Military Sisterhood Initiative to go live February 18

A social platform to build peer support community for women Veterans


Challenge America, in collaboration with Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency and WINC: For All Women Veterans, announced the launch of a free, social platform designed to connect women Veterans to VA and other resources, like peer-to-peer support, online courses and in-person events across the country.

The Military Sisterhood Initiative (MSI) launches on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

The Military Sisterhood Initiative is a free social platform that connects women Veterans to a national peer support community.

The unique challenges women face during their military service can greatly complicate their transition to civilian life and make them feel isolated and invisible even among the Veteran community. “MSI is a safe place for women Veterans to connect with each other and to reclaim a sense of purpose and belonging in a community of military sisters,” explains Maggie Tolan, Program Director of Challenge America.

“The goal of MSI is to create a network of women Veterans and resources that can help fill the gaps that so many of our sisters in the military are experiencing,” said Zaneta Adams, co-founder of MSI, WINC: For All Women Veterans and the Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. “We also want to provide an opportunity for women Veterans to come together to advocate for improvements in their community.”

Led by Challenge America, MSI was designed by and for military women, starting with an all-women Veteran summit held in Snowmass, Colo., in December 2017.

As part of its fall 2019 Challenge America: Makers For Veterans (CAMVETS) program, Challenge America partnered with Acumen Solutions, a global consultancy in cloud technology, to field a team of software consultants to design the MSI community platform. The result is a platform unlike any other: a private network that supports social media-style posts, online courses and webinars, event calendars, blog posts, direct messaging, virtual peer support circles, and sub-groups by location and branch of service.

In the MSI Community, members will be able to:

  • Create a profile and connect with other military sisters near them or across the country to build one-on-one relationships.
  • Ask for help when they need it and offer support to their sisters in need.
  • Engage in discussions around different monthly topics and weekly challenges.
  • Post and find events, resources and stories relevant to women Veteran growth and empowerment.

Women Veterans can join MSI today by visiting and clicking “Request to Join.” They will be welcomed into the network when it goes live February 18th.


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  1. cheryl felent    

    We’ve come a long way since I joined the Army in 1974. Back then, the drill sergeants would tell us that if you can’t take the harassment, you don’t belong in the Army.

  2. F Rasmussen    

    CAUTION: Make sure you read their privacy policy before you join the SIsterhood – it is similar to Facebook where any information you provide can be used for advertising and will be collected by the website. It sounds like a good idea – but not for me because of the lack of privacy of my information and sharing,

  3. Janice L. Cerda    

    USAF crew chief , served 10.5 years (’73 to ’83) on 5 different aircraft. DC-9 Medivac, T-39, F-4, F-111f and F-16 A +B. Presently living in S. Nevada.Would love to come in from the cold.

    1. Lori Manning    

      Great heads up! thanks hate “F*” book

  4. Mary    

    I didn’t see it at first, either, but the link to the group is in the second to last line.

  5. Dee Adee    

    Also from Vietnam Era.
    I cannot find anyone (female) in my rural area with same background.
    Have Women’s. Koffee Talk I started, but this is from my church.
    Kind of lonely here.

    1. Michelle Houchin    

      I’m not from your era or your area but that’s no reason for you to be lonely. I’m always willing to be a friend, share and listen.

  6. Coretta M Chenault    

    Good morning,
    This seems like a group that will be very beneficial. Would love to join.

  7. Felice Urvina    

    What an amazing networking plan!

  8. Debra Hadden Weir    

    Sign me up. I am a OIF veteran currently still serving in the Army Reserve. I have been in just over 37 years and plan to officially retire in October.

  9. Elizabeth Kiel    

    The article had posted in it. Click on the link and the picture will have a box that states request to join.

  10. Kerry Adamson    

    I would like to sign up. I am retired Navy nurse.

  11. Joan Calo    

    Do you have a group in New Jersey. I am a Vietnam Era Vet and disabled from the VA 80%. I would like to talk with other female veterans young and old.

    1. Janine Peters    

      To join, scroll up to the larger picture with the three women and right below the first paragraph it says in blue color writing; Military Sisterhood Initiative launches Tuesday Feb 18… on it and I believe it will take you to a sigh up page. I am also an Army Veteran of 22 years. Hope this helps and thank you to all you wonderful and blessed veterans who have served our country, God Bless.

  12. Danita Galyon    

    It is so nice to see awareness improving for our female troops.

  13. Tammy Stin    

    I would like to be a part of this but I don’t see where you are supposed to sign up.

  14. Tammy S    

    I would like to be a part of this but like some other comments I don’t see where you are supposed to sogn up for it.

  15. Elizabeth Shotkoski-Jurgens    

    yes, I would like to join the sisterhood. There is no real place to sign up other than leave this msg.

  16. Marquita Green    

    I would love to join this group.

    1. Jacqueline Johnson    

      Women Veterans can join MSI today by visiting and clicking “Request to Join.” They will be welcomed into the network when it goes live February 18th.

  17. Susan Gassaway    

    I was an Army Nurse and would like to join

  18. Crystal Hinton    

    I would love to sign up. Its needed. Looking forward to it.

  19. Yulonda J. Dennison    

    As a female veteran and military spouse (active duty 1996 to 2000), I am looking to connect with other veterans and spouses in my area.

  20. Elisabeth Fabrizio    

    Hi, is this the sign up? I didn’t see another place.

  21. LtCol Emily English    

    I was sexually harassed as Chief Nurse. I had been promoted at 8 yrs to Lt Col and now in an O6 slot and scheduled f I r Colonel Board in 6 months. I was also subjected to investigation and interrogation but was innocent My career was destroyed and I left the unit. I could not get help from military legal. I am a Gulf Wat Combat Veteran.

  22. Shanda Taylor Boyd    

    Love the emphasis being placed on the needs of women veterans and the acknowledgement of the uniqueness of the female anatomical features. The conversation has started. The validation has been ignited. Now execution and application are anticipated. Let’s do this!

  23. Msabah Rashidi Sange    

    I want my health security to be carried out this February 2020.

  24. Susan Fleetwood    

    I would love to be apart of the sister hood

  25. paula rasnick    

    I am thrilled that this group has formed and excited about connecting with other female vets

  26. LaVerne MacDonald    

    I would like to join MSI for I’m a Veteran and have fallen through the cracks of the VA system.

  27. Susan J. Whittaker    

    Looking forward to connect to more of my sisters.

  28. Dianne Washington    

    This is Dianne! U S Army, Discharged 1979!
    San Francisco Bay Area, Former Art Teacher/Artists
    A) Spend time Writing Shott Stories for Kindle Amazon and Teaching the Word of the Lord!

  29. Ellen T McCarthy    

    This is wonderful and I wish this was available for the last forty years. I’ve been treated like garbage in the 70s to 90s and had to fight my way with the DAV. Now I’m almost 67 and the social workers are now under the impression that 100% service connected disabled due to unemployability isn’t covered by the VA, but by Medicare. They denied me care at a rehab center last year and dumped me at my house six days post op from my 100% SC due to unemployability total knee revision. The social worker said you’re 90% for that knee and not covered by the VA, but Medicare. I no longer can take care of my home and they told me to hire a maid. So, my rights have been messed with and they did it again following surgery for a SC 0% rated and stuck me at home with a cast and no help.

  30. Yolanda Thompkins    

    Do we have a veteran women group in Atlanta GA because l have never heard of it or been contacted

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