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January 2021: The flu shot information in this blog has expired. eligible Veterans can receive a no-cost seasonal flu vaccination through one of more than 60,000 current in-network community retail pharmacies or urgent care locations. Visit for details.

September 2020 Update: In addition to availability at VA medical facilities, eligible Veterans can receive a no-cost seasonal flu vaccination through one of more than 60,000 current in-network community retail pharmacies or urgent care locations. Visit for details.

Free flu shots at Walgreens

Now through March 31, 2020, enrolled Veteran patients nationwide have the option of getting their flu shot at any of Walgreens’ 9,600 locations

VA and Walgreens are national partners, providing no-cost quadrivalent flu shots to enrolled Veterans of the VA health care system. Now through March 31, 2020, enrolled Veteran patients nationwide have the option of getting their flu shot at any of Walgreens’ 9,600 locations, in addition to their local VA health care facilities.

How do I get my flu shot for free at Walgreens?

No appointment is required. Simply go to any Walgreens, tell the pharmacist you receive care at a VA facility, and show your Veterans Health Identification Card and another form of photo ID. (Patients will also be asked to complete a vaccine consent form at the time of service.)

Walgreens has the capability to electronically send vaccination information to the VA and your immunization record will be updated in your VA electronic health record.

The VA-Walgreens national partnership is part of VA’s eHealth Exchange project. This national program ensures that many Veterans get their no-cost flu shot at their local Walgreens, satisfying their wellness reminder because they either found it more convenient or did not have a scheduled appointment at a local VA health care facility.

Can I get my flu shot at no cost at the VA?

Yes! If you are enrolled with VA you may receive a no-cost flu shot during any scheduled VA appointment or at one of the convenient walk-in flu stations. For more information on locations and hours contact your local VA health care facility.

Need to apply for VA health care? Visit:


Beth Lamb

Beth Lamb is a content creator, working as a member of VA’s Veterans Experience Office since January 2017.


  1. James Farmer    

    Went to Walgreens #10717, Tallahassee, Florida, no problem getting the flu shot. Staff were very friendly

    1. jimmie Frank Wilson    

      My name is Jimmie. Went to Walgreen’s for flue shot. Was told they only give standard flue shots to Veterans 65 years of age and younger. I am 84 years old. VA should explain this in their newsletters. There current newsletter is a little misleading.

  2. Stephen    

    Went to Walgreens today at 1556 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, New York. The pharmacist did not know how to get authorization in their system, and after talking to VA contacts on the phone for 45 minutes gave me back my VA health card and said it couldn’t be done.

  3. Bill Ryan    

    Went to Walgreen’s and they also said that the VA would only pay for the lesser dose. They did not give me any choice, like Medicare or even paying for a higher dose. While I appreciate that the VA and Walgreen’s offer this program they should be more willing to inform us of options. So I got the lesser dose and am now wondering if I can safely get the higher dose. I got the flu two years ago and ended up in the hospital for three days. Do not want to go there again.

  4. Rocky Ford    

    Went to Walgreens and was told wouldn’ Have the flu vaccine for another month.

  5. Philip D White    

    Why does VA not offer the high dose flu shot, which anyone 65+ is recommended they get? I think VA does not want to pay the extra cost for the high dose shot.

  6. BeenThereSeenThat    

    I’m 83. Went to Walgreens 10/7/19 for my flu shot. Competed the paperwork.Walgreens told me VA would not pay for the flu shot for seniors. Called my local VA clinic, who were clueless, unable to suggest a solution. Walgreen staff then suggested getting my SENIOR flu shot on my Medicare card. I agreed, and got it immediately. Who, other than VA, could possibly screw up a simple flu shot?

    1. Robert Baker    

      I finally got my 65+ flu shot at Walgreens in Blairsville Georgia.

      I was told that the VA would not pay for the over 65 shot, but would pay for the regular flu shot. They said that Medicare would pay for it & did put it on Medicare. I hope that the VA does cover this in the future? What a hassle. Not an easy thing at all.

  7. DALE H LAYTON    


  8. None of your business a VET    

    Went to Walgreen’s Beaverton OR and was told they just ran out yesterday. But I could go down the street and they had the shot required. 65+ They only had a few of shots for the younger generation. I really don’t think they wanted to participate. Not happy with the VA negotiations for partnerships nor Walgreen’s. I will not be going back.

  9. Greg Tucker    

    Don’t waste your time! I just visited the Walgreens 2 miles from McGuire VAMC in Richmond, Va. I provided the required documents but they told me that the “system” would not accept my ID numbers printed on my VA card. She told me it said something like,“this individual is not enrolled into the system.”
    I suppose this would be a great idea. Only problem is the VA got involved in it.

    1. Charles    

      They will not give the 65+ shot for free and told me that I could get 65- for free. This is not made clear in the article.


    I tried to get a flu shot 3 times in one day at the Walgreen’s on High St. in Oakland, Ca, the Pharmacy refused to give me the flu shot.
    The third time I tried to get the flu shot and the Pharmacy hesitated, I became uneasy about what they might inject me with, so I left. I tried to get a flu shot at the Walgreen’s on Foothill in Oakland, Ca., last year (2018) they refused me the shot.

    I get my medical care at the VA, I am a disabled vet and I presented the two forms of ID.

    I got my flu shots at the VA Clinic in Oakland and the VA SF Medical Center, thank you.

    That Walgreen flu shot thing must be PR or a lie.

  11. Gordon Bruce Jr.    

    Not too happy right now. Just left walgreens and they told me I can not get my flu shot there. Told me I did not have medical or prescription coverage with the VA. I am 90% disabled tell me how that makes any sense

    1. Diego Rodriguez    

      You have to be enrolled in the VA Health Care System. Note I am also at 90% and have the VA Health Identification Card and still got the shot. You may have a rating, but you need to go enroll yourself in the system if you haven’t already done that. I know its tedious, and the VA is bureaucratic, but that is how it’s done. Don’t know if you have it, bud, but I hope you get what is being offered.

  12. King of Battle    

    I went to my nearest Walgreens last year and produced my VA medical card and received the flu shot no problem. I believe a lot of the problem is on Walgreens the employees act like they have never heard of such a thing or hearing free flu shot rattles them for some reason like veterans haven’t fought for the country and a free flu shot is such an inconvenience. If your not able to get your flu shot i would ask for the manager if that doesn’t work ask for the district managers information because its in the article and Walgreens partner with the VA for this. One last thing, try CVS and make sure they have a “minute clinic” inside they work with the VA as well.

  13. john gerding    

    This is the message I left here earlier.
    “Tried this last year at my local walgreens. I went three times at different times. Each time
    I waited for everyone else in line to finish before I asked for a flu shot. Each time the person
    behind the counter in the pharmacy looked out over the waiting area and told me it would
    be at least an hour or more before I could get a flu shot. And one of them that I saw on
    two of my visits was just rude.”
    I tried to contact Walgreens Corporate about this. Could not leave a message without the exact time of my visit
    down to the minute. Walgreens does not want to hear from you apparently.
    I for one would like the VA to get rid of Walgreens, they just don’t seem capable and from some of
    the comments I have seen they don’t have much respect for veterans.

  14. Courtney Strash    

    I have succesfully been able to get my flu shot at Wallgreens the past two years. I am also able to take my children in to get them at no cost using their medical insurance. I am sorry that not everyone is having such a positive experiance. Hopefully, this will improve. I appreciate being able to get the shot close to home. Before they started allowing us to get them at Wallgreens, my local VA had a drive through flu vacince shot. I didn’t even have to get out of my car. I have had very positive experiances at the Seattle VA hospital.

  15. Mary Walker    

    Walgreens does not offer the senior dose flu shot x 2 years in Portland, Oregon.


  16. Fred Reynolds    

    I went to our Local Walgreens for a Flu-Shot. I produced my VA ID Card and a Printout of the VA authorization. The Pharmacy attendant drew a BLANK Stare and summoned the Manager for some help. After many minutes of discussion and staring/pointing at a computer monitor, the Manager said she could NOT process or authorize a VA Flu-Shot request. She suggested I go to the VA or perhaps some other Walgreens Store. I went to CVS last year and they figured it out. How come CVS is NOT authorized this year???

  17. James Wenlock    

    I was told today by the Walgreen’s pharmacy that a memo received at the Middletown, DE Middletown Crossing store said only the standard flu shot is available to veterans under this program. The over 65+ high dosage will not be made available. As I am a 75 year old Vietnam vet, that doesn’t help me when I live less than a mile from the store. I will have to travel to the VA medical center in Elsmere, DE to get my annual free high dosage flue shot. Someone in VA should ask Walgreen’s to offer the high dose flu shot to our more senior veterans.

  18. Stoney Jones    

    I’ve recently got a flu shot at my local Walgreens store. The pharmacist at Walgreens stores didn’t know that flu shots were being offered. Walgreen didn’t inform their staff. I was laughed at by one pharmacy team. The second pharmacy team was helpful but only after I complained to Walgreen . com . I went back and received the flu shot.

  19. Charles Franzen    

    I went to Walgreens to get a flu shot, submitted my information and was about to receive my shot and I had to stop it after I asked the Nurse if it was the stronger shot………..She replied no, the VA will not pay us for the stronger flu shot………..Seniors over 65 should receive the stronger “Fluzone” shot for max protection is what I had been told…….I went somewhere else and got my shot under my Humana Advantage Plan.

  20. Jerry Mellor    

    I tried to get my shot a a Walgreens in Ky. And was told to call there main office which told me that only Walgreens clinics can give the shots.

  21. Virginia L. Rice    

    Those FREE VA Flu-Shots from Walgreens simply Do NOT happen at ANY of the FIVE (5) Walgreens here in Clarksville, Tennessee!! Obviously the VA neglected to send the Memo to our local Walgreens!! Last year (2018) I wasted I don’y know how many hours in drive time TRYING to get my FREE VA flu-shot from ALL five of our local Walgreens, ended up going directly to the Nashville VA Hospital foe my flu shot.

    1. Kevin Sordelet    

      I think our whole VA system needs revamping, from top to bottom! And maybe look at going back to paper records, I realize it may take a little longer but hard copy files don’t or can’t be hacked. This is just my suggestion from this broken Veteran.

  22. Jim Vincent    

    The Walgreens in Woonsocket RI did not offer the high dose
    (65+) flu shot in 2018. I do not know about this year. The pharmacist that administered my low dose flu shot stated that the high dose flu shot was not available.

    1. Bill LaFleur    

      The VA will not authorize the high dosage flu shot unless you have a life theatening disease like COPD.
      They won’t even give you the shot at any of the VA facilities. A strange situation considering that it is reccommended that persons over 65 get the high dose shot. I had to get my shot thru my medicare supplement….Anthem.

  23. scott s    

    They made me give my full SS# which I thought was intrusive for my privacy.

    1. Greg Tucker    

      They made me do this too. Even with that and all the IDs I could give them, only to be told that the system says I’m not enrolled at the VA.

  24. Bill Vanden Broek    

    I’m over 65 and my Walgreens would give me a flu shot, they said (nothing mentioned about higher dose). However, they would not accept my VA Health Identification Card. They required Medicare enrollment.

  25. Emily Snow    

    Went there last year and no Walgreens had this particular flu shot

  26. William G.Medina    

    Is the VA currently giving higher flu shots to seniors and can my wife get the flu shot also

  27. Criss Alan Bess    

    Was unable to receive flu shot at two local Walgreen’s,pharmacy Tech’s was not trained how to due billing, Third Walgreen finally knew how to bill the v.a and I received my shot.

  28. Debra a silver    

    I got the higher dose flu shot for 65 plus in morganton, NC walgreens last week.

  29. Mike Williams    

    I got my Fluzone (65+) super flu shot via my supplemental Medicare provider.
    I did not go to their flu shot get together because they only supply “standard” flu shots.
    I am a ’71-’73 army draftee.
    Walgreens is not fast.
    They asked who is my doctor. I said the VA.

  30. Gregory    

    I had an appointment at my VA clinic, found they were only doing walking twice a week. Two blocks away was a Publix Supermarket, I went to their pharmacy, got the flu shot AND received a $10 gift card.

  31. Brad    

    Went to walgreens the last few years and got my flu shot. No problem. Suddenly this year they did NOT take my VA ID card, in fact, they didnt take Health Partners and they did NOT take my medicare. Said VA noted I wasn’t eligible. I guess at 70% bias eligible, but now that I’m 100% svc connected I’m no longer eligible.

  32. Don Casebier    

    The VA should not have made deal with Walgreens. They are more expensive for their meds than Walmart, Rite Aid, and Safeway. The only ones who are expensive as Walgreens is CVS. Work with businesses who give Vets a good deal not with those who enlarge their profits from Vets and others.

    1. BeenThereSeenThat    

      No, Veterans should not have “made a deal“ with VA!!!

  33. James Shannon    

    Now I’m confused does Walgreens have the flue shot for vets over 65

  34. ALBERT ALBA    

    Is the new Shingrex shot now available to Veterans?

  35. Dennis Holland    

    Nice that Walgreen’s is involved in this, but it would be even nicer if their ad “Be a Flu Fighter” would be over the story material in this posting as it make hard to read it??? OH go my shot today at the VA Clinic just showed my VA card and filled out the form.

    1. Donna Nelson    

      Why are there no answers posted to the questions? Can you get the pneumonia and shingles shot at Walgreens at the same time? Is this the over 65 dose?

      1. Richard Speedy    

        Getting new shingles shot cat Prescott VA, had to call a couple of times as each team only getting two doses per delivery

  36. navy corpsman    

    could not read full article due to an ad of the Walgreens flu shot offer. could not close it either bad move

  37. Richard Gray    

    As an honorably discharged veteran why would I be denied medical care because of my income today. They never were concerned what I made when I enlisted in 1961 ? What is the criteria ?

  38. Julius Douglas Green    

    Problem is V.A. has never given me a card.

    1. Charles    

      I have a card for the choice program but was told that it was no good.

  39. Steve Holmgren    

    Do I have to take the shot in the upper are? I would much rather have the shot in the stomach, belly button lower right or left.

  40. eric l strauchler    

    I need the mist in nose. Had very bad reaction. To the shot. I was not sick for 1 day. My time after shot. 3 weeks. Can afford to be out of work again.

  41. S B    

    Walgreens in Northern Virginia this past Friday said “VA only funded Trivalent Vaccine, we only carry Quadrivalent Vaccine”

  42. William Merry Christmas    

    Why can’t we get the senior flu vaccine shot?

  43. Bob Payne    

    I live 200 miles from the nearest V.A. Hospital or Clinic. There is no Walgreens any closer.

    1. Verná V. Brown, R.Ph., USAF Vet, Former VA pharmacist & OSC Whistleblower    

      Plz excuse my shorthand, but it hz been a long day.

      My fellow Vets, plz don’t 4get that u can use ur VA Community Care/TriWest (formerly known as VA Choice) option if u liv >40 miles from the nearest VAMC &/or VA Clinic. Request of ur VA primary care provider (PCP) a local physician as ur Community Care Primary Care Provider. That’s ur right if u liv more than 40 miles, one-way, from the nearest VAMC and/or VA clinic. Also, if any non-VA pharmacist is in doubt, they can contact Walgreens HQ in Deerfield, IL or directly fone TriWest Healthcare Alliance at (866) 606-8198 or (855) 722-2838. The contact info is in the retail pharmacies’ databases. They may just be hesitant 2 look it up because of the volume of Rx’s that have to be filled. Talking about the improper staffing of pharmacies, VA included, is 4 another time. The website is . I’m a pharmacist who worked at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS (formerly Caremark), the VA, etc. I’m a USAF Vet & also the pharmacist who blew the whistle to OSC on the pharmacy—especially inpatient pharmacy—wrongdoings at G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VAMC (586/119) in Jackson, MS.

      Get EVERY benefit that u r entitled to.

  44. john gerding    

    Tried this last year at my local walgreens. I went three times at different times. Each time
    I waited for everyone else in line to finish before I asked for a flu shot. Each time the person
    behind the counter in the pharmacy looked out over the waiting area and told me it would
    be at least an hour or more before I could get a flu shot. And one of them that I saw on
    two of my visits was just rude.

    1. Verná V. Brown, R.Ph., USAF Vet, Former VA pharmacist & OSC Whistleblower    

      Ask 4 the contact info for the District Mgr at that Walgreens’ location. U can often find the address & fone numbers of the Walgreens District Office in the telephone book or online at . You can chat or file a complaint online or via the Walgreens mobile app.

  45. Jw Vaughn    

    Walgreens will not give the over 65 booster flu shot just the regular, but will worth the ability to go there then the VA if you are traveling or live long distance from a VA Hospital…

  46. Richard D. Crosby    

    Walgreens should give the higher dose to Vet. 65 and older, it’s like getting the job half done…

  47. Michael Hanley    

    What about getting the shingles vaccine??

  48. Lynn Warren    

    My daughter have been suffering from amyotrophic laterals sclerosis (ALS) disease for the last three years and she had constant pain, especially in her knees. And then the inability to eat without getting choked, strangled, and coughing. Thank God she have finally recovered after two months of taking a medication I feel so happy and excited to see my daughter recover from ALS very fast. you can ask for the doctor if you need their help

  49. RK Philips    

    Contradictory info and should be corrected. Vets over 65, as noted in other comments, need to have the shot done inhouse VA per info elsewhere also published by VA. Not every body reads comments so this article will undoubtedly send folks to Walgreens in error and confusion. Please post the corrected info.

    1. ROBERT KOSICK    

      I am a senior, 75 year old, vet. Went to get the flu shot on 10/1 at my OPC but was disappointed to find that they did not have the “high dose” shot. Checked with a CBOC in my area and they did not have the high dose either. As you probably know, the high dose shot is highly recommended for seniors. Did the secure message thing on myHealthevet with my Primary Care doctor and he could not tell me when or even if they would have the high dose. Save yourself the time and check the availability before going to the VA or Walgreens.

  50. Bob Weng    

    Too bad many honorably discharged veterans are not eligible to enroll in VA health care to receive this benefit due to income limits.

  51. John Borges    

    Does this include the flu shot for seniors or those over 65?

    1. Bill Bishop    

      For some reason flu shots for vets over 65 are hard to come by through the V.A.

      1. Kenneth Caprio    

        Providence, R.I. V.A. Hospital and Walgreens do not give the High Dose 65 or older Flu Shots.


    Walgreens does not offer the higher dose for veterans over 65, not for the last two years in a Columbus, Nebraska.

    1. Vicki willis    

      None of the Walgreens i have been to offer the over 65 eother. So I got the low dose but now will go to walmart for higher 65 dose.

    2. Richard Sandino    

      Same here in Houston, TX Robert and the high dose was $70 plus out of pocket.

  53. Couronne Princesse    

    Be sure to don’t forget that flu vaccin before the winter. It saved the life of my father.

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