VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) service recently celebrated a decade of the VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) program. VSOC supports Veterans, transitioning service members and eligible family members as they pursue and complete their education goals and then obtain viable careers.

The VSOC program provides dedicated Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors on college campuses to support eligible students. VSOC began as a pilot initiative at the University of South Florida in 2009. Since then, VSOC has expanded to support 104 schools across the country.

VSOC counselors provide peer-to-peer counseling and referral services, like assisting participants by guiding their career paths, helping them reach their educational and career goals, and ensuring access to their VA benefits. Last year, the VSOC program helped over 44,000 participants in pursuit of their educational goals through on-campus benefits assistance and counseling.

VA remains committed to ensuring eligible beneficiaries have the opportunity to achieve their career objectives and the VSOC program is a great example of how VA is delivering on that commitment.

Happy Anniversary, VSOC!

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Samantha Owens is a management analyst at VBA’s VR&E Service

Photo credit: Gene Russell, Photographer, VA Media Services

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