Join The Mission Continues for a Day of Service to Remember 9/11

Veterans and civilians unite in service, volunteer for one day to support communities across the country


In recognition of the tragedy of 9/11 and those who served in its wake, The Mission Continues has organized United in Service, a month-long volunteer campaign.

Veteran-led service platoons across the country, from Baltimore to Houston to Los Angeles and dozens of cities in between, will call upon the Veteran community to help them in their mission to aid under-resourced schools, disaster recovery zones, and more.

This is a special opportunity for Veterans, military families, and non-Veterans to come together to make a difference in their community. It’s also an opportunity to appreciate the enormous potential Veterans still have and what they are achieving here at home.

“With time comes perspective, and like the Veterans I visited at the VA, you realize the calling to serve whether it be to pick up a rifle or a paint brush. Even after we leave active duty, we are a band of brothers and sisters, and we are here to make the world a better place.” — Mike Plue

The Mission Continues is a nonprofit organization that empowers Veterans to find growth, purpose, and connection through community impact. They help reignite the passion to pursue a meaningful mission in Veterans across the country.

Frankie Perez, Army veteran and Puerto Rico 1st Service Platoon Leader, repaints an area of the old Miami Zoo during a service project.

Frankie Perez, Army veteran and Puerto Rico 1st Service Platoon Leader, repaints an area of the old Miami Zoo during a service project.

Eric Leverone is an example one such Veteran. Eric deployed to Iraq in 2003 at the age of 22. After seven years of military service, Eric found a new sense of purpose through volunteering with The Mission Continues. While he welcomes the camaraderie among his fellow Veteran volunteers, he also embraces the opportunity to connect with non-Veterans.

Eric explains, “Many community members have never come in personal contact with Veterans. Our service projects definitely help bridge that gap. They start to see Veterans as caring humans who can also get a job done very-fast, efficiently and professionally.”

The feeling is infectious. “This work ethic and sense of civic pride bleeds over to other groups and individuals who join us at projects,” he explained. When you link arms with a group of people in pursuit of some endeavor — whether it’s painting, planting, building, or digging — you get a feeling that you’re part of something greater than yourself.


Join us to make a difference, swap stories, and meet other service-minded Veterans, service members and supporters in your community. View local events in your community.


Beth Lamb

Beth Lamb is a content creator, working as a member of VA’s Veterans Experience Office since January 2017.


  1. Jason Douglas    

    I would like to volunteer, but I lack reliable transportation and there are no platoons in my city.

  2. Samuel Fulton    

    I would like to help out. Be a great way to meet other fellow Warriors and help those civilians that need our help. This is a great program I believe

  3. Eric    

    OIF II Vet. Would love to help out !

  4. Dave Thomas    

    Plan to bring my kids also.

  5. Margaret Winters    

    I’d love to participate and be apart of any help I can give

  6. José Flores    

    I would love to volunteer.

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