For VA, innovation is much more than improving care for Veterans. It’s about exceeding Veteran expectations, restoring their hope, building trust, and ultimately, changing and saving Veteran lives.

Both the promise and reality of innovation will be on full display when 80 VHA employees from across the country demonstrate their innovative practices at the VHA Innovation Experience (iEx), October 22 and 23 in Washington, DC.

Improving Health Outcomes

Discovered and supported through the VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) portfolio programs, the 80+ practices are driving change in three major health domains: Research, Clinical, and Health Enabling Technology. From increasing access to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) care to advances in wheelchair technology, VHA is transforming Veteran care on several fronts.

Come see for yourself how VHA is transforming care, empowering employees, and building excitement at VA Medical Centers nationwide. During the iEx Demos, you will see and experience firsthand:

  • Innovation in Action. Each VHA employee innovator will receive five minutes to demo their innovation, explain how it improves care for Veterans, how employees deliver the care, and how VHA delivers on its promise of “Your Care is our Mission.”
  • Innovation Discovery. VA leaders, private sector experts, the public, and Veterans will discover, learn about, and share in the incredible work being done through VHA IE.
  • Innovating for Impact. Throughout all three tracks both days, judges will be listening to VHA employee innovators’ ideas, work, and solutions. The presenters will share the outcomes and effects of their work with subject matter experts from the public and private sectors serving as evaluators.
  • Celebrating Employee Ingenuity. Based on their expert evaluations, VHA leadership will select the top demos in each of the three tracks. Dr. Richard Stone, Executive in Charge, VHA, will recognize the top demo presenters during the VHA iEx Awards Ceremony.

You Won’t Want to Miss iEx!

Registration is now open or you can experience the innovation live by watching the demonstrations on VA’s YouTube page. Make sure to follow along by subscribing to the VHA Innovation Ecosystem’s email below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about all the exciting events at iEx hereClick to subscribe to VHAIE emails.

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