Calling IT professionals: VA hiring nationwide in multiple specialties

Apply for a temporary IT specialist opening and help VA support our staff and provide the best care to Veterans


VA has hundreds of openings across the nation for IT specialists to help support our ongoing response to COVID-19. These temporary positions are full-time for one year with possibility of extension.

Follow the links below to apply and learn more about how you can help VA use state-of-the-art technology to support our staff and provide the best care to Veterans:

There are more than 600 customer support positions alone at 250 VA locations. In this role, you would assist VA employees who are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Providing remote desktop support to the countless number of VA employees who are now working from home creates continuity and allows each employee to concentrate on doing their part to ensure each Veterans’ experience is positive,” said Trevor Falnes, national talent acquisition consultant at VA.

Explore VA IT careers

IT professionals are instrumental in improving the Veteran experience by delivering innovative technologies that help VA continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

“Working at VA is more than a job — it’s a mission to serve our Veterans. You’ll join a team of more than 16,000 IT professionals who are dedicated to supporting our health care technology needs,” said Darren Sherrard, associate director of recruitment marketing at VA.

“We are continually evolving and adapting technology solutions to allow us to focus on our mission of providing the best care to Veterans,” he added.

Great careers, great benefits

You’ll enjoy location flexibility, with openings available at 250 VA locations. After working 130 hours per month for three months, you’ll become eligible for federal health benefits as well.

If you convert to a permanent position at VA, there are plenty of other perks, including performance-based salary increases, accelerated raises and higher education support. Other benefits and perks include:

  • Generous time off: Earn up to 26 vacation days each year, accrue unlimited paid sick leave and enjoy 10 paid federal holidays.
  • Robust federal retirement plan: The package includes a defined benefit plan (pension) after only five years of vesting and a 401(k)-type plan with up to 5% in employer contributions.

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  1. Eddie Norton    

    Has anyone heard anything back? Been provided an update after they applied?

  2. ee    

    In the past I have had poor luck with these type of websites. Often “web” only job ads are nothing more than “publicity” that do not link to jobs. The general rule is that if you cannot talk to a live person there is no job opening.

  3. Darius Lee Pasilaban    

    Hello! I completed my application last week. How can I follow-up about the progress of my application?

    Thank you!

  4. datart    

    does it effect retirement pay for retired it staff from the federal govt…unless they offer a waiver, then you have to put retirement pay on hold. i am a vet and would pursue this but i doubt i can “double dip”

  5. Silas    

    The email address “”in this announcement (on the Submit page) appears to be invalid. Please update with the current email address.

  6. Silas    

    What is the Job announcement number? Since there are multiple jobs I’m assuming that there are multiple announcement numbers correct?

  7. Moe    

    This VA employment is a bunch of lies. There are no IT jobs for the VA on USAJOBS. As usual big lye and lots of BS!

    1. Denise Macio    

      Actually the VA is hiring Term appointments for 1-2 years that may potentially turn into a permanent opportunity.

      1. noydb    

        “may” is a word most people seeking a job don’t want. “may” means you may lose the ability to put a roof over your head in a year after maybe loosing your $60k job

  8. Dave Thomas    

    Looks like they made a minor adjustment to the site, even though it still doesn’t work as described:

    When completing the form, please select “Allied Health,” which will switch you to a new single dropdown menu, then select “Medical Admin – IT” in the Allied Health dropdown. (Some users have had issues with this menu- If for some reason you have an issue with this menu, you can still complete your application and we will correct that menu for you when we receive your application. In this case, select “Other” in the dropdown.)

    I still had the issue so I dutifully select Other as directed.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  9. Gilland McGuire    

    Temporary Noooooooo!! Full time, New ideas , compassion for mental ; medical treatments for VETERANS; other than attitude that ‘VETERANS ARE BROKE ‘. .PEACE.

  10. John Smith    

    The VA is a mess. If they can’t get a simple message out to hire IT personnel correctly, just imagine what else is wrong.

    Following the link to register, the message tells you to select Allied Health and then select Medical Admin – IT…there is no such option LOL

    1. Trevor Falnes    

      Thank you for highlighting the issue with the drop down menus. The issue has been resolved.

  11. Brian Wool    

    I’ve applied to the VA for numerous IT positions in Oregon and San Diego areas. Not once do I get a “your resume has been forwarded to the hiring manager” and I’ve been an IT person since separating 20 years ago.

    Will getting a ” temp job ” increase the likelihood of permanent placement. I want/deserve to retire federally considering I have a campaign medal.

  12. Eugene Tang    


    The instructions for the application pages refer to a “Medical Admin – IT” profession, but no such option exists on the application pages.

    Please advise.

    1. Trevor Falnes    

      Thank you for highlighting the issue with the drop down menus. The issue has been resolved.

      1. Eugene Tang    

        Unfortunately, the issue has been resolved by adding a notation to use “Other” as the specialty/profession. The core problem of the Medical Admin – IT option not appearing is still present. I have submitted an application using Other as directed.

  13. Eugene Tang    


    The pages linked contain a directive to select “Medical Admin – IT” as the profession, but no such entry exists on the application pages themselves.The selections go from “Medical Administration, Health Plans” to “Medical Administration, Lead Advanced Practice Clinician.”

    Please advise.

    1. Trevor Falnes    

      Thank you for highlighting the issue with the drop down menus. The issue has been resolved.

  14. Paul SMITH    

    I have a question… Do you have IT shifts jobs?

  15. Thomas Carroll    

    The process for hiring takes too long. Especially during these times

  16. Charles B. Cory    

    I would like to pursue this further.

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