A. has always done this on the Hospital side and it has been very effective.
    Per the Service and the V.A. can find a way to bring back some of the former service officers and employees whom would fit well in helping to educate and the young people s of today

  4. Mark W Nunez    

    (email redacted) Will Navso help DAC 6Army National Guard

  5. Adedotun    

    This is great. Nice work.

  6. Roxanna Childers    

    My husband passed May 7, 2019 and he have a lift for a scooter, that is only 6 months old that I would like to donate. I tried contacting the VA rep and also calling the VSO at the Dayton Va but I had no luck, I am selling the truck and I need to get the lift off. If there is a need for one then contact me at my email.(redacted)
    Thank you for you immediate attention.

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