The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Innovation Experience (iEx) is here and streaming right now!

Join innovators, clinicians, and researchers from across government, industry, and academia as they celebrate how innovation is transforming health care and service delivery for Veterans.

It’s all happening at iEx! Over two days―Oct. 22 and 23―iEx will take people on a journey with world-class speakers, live demonstrations, and powerful storytelling. The experience will make innovation real and show its impact both locally and nationally.

iEx is streaming live throughout the event.

A few must-see events include:

  • TED-Style TalksiEx Talks Oct. 22 and 23 will inspire and motivate viewers through the personal, human stories behind innovation. Hear how VHA innovators identified challenges, overcame obstacles in the innovation process, and developed viable solutions.
  • Live DemonstrationsiEx Demos will have more than 80 innovators showing how their practical, cost-effective, and replicable innovations are impacting Veteran lives and changing how Veterans Affairs cares for them.
  • Best Practice Tools and Methods – Leaders in innovation, including Vijay “VG” Govindarajan, will deliver keynotes that will do more than just inform and educate; they will provide actionable ideas, methods, and tools VHA employees can implement at facilities, including strategies from The Three-Box Solution.

Don’t miss a minute of iEx! This is a chance to see and experience the amazing innovations changing and saving Veteran lives at VA medical centers nationwide.

Stream the entire event live right here. Follow along and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #VHAiEx. Join in to discover the future of health care at VHA and how it’s impacting Veteran lives right now.

Learn more about all the exciting events at iEx here.

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