LifeWaters provides adaptive scuba programs to disabled Veterans

Non-profit takes Veteran with ALS diving at Disney Epcot Center


LifeWaters offers scuba diving and scuba certifications as part of recreational water therapy. The non-profit organization improves the lives of disabled Veterans with a dedicated staff of volunteers, including Spinal Cord Injury therapists, doctors, nurses, Veterans and civilians.

Bill Chase is a Air Force Vietnam-era Veteran who served from 1973-1978. While stationed in Hawaii, he learned to dive and then later became a certified diver. In 2016, after a successful engineering career, Chase was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. While at a VA therapy appointment, the therapist mentioned scuba diving, and then referred Chase to LifeWaters.

Forced Retirement Opens New Door

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Chase was forced to retire after the diagnosis and soon sought assistance from Paralyzed Veterans of America for help in filing claims for VA benefits and support at the St. Louis VA. Approximately 700 to 900 Veterans with ALS are served annually by PVA to obtain their VA healthcare benefits.

“I am always excited to be involved helping a Veteran’s bucket list wish come true!” said PVA Vice President and LifeWaters Advanced Scuba Diver, Hack Albertson. “It was an absolute honor to meet and dive with Bill Chase and his family.”

Albertson credits the LifeWaters adaptive scuba training that allowed him to dive in over 200 locations around the world. “I love being a member of LifeWaters and [being] an Advanced Scuba Diver. I was even blessed to dive Pearl Harbor on December 7th while conducting an oil study for the U.S. National Park Service. I can never thank LifeWaters enough for the opportunities and experiences diving has given me.”

“Blown away by kindness” at LifeWaters

LifeWaters offers different services depending on needs, desires and skill level. They have amputee scuba diving, disabled Veteran scuba diving and other scuba diving programs.

“ALS progression is different for everyone. In my case, I have no leg motion, my arms and lungs are affected. I’ve recently lost some ground with my lungs, so when I dive I now use a full-face mask because it’s easier to breathe,” said Chase.

“Getting back in the water and diving are the things that keep me going. I’m weightless, even with what little muscle control I have left, I feel like I’m back to my old self underwater.” Air Force Veteran Bill Chase, LifeWaters HERO Diver 

Chase was surprised that he was eligible for adaptive diving. He recently completed the HERO dive with his family at the Epcot Center Aquarium at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Chase has even gotten closer to his family while they trained for their scuba adventure.

“If I were in a different physical state, I wouldn’t hesitate to become part of this group. The dive itself was awesome, in spite of my physical limitations. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience,” he said.

For more on LifeWaters and how they help Veterans with adaptive scuba, visit:


Beth Lamb

Beth Lamb is a content creator, working as a member of VA’s Veterans Experience Office since January 2017.


  1. Renee Chevalier    

    As usual for the VA they say you can apply for something and then they dont give you a way to do it. Then they pull the program they announced QUIETLY. They dazzle us with bull sht then replace it with human sht…. Theirs.
    They take the money and run and leave the veteran out of the loop they have been doing it ever since the Veterans Administration was conceived. And now you want to again dazzle us with bull sht.
    Well this Vet is not biting they have done it to me many times before and now it is my time to fight back. I put in a Tort Complaint because of Discrimination against me and all Veterans because if you have money you get service from the VA but if you were injured in Vietnam by lax commanders and by officers who were so dumb they fell into the trap the Government sets.
    I know the VA is just placating us. With Bull sht.
    So I raise you VA with Cow Sht.

  2. Karl Repass    

    Hello, I’m interested in the scuba diving. I’m already PADI certified, but I haven’t dove in several years. Is the program available in NC. I have a 90% unemployability rating.

    Thank You,

  3. Kimberly R Stiles    

    This is great work that is being done there. I have experience the extraordinary felling of being able to help disable veterans and give them a chance to experience the calming nature of diving. It is amazing watching these individuals in the water and being able to relax for the first time in a long time. I am willing to offer my time to assist as a scubility dive instructor. I am in Jacksonville Fl and also retired from the Navy with 21 years as a Senior Chief.

  4. Richard Sherman    

    hello Miss, I’m 50% disabled and have scuba equipment but would enjoy getting certified. i live in Buckeye, arizona do you have a program here in Arizona

  5. Parimal shah    

    Hello Ms Lamb,
    I am disabled veteran interested in your program for scuba diving. How do I go about signing up ? I am in Fairfield CA, by Travis AFBase.
    Hope to see your reply soon.

  6. Anthony L.McKenzie    

    Good morning, I am a 100% disabled vet, with chronic spinal, and knee pain. Do you have a facility, or location in, or near West Palm Beach, Florida? If so, may I please get the location, and/or contact information, please? I am very interested in this type of program


    anything near san diego??

  8. Richard Arthur    

    I am a 70% Viet Nam vet (2 tours) with 2 bad knees and scuba would be great exersize for me. Is there a program any where near Raleigh NC?

  9. Gregoire CT    

    Is there a scuba class near Palm City Fl? Can I get some info please 100% service connected here too.

  10. Gilberto Villalpando    

    100% disabled, been awhile since scuba dived. Very interested in getting back to being active diver.

  11. Michael Pierre    

    Hi Beth,

    I’m a100%, disabled service-connected Vet. I l have nerve damage and MS and I get relief from the weightlessness in a swimming pool. I’ve thought about scuba to get relief from the pain and the problems with balance. Could you email me more information about this program it may be worth a try?


  12. Richard Rogozinski    

    Hello. I am not Geek when it comes too understand computer jargon. Am i missing how to contact LifeWaters Scuba program?
    I have scuba dive B4. But, it has been awhile.
    Plz provide info on what is required. Where one must travel. Who to contact.
    I live in Minnesota. Am able to travel anywhere in the country.
    All the diving I have done has been in warm tropical waters, like Florida & Hawaii.
    Thank U.

  13. Michael Craggs    

    I’m a 100% disabled Marine and I’m about to start Scuba Training but before I do, I would like to learn more about this program.

  14. Rodger Folkerts    

    Love to join program in Ga.

    1. Jesse Latuch    

      Jesse I am a disabled Vet and would also like to join a scuba group I live in Valdosta GA.

  15. Matt    

    I have emailed multiple times and it keeps getting kicked back. I would appreciate any help.

    1. Jackie Hallman    

      Would like to know if this program is available I NC?

  16. Roy Huston Trucks    

    I am a Vietnam veteran with 27 years of service experience in the Army. I am currently retired. I was deemed to be 60% disabled due to agent orange exposure. I am very interested in this program and would like to know if I qualify. I live inCollierville, TN,

  17. Armando Solis    

    I have a 100% VA disability rating, but would love to take advantage of the VA scuba program. I currently reside in Corpus Christi, TX right on the Gulf of Mexico. Please let me know what I need to do to hopefully contact someone in our vicinity about learning to scuba dive.

  18. Manuel DeBarros    

    Is there a similar program in Southern California? I have been a certified scuba diver since 1985 with over 3000 logged dives before my back injury.

  19. Iann Mick    

    Hi Beth, how can I get more information on this?

  20. Harry Walter Foraker II    

    Hi Beth, I am 30% disabled veteran. I live in Ocala Florida and I would like to join one of your scuba classes. Please feel free to contact me.

  21. Luis    

    This opportunity should available to all vets interested in all 50 states and territories. As 100% disable vet I would like to participate in it.

  22. Sidney Tuggerson Jr    

    Hi Beth,
    I’m very interested in this program, tell me what I have to do.

  23. Paul Strand    

    I am 73 and just lost my leg above the knee two months ago, due to diabetes. I am a Navy Vet from the 1966 to 1970 period. I was an AQB2nd Class, training others to go to Nam. Didn’t make to Nam myself, but I did train a lot of men that did. I live on the border of Washington State and Idaho 60 miles from Canada, in a small town. If long distances of travel are required I assume I’m out of luck since we are financially strapped with medical bills and debt. Scuba diving would be something that would allow me to be mobile again. I broke my back seven years ago, and have been disable for 25 years with joint problems and peripheral neuropathy. I used to be quite athletic but these days I don’t get out much, being wheel chair bound. The water has always been one of my athletic loves and it allows one to do things that they can’t do on Terra fir-ma. If this section is for making contact then put me down if I qualify. My name is Paul Strand in Newport, WA.

  24. Randall Fontenot    

    More information please! Need to find other forms of exercise that is not stressful on ankles and knees! 60% VA disability rating here! Is this VA sponsored retraining?

  25. george delgado    

    This type of information that allows a Veteran to have hope and get excited enough to contact lifewater is so misleading. its basically an informational website with no way of contacting any person. I utilized the email address given on the facebook page to no avail. Please do not do this to us THE VETERANS. Its not fair or right. We deserve to have the correct information and not some puff article for the sake of looking like something is being done to improve the quality of life for many of us that are disabled.

    1. James DeLany    

      I am 100 service connected interested in course anywhere around Iowa.

    2. David Diaz    


  26. Jossean Borrero    

    Anything in Puerto Rico?

  27. Andrew Salemi    

    Here is the web site info. Suggest you start here.

    Also an email for further info.

    Beth Lamb should of provided this info after the article.

    I have no other info. Please do not contact me.

  28. Harold Bolen    

    Iam 100%service connected. I live in Irving texas (Dallas County) I would very much like more info on the scuba diving program. Is it available from Dallas V A ? where do I get the info and where do I sign up? I have been interested of scuba diving for years but never had the chance..

    1. john    

      If you’re 100% disabled, how would you be able to scuba dive? What am I missing here?

      1. Harvey    

        Are you serious? I really hope you aren’t.

      2. Donald a Sharpe    

        You’re missing a lot. Did you not read the article?

  29. Thomas Schnepp    

    very interested ….anything going on in South Jersey

    Capt Tom
    US Army
    2 tours SE Asia

  30. Jose Velazquez    

    I am a disabled Veteran living in Saint Cloud Florida. I would love to try this. Please inform me if there is any such program near me.

    1. DJHorner    

      Mental perhaps not physical

  31. Manuel A. Vega    

    Very interesting .looking for some kind help with my condition .interested…

  32. Frederick Taylor    

    I am interested in participating in the next scuba outing. How do I sign up?

  33. David Siefker    

    Fellow Veterans,
    Is it just me or am I mistaken? I received the same email from the VA because I was lured in by the tag line: “Free Scuba Diving for Disabled Veterans”. Only for a moment did I consider the possibility that disabled Vets might get this opportunity on a large scale but after reading further, I realized this was not the case. This was a special opportunity for a few very deserving Vets. Thank you LifeWaters for providing this wonderful experience to some of my fellow Warriors! SHAME on you, Beth Lamb and the VA’s Veterans Experience Office, for making so many wonderful Veterans think that this opportunity would be applicable to them. Well, at least you got us to click on your link, which I may never do again.

  34. David Stenzel    

    I am interested and I live near Portland, Oregon. How would I go about getting into the program?

  35. Honorio D Camacho    

    Hello,I am interested in Free Scuba diving equipment, lessons with certification.I live in the philippines.Where could I attend?I have Major depression,tbi,ptsd,frctured leftarm and spinal cord injury.I think scuba diving lessons is a good exercise,therapy and or hobby,(100%scd) Free Scuba diving equipment with free lessons until certified was very GREAT especially to DISABLED US VETERANS anywhere in the world.Thank you very much Sir/Madam

  36. Richard Valles    

    Is there anything in Washington State? If so, when and where?. If not when and where is the next closest place?
    Thank you

  37. Lloyd Bridges    

    I am a 60% disabled vet and living in central Utah. Would like to get involved with the life waters program and start diving again.

  38. DD    

    OMG … Please sign me up.

    I took classes n the instructor was sorta a major noob to the disabled! I was partnered up with a “pro” that could not even level out his BC and therefore they refused to allow me to get about four certs that I aced in class. 🙁

    I have been diving since I was about 17 yrs of age and would love to complete what I started, but with socialized humans that understand what disability means and to allows us to accommodate ourselves when possible and to try and be as self sufficient as much as we can and to even learn different was to better help ourselves!

    Please, Please, info!
    Thank you!

  39. Ron Hearn    

    Hello, I am 80% disabled and would love to hear more about scuba diving. I don’t see any contact information. Please advise.

    Thank you

  40. Jeremy Danial Valdez    

    Would love to be a part of your diving activities

  41. Ron Lee    

    I’ve always wanted to do something like that but could never afford it. Do you have something like it in the Pensacola, FL area?

  42. Jon S. McVay    

    How do I sign up for the scuba dive. I have a back injury that I received when I was in and I would like to see if my back will let me do the dive. I need to become qualified for open water as I have no certification at all.

  43. Duane L Sandoval    

    How go about participating in this activity? Am 100% disabled – PTSD and Motor Neuron disorder. Am ambulatory and able to travel. Would like to know where activity is available, cost and what I need to do to participate in this activity.

  44. Michael McBride    

    I live in Central Kentucky and am a 40% disabled Vietnam Vet. I have drop foot and cannot exit the ocean and have a very hard time getting on and off a boat or exiting the ocean. Is there any place in Kentucky I can get the training?

    Thanks Mike McBride

  45. Thomas Dahlenburg    

    If you have an opportunity to participate in this program, do it. The underwater experience is something you will never forget. Coming from a 30 year veteran that has been diving for 20 plus years.

  46. Pernell E. Baker    

    I live in Silver Spring Md. and would like to sign up for the program. Where and how do I do it? I’m 100 % P&T. Thank you.

  47. Robert Greenlief    

    I am a Padi Certified Rescue diver and a disabled veteran. I am interested in volunteering to assist this program, diving with other veterans. How do I get more information? Thank you for your time.

  48. Shelley Madigan    

    I see possibly 100 or more questions here but NO ANSWERS. How does a veteran sign up for the next scuba dive or a lesson. I am 100% service connected but I can swim easily. I would like to become certified in scuba diving. I have never been. I live near Denver, CO.

    1. Stanford B Lerch    

      Hey Shelley, hit the facebook page, there is an email link that should get you started. Good luck!

    2. sam    

      Just be careful with the VA, the try there best to get all negative remarks delete and hire people to make positive remarks. Most VA’s are hateful places. full of lies

  49. Casey Vander Mel    

    Do yall have a group in colorado for dive certs?

  50. Anthony Rivera    

    Hi Beth, my name is Tony and I have an incomplete SCI. I have been diving for many years and recently got recertified after my accident. I am VERY interested in participating in any diving event available. Can you please tell me what I would need to do to participate?

    Thank you,
    Tony Rivera

  51. Jocephus Duckworth    

    Scuba diving help me stay focused in the moment and I was able to have peace not to mention I can hear my self think. I would like to learn more about this scuba diving program for Diablo Veterans ad I would like to be part of the program.

  52. Luis R González    

    Hi Interesting. How to get?

  53. Max Vargas    

    Where do you sign up in Oregon

    1. Jeff sands    

      I’m 60% disability vet is there anything in Ohio area

  54. Larry Brown    

    I would like to find out more about this Scuba Diving. I do love the water and as a kid, surfed in San Diego. I spent 10 years in the service and I’m a Vietnam Veteran. I am receiving 10% disability for my hearing, I do have a bad back but can walk a little. Thank You.


    I am 100% disable and an diver. Are there programs in the Fort Bragg, NC area.


    I am 100% disable and a diver. at there any of these programs in the Fort Bragg, NC area?


  57. William Bingley Hendricks    

    I live in Austin Texas. Served Viet Nam 1969-70. 30% disability frrom VA. I have some diving experience but not certified. Is there any way I can participate in the SCuBA program. I know it would be great for my health and mental state.

    Thank you
    William Hendricks

  58. Mark Hovland    

    This might be the one activity that I could do besides watching tv and listening to radio. Please tell me how to find out more.

  59. Dan    

    Mass email with subject line, “Free Scuba Diving for Disabled Veterans” and link to article with headline, “LifeWaters provides adaptive scuba programs to disabled Veterans,” which contains link to Facebook page that states:


    Which is also stated at, a website with that only has dead/inactive links (COMING SOON!).

    Whether it’s VA marketing contractors pumping out clickbait or the author not providing due dilligence or Lifewaters unprepared by a social media ambush — likely a combination — bottom line is a case study on failed communication and irresponsible cx management.

  60. Jill    

    Hello everyone I am a volunteer with Lifewaters, We are a completely volunteer organization, that said we do not have a secretary to respond to the overwhelming response to Beth’s article. Therefore we ask that if you have an interest in becoming a diver or volunteering please email
    Thank You

  61. Arnold Perez    

    One of my bucket list! How can I join in?

  62. Roy Huston Trucks    

    I am a 26 year veteran who served in Vietnam. I was deemed to be 60 percent disabled as a result of exposure. I live in Memphis, TN. Would I qualify for the dive program.

  63. Lenora Willis    

    I am a disabled veteran and I live in Florida. How do I signup for this therapy?

  64. Tracy Lee    

    how do I sign up? 100% but mobile!

  65. Errol Ross    

    To what extent of disability does one have to have to qualify. I have a 10% rating for service connected hearing loss. I have many other service related (USMC) issues worse than the hearing issue but can’t seem to get the VA to connect them (even with all the medical records from active duty, go figure). Anyhow, I live in Florida and I would love to be participate. My original back injury occurred on active duty, arm dislocated in hand to hand in the run up to Desert Storm while in theatre of operations and the usual knee joint aches and pains from humping and running..
    Water therapy sounds awesome..

  66. Stewart K. Lodge    

    I have done some diving. But was never certified. Would be very cool be certified.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and more about the programs.

  67. Gilberto Reyes    

    I live in Orlando is there a local Scuba diving program in FL. I would like to participate. I’m 100% via unemployability. Thanks in advance

  68. Brian    

    My mistake. I now see the link. Thanks to those who pointed it out. I kept going through old comments where people kept asking the same as me- where is the information in it.

  69. Brian    

    This ad is so misleading.
    It says to come here for information on scuba for disabled vets, yet provides no information, no links, and is basically just a story on how they helped individuals with ALS to dive.

    Sure, it’s great that that happened!! But don’t tell others who may be interested that there are further opportunities when there are none.

    1. S    

      I agree, it is very misleading!

    2. Shannon Dougherty    

      Please email there is more to help others. We were over whelmed after the article with over 1000 emails to answer. Please email Jill for more information.

  70. Kenneth Wedin    

    Their website is not working, how do I find information on this program?

  71. Larry S ortiz    

    It. Sounds awesome to hear all these veterans are being helped.I’m also a disabled veteran is their anything going on here in Texas I am from San Antonio my name is Larry Ortiz USMC.Tanks for any info.

    1. Matthew Krecklau    

      I live in central Florida and I am 90% disabled. I have dove, but haven’t recently because of my back. Would I qualify, and if so, what would be the first step to get started?

  72. Bobbi Colucci    

    I wish they had this program in Virginia.

  73. Daniel Wise    

    I’m interested in this program. I live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area (Allen, TX). Thanks

  74. ANN BOADO    

    I am a disabled veteran. I had my open water scuba diving certificate a while back and would really like to participate in this program you guys have. Since my discharged from active duty, I’ve struggled with my health. I live here in San Diego, CA. I hope you guys have a program out here. Pls let me know. I hope to hear back from. Thank you.

  75. william c elkins    

    in dallas,tx area only 30% disabled. Have always wanted to dive, would i qualify

      1. Mike Davis    

        Why not just answer his question?

        1. Shannon Dougherty    

          Please email have received over 1000 emails since article. Please email Jill and we will reply asap

      2. Bill Robbins    

        Hey Beth, Mike Davis got it RIGHT this is a SMALL feel good OPS! 39 years retired Army and 50% DAV so I say to you just have the do gooders like the NGO’s and the UNHCR useless organizations. Just do the research and you will see Mike is right! Thank You Mike! Bill Robbins

        1. Shannon Dougherty    

          No please we have received over 1000 emails and are responding as fast as we can. Please Please email and be patient for a response.

  76. Robert Patrick Rayl    

    I am 100% service connected DV. Where do I go to find out more about the program in West Palm bch Fl. Thank you.

  77. T Kessenich    

    This is a new dive location that should appeal to Vets.
    Circle of Heroes, Clearwater, FL was just dedicated. See the YouTube video.

  78. Leonard W. Mosher    

    I’m a disabled veteran and live just north of Tampa Florida. I’m very interested in this scuba diving program you offer. Can you give me more information on it and whom too contact about the possibility of joining the program in my area?

  79. Lou Mattegat    

    According to the article, more information is available at

    1. Beth Lamb    

      Yes! Thanks Lou! Also try their Facebook page:

      1. Mike Davis    

        This is a Q&A forum, pretty sure it’s for posting questions and others to answer, not send them to a website.

  80. John Huerta    

    How do I get involved?

  81. Sandra Bauldwin    

    Hello, I am Sandra Bauldwin and I a disabled vet with have a lower back and spinal issues. I have have always been told that I would benefit from water therapy so I am very interested in this form of therapy. I a live in the DMV/ Washington D.C. area. How can I get more information and perhaps participate in this therapy.

  82. santos torres jr    

    I am interested in this program I am veteran who has been diagnosed with PTSD.

  83. Timothy De Leon    

    I to am in the SLC area and there is not much offered in my area pertaining to diving certification. Can I please get more information on theses events for disabled vets. I think learning and getting certified in diving would be a great experience and help dramatically in many ways in my life. If anyone knows a program for disabled vets is Utah for diving please contact me.





  85. Mark A. Merrick    

    I am having no luck learning how to apply for the scuba diving program. Everything I click on this website does nothing. Please help.
    Thank you.

  86. Richard Huth Sr    

    Thank you Beth Lamb for the article!

  87. Harvey w. Hannah    

    how do i sign up for adaptive scuba programs for disabled Veterans?

  88. Jesse Cuellar    

    How can I check if LifeWaters has any events or a branch in San Antonio? Forgive me if the info is provided is on your webpage I’m not a computer pro. I’m very interested about scuba water therapy.

    Thank you and bless all of you who work so hard toward improving the lives of our countries veterans.


  89. D. W.    

    i.e., Related Posts: Army Vet proves doctor wrong, says wheelchair sports made her better and stronger –

  90. D. W.    

    I love it when I either see, read or hear about a Vet that proves a dr. wrong. lol

  91. Todd Nielsen    

    How do I enroll and where ?

  92. Bob Hughes    

    I don’t know how to learn how to learn more about the Scuba Diving for disabled Vets. I live in Kentucky. Would that disqualify me as far as being able to become Scuba certified to join one of the dives that are offered during the season?. My name is Robert Hughes, I’m a disabled Marine Corps Veteran from Northern Kentucky. I would appreciate any information on how to achieve this Scuba Diving dream that I have!. Thank you for your time on this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Mitnee Jones    

      Hello, my name is Mitnee Jones, I too am a disabled veteran who is desiring to step out of my scared zone and do something different and exciting. I was always an athlete and now I’m just holding on trying to keep my spirits up. Most people know the devastation of an athelete when he/she can’t completely do the things they use to; especially as one age. I have nerve damage and chronic pain that has slowed me down. I live in Atlanta, Ga. How do I find out if I can participate? Thank you in advance.

  93. Robert Brown    

    I’m a 17 year army vet , 100 percent combat related.. I’ve always wanted to learn to scuba.. berry interested.. please more information

  94. Luke Nasiadka    

    I am a disabled veteran with lower back and spinal issues I am very interested in learning more.

  95. john sprague    

    Is this only for vets w/ALS?

    1. Beth Lamb    

      No, for more on LifeWaters and how they help Veterans with adaptive scuba, visit: https:/

      1. MICHAEL BURNETT    


        They also have a phone

      2. MICHAEL BURNETT    

        Thanks Beth for a great article.
        Many of us are not on social media. The contact
        314 number is full. Can you give more contact information?
        Diving and Dive travel is incredibly expensive.
        Where can we donate money and gear to the effort.
        I for one , can no longer dive. New Pacemaker.
        But we have two sets of gear and back ups.
        I know there are others like me.
        Mikey B
        Padi Divemaster

      3. Thomas Aylward    

        Hello Beth
        I’m a 100% disabled veteran with cancer of the bone marrow from my Marine days at Camp LeJeune, NC.
        My wife and I are open water certified divers and we are curious if the program would need volunteers to assist their efforts. If so, how do we make contact to begin the process?
        Thank you for your work!
        Kathy & Thomas Aylward

      4. Alex Williams    

        Click the link and it takes you to a Facebook page with zero information. The Facebook page offers a link for more information (which Beth provided). Click that and you’ll see “this page is under construction” so you can email some guy for information. Complete scam. Hopefully I’m wrong but this has all the hallmarks of a scam at worst or a complete waste of time at best.

  96. Timothy Liptow    

    I’m a 70% disabled veteran. My main problem is severe arthritis in both knees, right hip, and back I also have recently had a disc removed from my neck and had it fused. I’m on a cane and move slowly. I am starting to get fat because of my lack of ability to exercise. I’m looking for something to help me become more physically fit. Do you guys have any ideas for me? I’m a retired school teacher after 24 years. I served 8 years in the Army as a combat engineer. I was injured in a vehicle accident in Germany in 1980. Please help me.

  97. Dwayne McKenney    

    I very much would like to take advantage of your programs for Disabled Veterans.

  98. Jay    

    How is this not discrimination for those veterans that aren’t disabled?

    1. Stacia    

      OMG…shut up! I sincerely hope you are not one of our brothers that has SERVED! If so…you are an embarrassment!

    2. Tommy    

      Good lord, I highly doubt you are a veteran.Smh


      Ok Jay. Get certified, learn to dive. Advance above
      Rescue Diver. Gets couple hundred dives behind you
      And Volunteer to assist.
      I hope you are still worthy.
      Mikey B.
      Padi Dive Master
      Body Recovery Diver
      National Park Service

  99. Mike Drinkwater    

    I would like to learn more about the scuba diving program. THank you,


  100. Les Wilkerson    

    I would love to learn to scuba dive and get my certification. I live in Kentucky south of Louisville on Ft. Knox. I am 100% Permanent and total but diving is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. Are you telling me that it is possible??!! For me!

    What do I have to do?

  101. Perez L. Blackmon Jr    

    I’m a disabled veteran and would like to sign up for free scuba diving, where do i sign up?

  102. Joseph Pfannschmidt    

    I’m not seeing a place to sign up for the next dive.

  103. Dave Shelton    

    I live in Independence MO, (By Kansas City, MO) is this program active here?

  104. Anthony A Bunyan    

    Since my discharge I’ve been delving into pottery and that has proven to be very therapeutic. We now have our own studio and are members of the Camano Island Arts Association. I would welcome the chance to help other veterans in this fashion to make up for the Scuba diving experiences.

  105. Anthony A Bunyan    

    I would be very interested in trying scuba…I’ve had a little training a while back but loved it.

  106. Daniel Wild    

    I’m very interested in hearing more. I need to ask a few questions.
    (If I misspelled something, I’m on my phone without my glasses!)
    1.) Is this for active duty or all disabled veterans?
    2.) I saw A L S, (Lou Gehrig’s Disease right?)
    (I don’t have that. So am I disqualified? )
    3.) I’m 100 ℅ disabled but 20℅ service connected.
    4.) Are amputees included?
    I’m sure I have more questions but I’ll wait to see if, by what info I related, by all means, I’d love to try this!

  107. Jerry McGowin    

    Who is eligible , and where can i go to sign up

  108. Charles Canciglia    

    How do I participate? Contact info? Dates/times, locations?

  109. Richard Wittie    

    How do you contact lifesavers to see about partisipating in this veteran program? The links all say conning soon.

  110. Able G Rodriguez    

    I have a SSI open water diver cert, how can I help or be part of this.

  111. Charles Allen    

    My name is Charles C. Allen. I served during 1966-1967 in Vietnam with the U.S. Marines where I was awarded a purple heart medal at Dong Ha, SVN. After four years in the U.S. Marines, I was honorably discharged and then joined the IL Army Reserve National Guard. After 18 years, I retired since I had a combined total of 22 years. I retired as the Executive Officer of a Motor Transportation Bn at the rank of Major, O-4. I am 100% disabled as certified by the VA.I also was employed by the Department of the Treasury, IRS, for 35 years.

    I personally have no interest in diving, However, my wife, Grace Marie Allen is a Padi Certified Diver and would enjoy diving
    with this group of disabled veterans. She is willing to perform in any capacity that she is needed for.

    Our residence is located in Chatham, IL. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact me at the above listed email address. My membership in veteran’s organizations consist of the VFW, the American Legion and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I have served in numerous positions in both of these groups. Furthermore, I served as a unit Commander for a Maintenance unit as well as the Transportation Bn.

    /s/ Charles C. Allen

  112. Robert tulloch    

    Hello, I would like inquire about scuba. I have always loved the water. This may be what I could use for therapy and relaxation. I am not sure whom to contact concerning my request.

    R. Tulloch
    Disabled veteran

  113. Charles Davis    

    While Stationed in Okinawa, I fell in love with diving. As a Veteran and diver, I have taught my kids the love of the water.

    I would Love to know more about this.


    A Marine with Flippers

  114. Jeremiah McKenna    

    So, I looked at their web site for information, but the site said “coming soon”, so no dice.

  115. Ed Foster    

    I am interested in scuba diving


    I am a disabled veteran in Tampa Florida and I want to sign up for the free scuba diving and certificate… please help me with this matter.
    Please contact me

  117. Kenneth Martin Janoski    

    This site looks like a great find. Really interested in the SCUBA program.
    Will check with VA Miami SCI.

  118. Disabled Veteran    

    It seems to be a little shifty when their webpage has no info and no way to get certified.

  119. George Torres    

    Wow my dream swim with whale shark

  120. Jeremiah McKenna    

    I wonder what the limitations, or rather qualifications are concerning the Disabled Veterans being able to participate in the program. I am disabled, and would love to join. I’ll look into this opportunity, and hope there aren’t certain qualifications a vet has to have in order to be considered disabled enough to enjoy this program.

  121. Bradley Davis    

    I am a 90% disabled veteran with spinal injuries, I saw the article for lifewater and thought it would be amazing. I tried to look for anything that would allow me to sign up and be a part of this amazing program. I would love to receive traing and at some point be able to train others. Can anybody send me in the right direction. I currently live 45 min away from the epcot center.

  122. Michelle Shippert    

    Hi there! Would love to hear more about how to get diving with my disabled veteran husband. Thank you!

  123. romeo /sheryll tayag    

    How do I try to apply for this program. I’m a service disabled veteran retired.

  124. Al Atlansky    

    How do we put in for this? (Disabled vet)

  125. Cris Smyth    

    How can I get involved in teaching or help teach veterans how to scuba dive? I’m a rescue certified diver. Working on my dive master.

  126. Chase Campbell    

    How do do disabled veterans participate in learning to scuba dive with life waters in the Dallas area.

  127. Jimmy Evans    

    How disabled do i need to be to participate ?Always wanted to learn to Scuba Dive !

  128. LARRY    


  129. John C Stouffer Jr    

    How do I sign up, have always wanted to learn how to scuba dive

  130. Greg Baxter    

    re last message: I am NOW a 60% disabled vet …

  131. Greg Baxter    

    I am a former SCUBA diver, not a 60% disabled vet. I am very interested in knowing how to get with LIFEWATERS.

    Unfortunately, their website includes zero information – only pretty photos and dead links. There is not even a way to tell LIFEWATERS that its website is a linkless dud. Epic fail.

    IF someone would like to send me LIVE links to info about disabled vet diving, I am ready.

    1. Shannon Dougherty    

      Please email yes the website is not working but send your email and Jill will get back to you as soon as she can.

  132. Michael Marin    

    How can I join or go to a scuba club?
    I’m in El Paso,Texas.

    1. Deborah Hartzel    

      I’m a 100 percent disabled vet w previous scuba certification….would love to know more…true blessing if it works out…miss my previous hobbies

  133. Dan Hensley    

    I think it is a good idea. I did diving in Thailand and Guam. I wanted to partake again last year but the dive shop wanted a medial release and my PCP at the time said I was too old. I am 72 with only diabetes controlled by pills. I since have changed to the VA for my PCP. I know wreck diving and depths of up to 35 m would likely not be in my best interest but feel up to 20 meters should be ok. I have also done some night diving. Most interesting.

  134. Willard Ross Colebank    

    I have been assigned Aquatic Therapy by my VA Doctor.

  135. Willard Ross Colebank    

    I used to Scuba Dive. How can you help me. I have been Aquatic Therapy by my VA doctor. Please leave me a message

  136. Budd Wilson (William)    

    Your problem below Ans is 207 but it will not accept it

  137. Terry O. Woods, Jr    

    Interested in this. I’m a 90% disabled veteran

  138. LOUIS D HANLON    

    I am a disabled vietnam vet. I have been diving for 24 years.

  139. Budd Wilson (William)    

    I have not had a dive since the 60’s But now living in Costa Rica pacific have no feeling in lower legs but can still walk!!!
    The problem I think is in abdominal with 8×12 mesh kinda large and i don’t believe I could go below 30-40 ft

  140. LOUIS D HANLON    

    I am a disabled vietnam vet. I have been diving for 24 years. All in cold water, and only in salt water in maine.
    I love the water and would be proud to dive with my brothers in arms, I hold 8 crtifications as well.
    but I can always learn from others.

  141. Mark Boggan    

    Im very interested in tgis. My wife is padi certified. I would like to be certified as well. Plz call after 3pm weekdays.

  142. Frederick A. Hughes    

    I am 100% disabled. 70% PTSD 30% IU. I would like to go for a dive someday. No experience. Live in Lake Worth Beach Fl. I am a little scared of the water but would like to give it a shot. Not sure if you want veteran’s who have mental disorders.

    1. John M Rawdanowicz    

      Frank I also share your disability 70/30 Vietnam era vet if you get an answer let me know.

  143. Gary Stephen Howard    

    How does one be involved as a student via the VA?

  144. Craig Terry    

    I am very interested in the adaptive scuba program how can I receive more information on courses in my are? I am 70% disabled veteran in the Albany Ny VA and I would like classes close to me if possibly? Please feel free to email me for this class

    Thank you very much

  145. Bobbie Jean kerrigan    

    My husband and I have scuba dived for years. We are in West Texas. Anything we could help with around midland Texas?? Also do you know anything about Neptune fibers? We heard a little about them somewhere

  146. Lawrence L Dale    

    My name is Lawrence Dale SFC (Ret) US ARMY. I was medically discharged a few years ago due to a spinal cord injury. My C4-7 has been fused. However, after my surgery I was able to get familiar with scuba diving at Ft. Knox WTU due to the programs available to the patients there. It was utterly fantastic even though it was in a swimming pool. If in any way I could be selected for this I would be so happy. Thank you so very much for your time.

  147. Stephanie Carr    

    good evening!
    I am very interested in learning more about adaptive sports.
    I am a retired Marine living with multiple sclerosis.
    Please contact me with more information.
    Thank you for your time,
    Stephanie Carr

  148. Grady M Pinson    

    I’m 70 TH, I’m disable 100% and I want to scuba again.

  149. Edward Thomas Rieth    

    I am 100% disabled with minor physical limitations and would like to be considered for a diving experience, how can I sign up?

  150. Everett Mundkowsky P.E.    

    For those veterans on the West Coast in the Los Angeles area there is a wonderful program called Dive Veterans

  151. David Quesada    

    Hi, was interested in taking this course with certification. I live in California and was wondering if there was a location I could attend?



  153. Ronnie Norman Erickson Sr    

    Do they have something like that at the Salt Lake City VA as far as learning how to scuba dive? I would like to learn how to I am a disabled veteran also but I have all my limbs. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do even when I was in the Navy but this going I was going to go to prevented me from learning how to scuba dive.

  154. Pam smith    

    Great article Ms. Lamb. Thanks.

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