VA’s Vet Centers are always open to help their surrounding communities. During times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vet Centers have deployed to continue helping Veterans and their families find the help and encouragement they need.

In the latest COVID-19 update on VA’s Borne the Battle Podcast, Gabriel Botero, Brooklyn VA Vet Center Director, and Lizabeth Kosmopoulos, Biloxi Vet Center Director, discuss being mobilized into two of the current hardest affected areas for COVID-19, New York City and New Orleans.

Vet Centers remain open because mental health is essential and even more so under extreme circumstances.Vet Centers across the country will continue to focus on:

• Helping people access resources.
• Reaching out through mobile health centers.
• Connecting with communities while practicing social distancing.
• Remaining fully operational.
• Providing telehealth options.
• Administering grief counseling.
• Using mobile apps.
• Giving family benefits for Veterans’ families.

Botero and Kosmopoulos emphasized that Vet Centers are for Veterans and their families. But they are also there for the community as a whole.

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Michelle Cannon is a podcast intern with the VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team. She is a graduate student at Liberty University studying Professional Writing.

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