In this week’s Short Takes on Suicide Prevention podcast we turn the microphones over to mental health clinicians and suicide prevention researchers, Dr. Sean Barnes and Dr. Lauren Borges, who discuss a clinical technique called “chain analysis.”

Here, Dr. Sean Barnes interviews Dr. Lauren Borges and three other RMIRECC researcher/clinicians who published a paper on chain analysis, explaining its use and benefits, especially with Veterans experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviors. This podcast gives Borges and Barnes a chance to expand on chain analysis, so Veterans, caregivers and clinicians can better decide if it is a tool that might be helpful to them.

One of the unique aspects of Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Veteran Suicide Prevention is that it is both a research center and a clinical center. This means that MIRECC researchers are constantly involved in testing treatment approaches and then using the evidence-based treatment that works best to help Veterans.


Last year, MIRECC launched the website Treatment Works for Vets as a way to introduce Veterans and caregivers to evidence-based treatments for depression, problems sleeping, chronic pain, substance use and relationship issues. This podcast introduces another evidence-based treatment.

Joe Huggins MSW, MSCIS, is a program analyst at Eastern Colorado GRECC and Rocky Mountain MIRECC

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