Borne the Battle #197: Army Veteran Luke Wade, KC Crew

Largest Social Entertainment and Event Organizer in Kansas City Survives by Pivoting Business Online During COVID-19 Pandemic


“Fun, freedom, and community” is the motto of KC Crew, an adult sports and events company founded by Army Veteran and KC Crew Founder Luke Wade.

After serving in the National Guard, Wade founded KC Crew. Centered in Kansas City, the group helps his community stay active and connected.

Since its beginning, KC Crew focused on the idea of finding a place for people to play sports. Wade was able to create a community around people’s love for sports and events which also helped to revitalized the city.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, staying true to KC Crew’s motto and goal seemed to be impossible. The COVID-19 pandemic effectively shut down any gathering of more than 10 people.

In this podcast episode, Wade discussed how he was able to take immediate action to adjust his business model after hearing about Kansas City’s shutdown. With the help of his wife and team, Wade found new ways for KC Crew to stay active. He emphasized how KC Crew focuses on giving people a needed social experience even if places are physically shutdown.

While KC Crew can’t operate as normal, they still provide social experiences through online events such as their Virtual Bingo and Virtual Trivia events.

Every day, Wade and his team are looking for new, creative ways to engage people while they stay at home. They also provided a list of top 10 things to do during quarantine.

Most event clubs and companies can’t open or function as normal. Wade and the KC Crew have worked hard to provide new ways to keep people and communities active and connected during this pandemic.

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