October payments delayed for some Veterans


October disability compensation, dependency indemnity compensation (DIC) and pension payments are delayed by two days for more than 27,000 beneficiaries due to a software issue.

October disability compensation, dependency indemnity compensation (DIC) and pension payments are delayed by two days for more than 27,000 beneficiaries due to a software issue. The problem has been corrected and payments will be deposited in bank accounts on Oct. 3. This issue does not affect those receiving benefits under the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs. 

Impacted Veterans are those who received a new or changed award for compensation, DIC, or pension on or after Sept. 20, 2019. This issue affected Veterans around the Nation, and there was no particular region or state that was more adversely affected than any other.

VBA acknowledges that this delay could cause a hardship on Veterans and their families and will work with those facing financial hardship on a case-by-case basis. Beneficiaries who have experienced added financial hardship as a result of this are encouraged to contact the call center or local RO, and VBA will work with them to make them whole by reimbursing overdraft fees or late fees, or working with the bank to have fees reversed.

Contact VA

Beneficiaries may contact VA with any questions regarding this delay, or to request assistance at the phone numbers below.

Benefits (VA):

·       Disability Compensation

·       Dependency Indemnity Compensation

VA Pension Benefits 1-877-294-6380
Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)


Donna Stratford

Donna is the director of communications for the VHA Office of Quality and Patient Safety. She is an Air Force Veteran.


  1. LaQrecia Clarke    

    I contacted the whitehouse va @ 855- 948- 2311. They only transferred me to someone who knew nothing about the payment glitch and had no explanation as to why pay is late or when I’d be paid. My financial institution says they’ve received nothing from the VA and note it’s unusual. Sadly. We get no direct answers. No one wanted to even acknowledge the issue as a technical error. I pray for all of us. I’m going to go talk to my landlord. I hope everyone is fine and no one goes homeless.

  2. Lisa Holmes    

    I haven’t received my VA Disability check which was due Oct. 26, 2019.
    When can I expect it?

  3. Celeste M Clarke    

    Call your local congress man office in your County they have availiable case or community Social workers that assist those residing in community’s & get many issues moving along very fast to include pending DIC &
    ENTITLED APPEALS for all vets and SURVIVING WIDOWS&WIDOWERS who have done there own due diligence &have proof of All corresponding documents & still recieved NO reprieve what so ever! It helped me a 22 yr.old widow/ babies years ago Congressman Packards Office Good Luck &God Bless you

  4. Mary Jackson    

    I haven’t received my VA pension payment for the month of October 2019.

  5. Dave N    

    I still have not received my va benefits. I have called about this issue 3 times now. And each time they said they will handle the situation. I called again today just to find out that nothing is pending and that they will only notify the regional office now. They couldn’t do that from the beginning. What exactly are they doing. Please, anyone help. Anyone know who I can call or what I can do. It’s the 18th and still nothing.

    1. Combat Veteran Grim Reeper    

      Contact your state Senators and also try Veteran Crisis because it sounds like crisis right there had been some tech foul up! Some kind of cyber shit up! That kind of basically saying dig a fox hole and wait! blame the artifical instead of someone f’d up agin! Hay you know were too get some free MRE this processed might get me before Service related in middle east united we stand real wariors don’t tell war stories because we are living with it The Oath!God !Country

    2. Courtney Hubbard    

      Hey DaveN I haven’t received my VA benefits either. I call the number and stay on hold for hours. I don’t know what’s going on. This is the first time mines have ever been this late before

      1. Dave N    

        Courtney Hubbard, this is the first time this has happen to me as well. I’ve called numerous times, first they blamed it on my bank says they didnt accept and sent it back so I changed my bank. Waited a week and then called cause nothing went through. Called again just for them to tell me nothing is pending and nothing was done. I called again just for them to say they will notify the regional office. I’m currently in the Philippines, on my own, in a different country, without funds and money for the nearly 4 weeks. All I was told is I just wait until something changes. Im in need of help. In desperation I called, 855- 948- 2311, White House hotline, and made a complaint. I hope something happens soon. Im in trouble and in dangerous situation. I need help!

    3. Lea Gage    

      DAV is amazing at getting you in touch with right people. They helped me when everyone said it would take up to 2 years to get benifits after you apply. I applied through DAV rep in Oct. 2018 received 1st check March 2019. They get it done!

  6. Emmanuel B. del Mundo    

    My GI Bill for BAH hasn’t been paid yet as well. I couldn’t buy my books for my class that starts Oct 21.

    1. Jason Davis    


      “This issue does not affect those receiving benefits under the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs.”

      Please call the GI Bill Hotline at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.

  7. Helena Misner    

    I get chapter 35 benefits for college and still have not received my payment either….. I was certified July 3rd……

    1. Marvin Narciso    

      Same, certified July 11th. Haven’t received BAH and the school hasn’t been paid either. eBenefits website doesn’t show any payments made for this semester.

    2. Jason Beatty    

      Yeah, what the heck. Still nothing!

  8. warren    

    Still havent rcvd mine, did you rcv yours?

  9. Terry    

    Has anyone heard anything yet?? It’s going on a week now and still nothing. Has anyone gotten through on the Va Disability line to talk to anyone?? The fact that I’m still in the dark about whats going on is bogus!!!! If anyone has any information please share. Thank you.

    1. Thea Elder    

      There is a veteran hotline that’s actually located inside The White House . Please call 855- 948- 2311 so our concerns can go straight to President Trump.

      1. Nancy Doll    

        The White House Hotline is located in Virginia not in DC They do not go straight to Trump they assign you a case # and you will never here from them again

        1. Doctor Joe VanHoozer    

          As a former White House Liaison for the Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration, I can assure you the White House is located @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, and NOT in Virginia. Your issue most likely was, yes, assigned a tracking number of f some sort, but then your issue is referred to the action agency (like the DVA) for a response. Call them again, stay on it, don’t let them get away with anything!

    2. Courtney Hubbard    

      Has anyone gotten their payment yet.

  10. Free Mp3 download    

    I still haven’t been paid today. What should I do?

  11. Thea Elder    

    Oct.4th and I still haven’t been paid. This is very hard on my family. Everybody keep ur head up and thanks for
    your service!

  12. Benjamin Roosevelt Craft    

    Received last CP exam September 24,2019. Should I expect Benefits this month,

  13. Terry    

    6:49 eastern standard time has anyone gotten there disability money yet?? I definitely haven’t. Does anyone have any information on why it’s so late?

    1. Courtney Hubbard    

      It’s 1:40pm has anyone received their payment

      1. John Brady    

        Nope still nothing and can’t get through 1800 number either. Anyone have any update?

    2. Amanda Rodriguez    

      I didn’t get my chapter 35

    3. Trevor Flaten    

      Still haven’t received mine and it’s the 6th.

  14. Benjamin Roosevelt Craft    

    Yes,I had my final CP exam September 24,2019.Should I expect compensation sometimes this month October 2019?

  15. Carla Horta    

    October 4th and still no pay… what’s going on? Bills need to be paid and they are adding up

    1. Thea    

      Did you receive your payment? Mine is still missing. This is hard on my family.

  16. Brandon Meza    

    I had my entire BAH payment taken by Debt Collection even though I had a payment plan set up for a year. Their excuse? It was a computer error. Now I have to wait two weeks for a refund….

  17. Anthony A    

    Haven’t received my post-9/11 GI bill benefits yet either. It’s definitely affecting us. Smh

  18. Amanda Rodriguez    

    I haven’t been paid my Chapter 35, and August’s check was short. When is the VA going to address the issues affecting students? The silence is deafening.

  19. Courtney Hubbard    

    Has anyone received their payment yet

    1. Terry    

      Nope not me not yet. Idk what’s even going on

  20. Milton A Arline III    

    I still haven’t been paid today. What should I do?

  21. Terry    

    12:13 pm I haven’t gotten anything .

  22. John Brady    

    Has anyone been paid yet?

  23. Carlos goad    

    Do you get answers here

  24. Carlos goad    

    12:17 am on the 3 October no pay

  25. Corey Borders    

    This does seem to be affecting GI bill BAH benefits. I and a few other people I know have not been paid this month for GI bill.

    1. Jonathan    

      Have you heard anything about your GI bill BAH benefits? Still haven’t been paid, was given the run around and was told last Thursday that it would be sent out Friday and the latest monday. After spending two hours on the phone today was told it will be coming in November. I need to know who i need to call to get this handled because who i talked to today did not know how to handle anything.

  26. Amanda    

    If education benefits aren’t affected, why haven’t I been paid my Chapter 35? Why aren’t many veterans getting their GI Bill?

  27. Andrew Baggiani    

    I did not receive an award change after 9/20, but I changed my address online and my check has still not arrived… how can I verify if I was affected or if it is a USPS issue if I can’t get through to anyone on the 800 #?

  28. Andrew Baggiani    

    I did not receive an award change, but made a change to my address online after 9/20. However, I’ve still been seemingly affected because I haven’t received my check.

  29. Patrick F Bryan    

    the 100 number does not work, you get hung up on, disconnected or wait hours to get to some one, its a joke, an need shut down

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