Borne the Battle 152: Denise Loring – Army Veteran, Camp Valor Outdoors, World Class Competitive Shooter


Many studies show that nature and outdoor recreation can be therapeutic. Its many benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Developing heightened awareness
  • Promotes physical activity
  • A “Natural High”

In episode 138, Sean Ricks mentioned a nonprofit called Camp Valor Outdoors. It’s a nonprofit that helps ill, injured and wounded active duty, veterans and their family members. They do this by taking them on fishing, hunting, shooting, archery, four-wheeling and camping excursions. They believe that “healing in the great outdoors…and connecting with fellow warriors… is therapeutic and essential to healing.” The staff are volunteers and each dollar is spent on the programs that they host.

Although the nonprofit operates out of Kingsville, MO, Camp Valor’s competitive shooting program is located near Washington, D.C., in Fairfax, VA. That’s how we linked up recently, where they hosted me at a shooting clinic and a couple of matches to see what they are all about.

Camp Valor Outdoors CMP SAFS

On June 8-9, 2019 Borne the Battle host Tanner Iskra attended the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Small Arms Firing School at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club with Camp Valor Outdoors.

This week we interviewed Camp Valor Outdoors’ Chief Operating Officer, Army Veteran, and retired Colonel Denise Loring. She is a world class shooter, having shot in a CMP and NRA Nationals, USA Olympic Trials (Air Rifle), and World Championships. We talked about her recruitment to the Army, specifically for shooting. Then she talked about her 29-year career, her transition out of service, and how she came to find a home with Camp Valor Outdoors. In addition, we discussed the mission of Camp Valor Outdoors and how Veterans can take part in the programs offered by the nonprofit.

Finally, we covered the recent “Remember the Brave” Shooting Match on Marine Corps Base Quantico. She went into detail about how each unique trophy is made to honor a particular fallen service member.

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Tanner Iskra

Tanner Iskra joined the VA in 2018 and is the host of the VA’s podcast, “Borne the Battle.” He is a proud United States Marine Corps Veteran who served as an administrator, an intel analyst and as a combat videographer/photographer. During his military career he deployed to OIF III to spent time in many countries as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force. After leaving active duty, Tanner was a Senior Post Production Editor with NASCAR Productions. Tanner is a graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies and holds a Certificate in Military Motion Media from the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University.


  1. Burns    

    Good job I think I’m gonna just buzz the tower again


    How do I join and my dependents ? I am a disabled service connected veteran and would like to join your program I have skied, a competitive paddler, and just took up archery and golf.

  3. Chad Childers    

    This sounds like a really awesome program to get involved in! I will be sure to take a more detailed look at this. Very cool

  4. Robert Rouse    


    Thank you for doing this podcast. During my 9 years of active duty in the Army were some of my best and worst days. The men and women I served with in West Berlin, Germany or on the DMZ are some of the people that mean the most to me still today. As an aging vet, I have never been able to keep close relationships, even though I am very active in my local veteran community. I enjoy hearing the stories of the veterans you interview. I especially enjoy hearing their response to your question regarding their best friend or mentor while they were in the service. It makes me think of those who helped me along the way, and will help me help those I encounter on the streets here in north Texas.

    Thank you again,

    Robert Rouse
    US Army, SGT, 1988-1997

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