2019 Caregiver Resource Directory released

2019 Caregiver Resource Directory

2019 Caregiver Resource Directory

The Department of Defense has released the 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory (CRD), and it is ready for download! The annual update includes 114 pages of information on resources and programs, including those that assist caregivers of wounded, ill and injured Veterans and service members.

The CRD is an enriched source of information. It  from childcare, education and training, healthcare needs, legal assistance, rest and relaxation, to peer support, mentoring, and so much more. The Directory is essentially a one stop shop for questions and concerns for those who are new to being caregivers.

The resources provided in the CRD have gone through a rigorous review and vetting process so that Veterans, service members and caregivers receive accurate, timely, and pertinent information. The simple guide is available 24/7, and is available in Spanish. The guide uses icons to assist with quickly accessing VA and DoD programs and non-profit organizations. The CRD is also a good source for info on self-care programs and for respite assistance.

“With many organizations offering support and services, it can be difficult to sort out the specific type of resource or program best suited for your needs. Therefore, this directory is compiled for you — the caregiver — as its primary focus.” – DOD Military Caregiver Support


To download a digital copy of the CRD or to request a hard copy, please go to: https://warriorcare.dodlive.mil/caregiver-resources/.

For information about VA resources, visit VA Caregiver Support

This information originally published on DOD’s Warrior Care Blog, “Providing the ‘Care’ in Caregiver: The 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory”


Steven Clipp

Steve Clipp joined VA in 2017 with the White House/VA Hotline and has worked as a communications specialist with the Veteran Experience Office. Steve, a Navy Veteran, served as an electronics technician in Fighter Squadron 31 (VF 31-F/14s) on-board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Using the GI Bill, he graduated from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.


  1. MARIE Brault    

    I am shocked at reading the above stories. Why aren’t these veterans getting the help they need. They certainly deserve all the help they deserve.

  2. Dina Bushrod    

    My father, Andrew Elias s a 101 soon to be 102 WWII Veteran from Jacksonville FL. He is in desperate need of in-home care. Is there a bonafide, trustworthy, highly recommended VA sponsored r recommended, organization that provides daily care that includes welfare checks, meal preparation and light housework as needed. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

    Sincerely, his loving daughter

    1. MARI CORTES    

      This program may be of some assistance and may be worth looking into, at least as a start for info. about it, which is through VHA…https://www.va.gov/geriatrics/guide/longtermcare/homemaker_and_home_health_aide_care.asp#

  3. Ricky L Poe    

    I am a 20% service connected disabiable Veteran who is a Desert Sheild/Storm Veteran and have been told by the Veterans Services and the VA Hot Line that I am not entitled to a Care Giver because I am a Desert Sheild/Storm Veteran and that Congress is working on it my wife used to help me with my care and now that she passed away this past January 18 2019 I am now alone and I tried once again to get a care though the VBA and was again told the same thing that Congress is still working on it for Desert Sheild/Storm Veteran to allow them to be allowed caregivers I am in a power wheelchair and need help with the things that my wife used to help me with.

    If a disabled Veteran ever needed a care giver I am one of those Veterans, how much longer do the Desert Sheild/Storm Veterans have to wait for this and other service we are rightly entitled to be allowed to?

  4. wanda    

    Hi, My mother in law is my dependent and I want to know does she qualify for any services at all? She is 88 years old. Caregiver services etc . anything other than just free prescriptions.

  5. Marc Crossley    

    Yes, being a service connected veteran sucks. Veterans hospital butchered me, cant work, and went to prison for PTSD. Asked va for help many times. I cant even rent a home or apt. Because I am a felon now. Had two congressional inquiries into my medical and now permanently in pain the rest of my life. Where is my rights I fought for as a US MARINE. this is why Veterans live on the streets. I was willing to give my life to protect my country. Yet my country is my own enemy. Is there anything that can help me and other vets from going to prison for asking for help.

    1. Asia Smith    

      Hello and true blessings to you. First it sounds like your rating needs to be increased. Can you contact your nearest either Federal Building and ask for the Veterans Disability office or call the Nearest VA Hospital they should put you to a Veteran Agency that will assist you. It appears that various care, especially the kind that you say you need, comes with the level of disability a person has. You should get help from the VA absolutely. Here is a number to call. Disabled American Veterans/Veterans Administration Disabilities 800-827-1000. This number is universal.

      I know its frustrating and time consuming but please contact your local American Legion, VFW or County Veterans Service Department to get assistance in getting your disability upgraded. It will be worth it. At 20% disability you do have benefits and you need help now…. not Later. I pray this helps. Stay the course. Be well my fellow veteran.

  6. Jeffrey gilmour    

    Hello, I’m 100% p&t and my wife takes care of all my needs. She can’t work a normal job due to caring for me and having to perform all the daily functions of both husband and wife around the house. My oldest step son is in grad school to become a DR of physical therapy and he comes home on the weekends and helps me with stretching and exercises plus he does all the manual labor stuff his mother can’t handle. Both of their lives have been greatly altered because of my injuries and problems and I was wondering if they would qualify for some type of benefits? Thank you

    1. James    

      As. 100% P&T disabled Veteran there is a VA
      aide and attendance provision under
      U.S. code of Federal Regulations
      (CFR TITLE 38) Google it and search
      “aid and attendance” visit you VA Primary
      Care Dr. and ask for his assistance and a
      Referral. Do not take “No” For an answer.
      CFR is statutory which means
      it is law, not entitlement.

    2. Marsha Unruh    

      Depending on where you live, you can ask for a consult / referral to the Veteran Directed Care Program. It is a VA funded home and community based services program and is available in 36 states. You can find those locations here: https://acl.gov/programs/veteran-directed-home-and-community-based-services/veteran-directed-home-community-based. This allows your spouse (or son, daughter, neighbor … whomever you choose) to provide care for you and get paid to do so while you remain in your home.

  7. Josue Narvaez    

    What’s up regarding stipends for pre-9/11 caregivers?

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