Perry Firoz is smart. Not just Air Force smart, but “Can I copy off your paper?” smart. But that’s what you’d expect from an Air Force Analytical Scientist who also holds a Masters Degree in Operations Research and Advanced Mathematical Applications from George Mason; a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from Wichita State University; and a Bachelor of Science in Music Performance, Theory, Composition from the University of Nebraska.

In this episode, BtB tries to figure out just what an analytical scientist does. Listen in and let me know, but I think we have it figured out: His entire job was to figure out how to make the Air Force more efficient. Where another service (ahem, Marine Corps) would contract a solution, the Air Force paid Perry to figure out how to fix logjams in career progression education systems.

Since he left active duty, Perry has continued military analytical research for the Rand Corporation. He is also taking what he has learned to become an entrepreneur. Returning to his first love–music–Perry moved to Los Angeles where he started Epic Music LA. Epic Music LA is a music licensing company. They work with experienced composers to create a music library for films and television shows, post-production companies, sports/news media, public relations and advertising agencies can license. They have recently signed deals with CBS, MLB and NHL Networks.

We dive in on how he financed his dream, and discuss the challenges of breaking into the industry.



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