Vijay Govindarajan, popularly known as “VG,” is a national best-selling author known for creating “good” discomfort with his audiences, whether they’re Fortune 500 companies or government agencies in the throes of change. His message at the keynote of this year’s VHA Innovation Experience on October 22 is sure to disrupt the conventional wisdom of change and what it means for large organizations like VHA.

Learn the Secrets of the Three-Box Solution.

You won’t want to miss VG’s secrets of Three-Box Solution, a leading strategy for creating and sustaining meaningful change in large organizations. He’ll provide practical tips and proven solutions. He’ll show how they’ve helped corporations like Pepsi, GE, and Hasbro to manage–even thrive–during times of dramatic change. More importantly is how Three-Box methods are already being used to transform VA health care.

Much more than an overview presentation, VG will provide specifics on how the Three-Box Solution is helping VHA:

  • Evolve health care services to better support Veterans while maintaining what it already does well.
  • Provide a lexicon and set of tools to improve the implementation of innovations down, out, and across the network.
  • Equip employees with the know-how for “acting,” not just reacting. In other words, anticipating and maximizing opportunities before, during, and after change.

VA Leaders are Innovators (and Disruptors)

Always Be Innovating.

Innovation, executed with focus, speed, and impact, is integral not only to “improving,” but transforming how VA delivers care for Veterans. VHA leaders seek to challenge existing beliefs of what innovation is and what it’s supposed to do. It also seeks to unleash the potential of VHA employees to ideate and create impactful solutions for Veterans. That’s why Dr. Ryan Vega, Executive Director of the VHA Innovation Ecosystem; Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks; and Dr. Richard Stone, Executive in Charge, Veterans Health Administration, will deliver a clear and compelling call to action at the 2019 VHA Innovation Experience.

Share Your Passion.

The feeling you get at the VHA Innovation Experience is unmistakable, even palpable, and an entrepreneurial and competitive spirit permeates every conversation and session. It’s an energy like no other. That spirit and energy will be on full display throughout the two-day event. Experts panelists will judge an array of innovations. The competition is sure to be intense, as the “best of the best” share their innovations across three demonstration tracks, including the Innovative Research Track, Clinical Innovation Track, and Health-Enabling Technology Track.

Celebrate Innovation – It’s Key to Success.

The culminating session is a shared celebration of innovation, its power, and its life-changing effect on Veterans and VHA employees. Dr. Richard Stone will present the prestigious Innovator of the Year award, which recognizes a VHA employee whose innovative work has dramatically impacted care across VA by changing and saving Veteran lives.

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