Free training from NPower for Veterans, spouses in Texas, California, New Jersey and Maryland


So much of our time is spent online, now more than ever, as people catch up on news, shop, and even participate in virtual gaming. With the pandemic, many are turning to online resources for professional development and training.

Now Veterans and Veteran spouses in Texas, California, New Jersey, and Maryland can be a part of shaping that online experience, with free, virtual training and certification in technology and digital skills, offered by NPower. If you have ever used a tactical radio, navigated with GPS, or mastered any video games, you already have the foundation to learn the skills to land a job in technology.

Navy Veteran Anthony Shaw used NPower’s training and internship program to help lift himself from homelessness, and now is an IT Project Manager. “I absolutely love what I do, and am grateful for this opportunity [with NPower].”

The United States is the world’s largest technology market and technology is the fastest growing economic sector. With many job opportunities in these areas, there’s never been a better time to gain the skills for a more secure future. NPower’s free, virtual training and certifications are offered in tech fundamentals, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and coding.

Who is Eligible

  • Military Veterans, Reservists, or spouses of Military Veterans, currently serving or honorably discharged, and legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Must live in or near the following cities:
    • Dallas, Texas
    • San Francisco Bay Area, California
    • Newark or Jersey City, New Jersey
    • Baltimore, Maryland
  • For more information on your eligibility, click on NPower’s contact page HERE to connect with a representative in your state.

How to Apply

Eligible applicants can click HERE for more information on the application process and to start their application. Interested applicants must enroll and graduate from NPower’s Tech Fundamentals program before they are eligible to apply for NPower’s advanced training programs. Learn more about the Tech Fundamentals program HERE. Tech Fundamentals is NPower’s introductory course on the basics of IT with real world application and credentials, with the opportunity to earn one or more industry-recognized CompTIA certifications.

What to expect

Eligible applicants can start their application process online. Click HERE for more information on the application process. There will be a series of interviews to assess applicants’ eligibility and fit for the program. Applicants can speak to an NPower team member, and attend a virtual information session to ask any questions. After participating in virtual interviews and being accepted into the NPower program, students can start their virtual classes to launch their IT career.

After 16 weeks of intensive hands-on technical and soft-skills training, students are placed in a paid internship with top corporations and nonprofits for on-the-job experience. Veterans and spouses can also benefit from NPower’s mentoring, employment readiness workshops, and job placement assistance. NPower also offers professional development classes in resume writing, interviewing skills, and other job readiness skills.

As an NPower alumni, Veterans can access a growing network in technology, as well as advanced programs, professional workshops, panel events, and can even give back to the community as a guest lecturer, mentor, or NPower ambassador.

Click HERE to learn more about your eligibility and the application process to start your career in digital technology. Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about NPower.

*This blog was updated in July 2020, September 2020 and January 2021, with additional information.*

The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products or services on the part of the VA. 


Kiran Dhillon

An insatiably curious storyteller, Kiran is the communications lead for the Multi-Channel Technology Directorate with VA’s Veterans Experience Office. Kiran joined the Department of Veterans Affairs by way of the Department of Defense and the U.S. Peace Corps.


  1. Latoya R Neal    

    Hello i am trying to submit my letters of recommendations separately after i have applied for coding successfully but the emails that are provided are not working or not legit. Do you have another email that i can submit my letters to?

  2. Mignon Milan    

    It’s amazing news. I would like to join this program. Thank you for this opportunity. But you did not mention, how to apply?

  3. John william    

    Thank you so much for this post. It’s actually really insightful and would definitely benefit us. I ‘d like to work from home and prepare me for this training program.

  4. Elvia Manley    

    I’m interesting in learning more about programs available

  5. Samantha    

    This article is extremely misleading and should be removed.

    Unless you reside in one of the states, you aren’t eligible. It doesn’t state that it’s required to live a specific area.

    The set up for this is absolutely terrible. You have to send in your DD214 and provide your current income and all kinds of other information and then you don’t even get conformation that your information was received.

    You have to email them and then get the run around to find your information just to find out that you aren’t eligible based on your location even though IT’S ALL ONLINE.

    This should be pulled and they should not advertise that they assist Veterans.

  6. John Whisman    

    This article should be taken down until it can be rewritten. I am still looking for a phone number to call to complain.

    I applied, then contacted Npower. It was explained to me from Marguerite Durret (, who answers the emails for, that unless you live near one of their campuses in NJ, TX, or CA, then you are not eligible.

    Hopefully this is an honest mistake, and not another nefarious attempt to collect detailed personal data, to restructure and resell. I guess I will know in a few weeks if I start getting spam email and phone calls about online courses.

    1. Samantha    

      I also emailed in and questioned why, if everything is online, can I not apply:
      “Hello Samantha,
      There is much more to the NPower Program than just the classes and as mentioned we are working on moving to a larger network but are not ready yet…
      Just to give you an example, one of the key factors is the ability to find internships for our students, and of course jobs, and we work with partners to do this… we don’t have these partnerships in every state… yet…
      And that is just one element…
      But as I said we are working very hard on changing this and making our Veterans programs available nationally…”

      Personally, I think that’s a lie and this was an attempt to collect information. I’m more concerned that my DD214 is floating around. If the VA is going to put out resources to their Vets, they should be far more cautious in who they stand behind.

      1. Robert D wyer. COLONEL SPC OPS    

        first and foremost, there is no free lunch and you should know better. this whole program reeks of fraud deception and lies to the veterans seeking self improvement. anything related to the VA you should approach as you would a mine field. the VA does nothing for the veteran. look at the VA hospitals, talk to veterans who have sought help from the VA and receive nothing but BS. last but not the least look at the suicide rate of veterans and the homeless. now look at the concern for the illegal aliens that are here getting free health care and everything else the democrats can pontificate on their pedestal.
        if you want help then i encourage you to look at the end of your arms, you have 2 helping hands and that is all you will ever have.

  7. Alex Jefferson    

    I want informationa about this clasd.

  8. Kelvin Foulk    

    I am currently a student in the CIS field will have Associate’s in a matter of weeks, but definitely need more training and hands on experience, this seems to be just what I need, so I am seriously interested in taking advantage of something just like this.

  9. Redrick Jones    

    Please let me know how to get started.

  10. Ed    

    hey all you have to click the link for training. Also, cyber security is for TX & NJ only

  11. Ja'nice A. Tubman    

    I am interested in hearing more about the training and would like to sign up. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  12. Norman S. Stahl    

    Are there any costs or potential fees to the veteran from this program? I am aware of an earlier VA pilot program, that charged the veteran a substantial fee if they did not find IT work at the end of the program.

    Does the veteran have to have VA Education benefits available to participate?

  13. Guillermo Calle    

    My wife and I are interesting in training and I like to know how to register. Please forward information to my email.
    Thank you very much

  14. Joe Smith    

    This is a bit deceiving as it’s only available to a limited amount of areas. You first have to be an alumni of “Tech Fundamentals” which is only available in certain areas, then you can take part in the other programs. This program makes it sound like any US Veteran can apply.

  15. John and Victoria Smith    

    We are interested in applying for the Free Tech Training for Veterans and Spouses. Thank you. Please contact us as soon as possible.

  16. Antoinette Pannell    

    I like to know more about the program and job opportunities.

  17. Raymond R Holmes    

    How do I sign up and when can I start?

  18. carlos paniagua    

    I am very interested in the NPower training program. How do I apply for this class? I am planning on moving to Spain in the near future, any possibilities to apply this knowledge abroad?

  19. Air Force Veteran    

    I would run this article by my local veteran assistance offices. AMVETS and or other local veteran services to see what they say about this program. There could be similar programs right in your town that offers the same opportunities.

  20. Reginald Keith Smith    

    I posted a comment 2 days ago. Please reply.

  21. Brandon D Moon    

    I am a veteran Avionics technician and was laid off back in March of this year due to the COVID19 Pandemic, I’m looking for a possible career change and possible work from home opportunities, but not limited to. I’m 56 and find work is very difficult and layoff are getting old and financially straining.

    I’m interested in learning more about what types of programs are available for the kinds of jobs that are available.

  22. donna brimhall    

    I would like more info on this training being offered.

  23. Jerry Croom    

    I’m interested in the free training.

    1. John Whisman    

      Unless you live near one of the three campuses in NJ, TX, or CA, You are most likely not eligible. I am arguing with Marguerite Durret  right now via email about how absurd it is to limit online classes to cities.

  24. Henry Hernandez    

    Where do I sign up. What is the age limit ?

  25. Robert Heilbron    

    NPower is the company that sold me my solar system. They lied to me about the power that the system they were offering me would produce and now I’m paying for a system that falls way below my needs. So I won’t trust them here!

  26. Michael Cambridge    

    I’m interested in this training

  27. James Raymond Gardner Jr.    

    I’m 73 Yrs. old is there an age limit ? How fast do I need to be able to type ?

    1. Ramon Pescevich    

      Can you tell us where to apply and signup?

    2. Roberto M Garcia    

      YES!!! the age limit is 18 to 25; hence most Veterans DO NOT QUALIFY. Therefore, what all the fuss with this training? I think that Kiran Dhillon does not know what she is talking about. Also, they ask Veterans to DONATE! Shame on them asking veterans, whom don’t even have the money to subsist, for a DONATION. The word Veteran says it all… they are people over 40 years old and if you don’t believe me check the statistics. Also, Kiran Dhillon does not even know how to write a good and truthful article.

      1. Simone Rembert    

        I read the requirements and it states:: Young adults (non-veterans) 18-25 years old, high school diploma or equivalent.. Veterans and spouses of veterans, over 21 currently serving or honorably discharged.

        Hope this helps.

        1. Benjamin McDade    

          What is the difference between a 21 and 50 veteran? If its age, then isn’t that age discrimination. What a joke!

          Im extremely disappointment in the VA newsletter, why would they mislead us (vets) like this. This training is a joke for so many reasons.

        2. Pedro    

          There is no age limit for Veterans and their spouses. Also, we have graduates that are in there 70’s but they had prior Tech and/or Engineering experience.

  28. Tracy Hill    

    I would like to work from home would this training program prepare me for that.

  29. Orlando    


    1. Marie ZKanitz    

      I am very interested in the N power program

    2. Black marine    

      What are the specifications of the computer I will need to use to successfully participate in this program? Should I use Windows, macOS, Linux or is there a preference? Signing up for a program online, that offers little or no information is typically referred to as a scam. Considering the number of older vets asking questions it would be beneficial for the VA to offer details. Surely this isn’t asking or expecting too much of someone asking for my dd214 social security number and other incredibly personal and private sensitive information.

      1. Orlando    

        Your best best is to contact them directly through their ‘contact us’ tab at after you read a bit more. I get your worries but cynicism never gets us where we want.

    3. Smells fishy    

      What operating system is required? What specs should my computer have? Details would be very helpful up front versus later after I’ve provided incredibly personal information to a program with little or no details which I may or may not qualify for but won’t find out until after you have my sensitive info.

  30. Adam Hall    

    I am very interested in the NPower training program.

  31. Darlene Olson    

    How do I apply for free class???

  32. Black marine    

    How will you use my personal information if I am rejected or do not qualify to advance to the next stage? Do you profit off selling my personal information given in the application process? Does your organization donate to the Republican Party? Does your program select and support minorities for this program? I see pictures of black men smiling but computers can generate those images. Is there literature elsewhere online that can verify the legitimacy of this program? I see a lot of my silver haired brothers and sisters in arms seeking information about the need of a computer. Does one need a computer, tablet or smartphone to participate? Will you help provide access to those resources for individuals who need help accessing a way to participate?

  33. Develon Hearvey    

    Total let down no where near my state

  34. Debra Collins    

    Would love to sign up but cannot locate the I want to apply button

    1. Ronald Morales    

      The link is in the above sentence
      “Click here to apply and start your career in digital technology. Virtual classes start Sept. 8, 2020. ”
      This is the link.

      Horrible job on the captcha …

    2. Roberto M Garcia    

      It is embedded in the article itself which is “Stupid” actually. The ‘link” should be all by itself and not in the article itself. You have to read the article and “probably” will see it.

  35. Blake Leander Mills    

    How do I apply for the classes

  36. Chendra Robinson    

    I’m interested in applying for the free training.

  37. Gregory Maurice Easter    

    I am looking forward to this training. Would like information on Cybersecurity for now. Thank you!

  38. Ramon Giusti    

    I would like to ask if you need typing speed and proficiency? and what courses you will teach in the Northern VA/DC area?
    I might have other questions which I will bring to your attention soon.

    Thank you,



  39. Ramon Giusti    

    I’m a Navy Veteran. I’m presently working on the nursing field. I have some questions for the NPOWER instructors facilitators. Do you need to have typing efficiency and speed? Are you going to offer these courses in the Northern VA /DC Metro area? I may have some other questions but I will brainstorm them and bring them up. Thank you for your reply and help.



  40. Dr Desiree LEWIS    


    1. Roberto M Garcia    

      Believe me… there is nothing amazing about this opportunity. You are better off going to a junior college. They have classes for adults with a minimum of knowledge; at least that is the case in California. Besides, they have an age limitation which is 18 to 25 and most Veterans and spouses are over 30 years old mostly. You can also train all by yourself at the library. The unemployment office also has some good programs for training.


    How do I apply and get started ??,


    This seems like a fabulous opportunity to learn a new career, looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.

  43. Scott    

    As stupid as some of these comments are, from people asking how to apply when the link is right there, to people thinking that posting a mini essay in the comment section of a VA article will get them accepted, I’d be surprised if any company would hire a veteran. My god, do you even know how to follow simple instructions? Do you know how to do something as simple as applying for a job? I don’t know which of the branches of service you guys come from, but they should be ashamed for turning such clueless, ill-prepared people out into the civilian world.

    1. Orlando    

      Veteran here. Exactly what I was thinking.

    2. Samantha    

      I’d guess that they’re older vets, and are unfamiliar with the digital medium. An issue common to older generations, veteran status notwithstanding.

    3. Clay    

      Veteran here, too – at first I was going to reply to the comments and help people out. Then I realized that if you can’t read a whole article and see the link to apply at the bottom, maybe it’s just natural selection…

  44. Henry E Tingle    

    i am just looking for a job in/around phila. area i.have a car

  45. Larry Clements    

    I’m interested in learning more about this opportunity. Please if you have time to elaborate more email me

  46. West Coast Vet    

    A quick online screening tool to verify requirements for this program are met pror to requiring completing the application would be appreciated. Thank you.

  47. A.Fortin    

    Before they ask you to give a lot of your personal information including SSN, DD214, income etc.., they should make the requirements very clear. Looks like they use all the info you provide them in the application form for studies. etc.. even if you are not accepted. For the sake of protecting vets from unnecessarily giving out their identity info, it would be appreciated if the requirements were more upfront. Thank you.

  48. Michael Stordeur    

    I would like to receive training to help with safty geard towards work in industry plants, and refineries.

  49. Thomas McGowan    

    Please add me to the list of Vets looking to learn.

  50. Little Rock    

    I see lots of inquiries on how to apply and get more information. To link to more information click on the “Click here to apply” text in last line that states “Click here to apply and start your career in digital technology.” From there you will get a short overview of training opportunity and a form to enter your name as “interested” party. As you select curriculum of interest you will see via the drop down choices that training is only available in certain locations. I hope this info is helpful to some of you.

  51. Paul Vining    

    Are any of these free classes/courses online? Because it looks like they only offer classes in seven states, none of which I live in…

  52. Ronald W Dake    

    How do I apply for this Free training

  53. Ronald W Dake46    

    How do I Apply for this free classes

  54. Recto Elizaga    

    I am interested, please give me a website on how to apply.

  55. Rosa Holloway    

    How do I apply?


  56. Wladimir Fox    

    This is a bit deceiving as it’s only available to a limited amount of areas. You first have to be an alumni of “Tech Fundamentals” which is only available in certain areas, then you can take part in the other programs. This program makes it sound like any US Veteran can apply.

  57. Norberto Lugo    

    I see that you only have class in certain cities, when will this be available for Atlanta veterans ? I was really excited about this position. Please advise, any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

  58. Jacob Rentz    

    Where do I apply for this proram?

  59. Barbara Bishop    

    How do you apply? What programs are offered?

  60. Arthur Turner    

    How do I apply for the free training for vets?

  61. Barry Dodson    

    I do understand that this program is available to vets and spouses, but how about adult children, etc ?

  62. Maricza Mckenzie    

    Hello all thank you all for your interest in the NPower program.
    My name is Maricza Mckenzie I am the Recruitment Manager for NPower Texas just one of our many regions in the US.
    Please email me or Darius Johnson your questions and location so I can direct you in the right direction.


    Tech Fundamentals starts:
    September 8th
    9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm
    100% Virtual program
    Free training/certifications (A+ , ITF+)
    Internship opportunities
    Job placement assistance

  63. Darlene Johnson    

    What is the process to completely register and the call Curriculums?

  64. Robert Manskey    

    It should be noted that NPower seems to only offer classes in a few topics and in a very limited number of areas. For example, according to their site, their Cybersecurity certification training is only offered in TX and NJ. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that they need to check the locations along the top menu bar on the website before getting too excited about the potential training. Good luck, everyone.

  65. Kimberley Hairston-Harris    

    I’m the spouse of a veteran and I am interested in the training classes how do I go about registering.

  66. Juan Ortiz    

    I would love to see is there is something for me in IT.It was an honor to serve, I would like to find something that’s fun to keep me interested.

  67. Anita Haynes    

    I am with the rest of the vets asking where is the link? So disappointing to hear of these great trainings but not be able to get sufficient information on how to sign up for the programs being offered.

    1. Anita Haynes    

      Ok I found the link where it says CLICK HERE TO APPLY inside the article. Thanks

      I stand corrected.

  68. John Martinez    


    The “apply now link” directs one to this page, however, it does not further the application process. This page is informational but does not provide what most of us posting comments are in search of… the actual application.

    Would you be so kind to please assist us with something other than:

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

    Thank you.

  69. Marianne Dewitt    

    I would love to sign up for training. Please contact me.

  70. Anthony Chaney    

    I am very interested ! Where is the application link ?

  71. Steve Meekins    


    A note at the bottom refers to veterans

  72. Cynthia DIane Drum    

    Please enroll my submission for Training….

  73. Theodore Eugene Lawson    

    I would be humbled and very grateful to be accepted into the virtual tech program by Npower. I appreciate the Veterans Administration. Thank you.

  74. Raleigh Hamilton    

    So…how do I sign up for the free tech training?

    1. Matt K    

      The link is just two lines above the social medial buttons at the bottom of the article. Its very small. “Click here to apply”

    2. Rodney Rood    

      Use the “Click here to apply” link at the bottom of the “What to expect” section.

    3. Olin Malone    

      Good morning,

      At the bottom of the article is a “click here” link. It’s two paragraphs below the story of Army Veteran Raymond R.

      I tried the link and it took me to NPower and their registration.

  75. Brenda Vazquez    

    There is no link on the article to register for this opportunity. This is not the first time this happens with your articles. Kindly assist: “Free training for Veterans and spouses with NPower”

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  76. Robert H Jenkins    

    I have been employed in the transportation industry for the last 20 years. Perhaps it is time to explore other options. I am interested in the field of cyber security, but I do not see how I am to apply in this article. Did I miss something?

  77. George C. Newell    

    I am interested i applying for the free n-power training program please let me know how to go about this. thanks george newellgeorge

    1. Rodney Rood    

      Use the “Click here to apply” link at the bottom of the “What to expect” section.
      Not exactly easy to see, a large button would be better!

  78. Ricky D. Davis    


    I’m interested in a training classes with Npower.

  79. Ricky D. Davis    

    Yes, I am interested in starting a new career in IT.


    I’m Air Force Reserve Veteran…do I qualify for this free training thru Vpower?

  81. Ron Coleman    

    Got a link to NPOWER Vets Training?

  82. Emmett OHare    

    With all the hype, I expected to see something about the types of training and courses being offered.


    What are the training programs? What courses are offered?

  83. Maxo Marc    

    I’d interested in your offerings.

  84. Kareim Wright    

    Hi. Where / how can I apply?

    Thank you.

  85. Ken Becks    

    Your free training for Veterans and spouses with NPower.

    Is it too late to sign-up for this event?

  86. Richard Marin    

    would love to participate and Help and or learn more :

    Thank you

    Richard Marin

  87. Mike Kane    

    I would like to learn and certify on Security Plus. Can you help me?

  88. James Freeman    

    Why is there no link in the article, so that one might apply? Or, at least to get us to their website to gather more information?

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  89. Charles Davis    

    Where do I sign up? I’m finding no link..

  90. john p tecchio    

    this is great but nowhere does it say how to APPLY

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  91. Tom    

    Teach a man, or woman, to fish. I love it.

  92. Joshua Kincaid    

    Hi Kiran,

    May I please ask where the link is to apply? Sorry if I missed it.

    Thank you, Josh

  93. William Reed    

    I would like to apply for IT training courses

  94. Shana Marie Cobb    

    I would love the opportunity to participate in this program.

  95. Kelvin Foulk    

    I would absolutely benefit from an internship with a company that specializes in IT

  96. Kelvin Foulk    

    I am seeking training to further my knowledge

  97. Kelvin Foulk    

    I am seeking training to further my knowledge in CIS

  98. Kelvin Foulk    

    I have already obtained my associate’s degree in CIS but desperately need additional training, I know I can benefit from a program like this.

  99. Billy Mcclure    

    Please let me know how to apply for this training opportunity.
    Billy Mcclure

  100. DONALD SEWELL    

    I would like to apply for this training.

  101. Michael Urtz    

    What are the classes are offered ?

  102. Cornell Hudson    

    How can I get more info on Npower?

  103. Gregory Rothfuss    

    Is this possible for me if I live in Guam?

  104. Shelton Garnett    

    I want to sign up for this training

  105. Roland Mack    

    I am trying to the information to sign up for the Free Tech Training

  106. Edward W Seth    

    I am not clear on how to apply for the Npower training
    Can you elaborate?

    Thank you

    Edward W Seth

  107. Dustin pollock    

    I would like to apply but I don’t know how.

  108. Joel Contreras    

    Where can I get more information?

  109. Rich M    

    I went to the npower website, and it appears that their program is for “people of color” only. Guess us European-American veterans aren’t welcome.

  110. Hayder Dumo    

    There are no instructions on how to apply.

    Thank You!

    Best regards,
    Hayder Dumo

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  111. Maria EStella Lara    

    I need a job, I have AA in Business and an AA in Polital Science.
    Ivd worked for
    Trucking companies as a Dispatcher and Manager,
    Meat Manager for West Pico Foods
    I served in the USNavy,
    I’m a fast learner, people oriented and bilingual in Spanish

  112. Michelle Magnus    

    Hello. This sounds like a great program. I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you.

  113. Jerry Couzens    

    I would like more information on the free tech training please

  114. Artista J Baker    

    Hello, I am interested in this opportunity. Cybersecurity does interest me, I took a class online and found it interesting but it became a bit challenging. I let it go but wished I had stuck with it. So maybe I’ll get another opportunity.

  115. Monserrate Hassell    

    I’m seeking to register for training

  116. Shannon Stockton    

    I would like to apply for free training.

    Thank you,
    Shannon Stockton

  117. Milton Lightfoot    

    I’m in.
    How do I get registered???

  118. Robert Lee Williams Jr    

    To whom it may concern,

    I, Robert Williams, would like to apply for the free virtual training and certification in technology and digital skills, offered by NPower. Could you please enroll me in the upcoming virtual program to start in September. Also, I would like to know if I need to have a computer to start the class because currently I do not have one.

    Thank you very much.

  119. Tommy Howard Jackson    

    I am interested in the Tech Training but cant seem to apply after pressing the Apply Here tab

  120. Richard Hall    

    I’m interested in the NPower training. How do I find out how to sign up or how to get more information?
    Thank you.

  121. David Rodriguez    

    I’m very interested in studying and training for an IT career.

  122. Ronald Scott Wose    

    I would like to sign up for computer classes

  123. Alex Jefferson    

    I am very interested in this free training

  124. Benjamin Bishop    

    Where’s the signup for NPower training?

  125. John Marino    

    Can work part-time afternoons, electronics quality control, trouble shooting, rework, assembly, and data entry. Also parts supply. Thank you.

  126. David Ani    

    I am interested in enrolling in the NPOWER classes being offered. Please tell me how and where to enroll, thank you.

  127. Elpidio Andrion    

    I will be 71 in Oct 21 retired and before lockdown
    I was volunteer at VA hospital. Am I will qualified
    for this FREE Training, kindly inform me about
    this. Thank you. Kind regards.

  128. Angela E Cannon    

    I want to train to be an Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) but can’t afford it; are there any opportunities for me to do that free through the VA?

  129. Zecharia Gilbert    

    NPower Link to their application for the Veteran’s training program:

  130. Zecharia Gilbert    

    no link to NPower in the article????

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  131. LaShun Phillips    

    Interested in applying for your upcoming class.

  132. David Hulshizer    

    Is there an age limit on the training? I am a Vietnam vet and am interested in the IT training.

  133. Chrea Jones    

    I am a medically retired veteran with only vocational rehab money left, (if any) but I would like to get in to this field as soon as i can if at all possible.
    I would like to be considered for this program, I was two semester away from completing as A.A.S in Cyber-security, that was 2 years ago so I am very rusty, I think that this would be a great opportunity for me since we are not having a 2020 LASCON in Austin (Lone Star Application Security Conference) this year due to Covid-19. I currently hold 2 degrees in Criminal Justice,both are an A.A.S with honors and am a part of PTK honor society. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your consideration.

  134. Chrea Jones    

    I would like to be considered for this program, I was two semester away from completing as A.A.S in Cyber-security but that was a year ago so I am very rusty, I think that this would be a great opportunity for me since we are not having LASCON (Lone Star Application Security Conference) this year due to Covid-19 and I would have like to finish my degree. I currently hold 2 Criminal Justice A.A.S with honors and am a part of PTK honor society.

    I am a medically retired veteran with only vocational rehab money left, (if any) but I would like to get in to this field as soon as i can if at all possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your consideration.

  135. Robert John Firlit    

    Would like to know if I would qualify for Free Training for Veterans with NPower???
    Presently looking to reenter the work force at the age of 71.

    Hope there is something available. …

  136. anthony nelson    

    I would like a list of all the classes i could take.

  137. Laniel L Francis    

    Thank you for providing these classes

  138. Margaret Green    

    I am a veteran. I was wondering if there is any possibility my 18 year old son who just graduated High School with honors would be eligible for this training? He was set to attend a local technical college for the fall and had FAFSA lined up with a scholarship but unfortunately he will be unable to attend due to COVID-19. He has severe asthma and we cannot risk him being in a classroom setting. They are having all classes in a hybrid format, some online and some in the classroom. We looked around for other online courses but all the colleges want you to do a two-year and some of the tech schools are way too expensive for us this would be amazing opportunity for him and give us hope.

  139. Dewayne Orender    

    Extremely interested in both the Technology and Cybersecurity routes. However, all times for even the virtual classes are during normal work hours. Would like to work this out if possible!

    Thanks, Dewayne

  140. Debbi Harger-Koperski    

    I am interested in this training! Could you please tell me more information. I want to help the Veterans.


    Nice article, except there’s no link to actually apply for this training.
    So, how do we ask questions and get the information prior to Sept?

  142. Tony Gray    

    Yes I’m interested in the IT training for me and my spouse.

  143. Gabriel Williams    

    I bought a house I need new windows and and a new air-conditioning unit and you help me. Thanks you!!

  144. Dustin Kane    

    Hello my name is Dustin Kane. First id like to say I think this is a great. I would like a little more information about the course, scheduling and times of this virtual training program. Me and my fiance are very much interested but we both work and cant afford not too. Money is tight and its been a financial struggle for some time now. All my taxs plus stimulus money I was looking forward to to try and get caught up on things all went to back child-support. If you would please send me some more details about these courses and time frames, I would really appreciate it.
    Dustin Kane

  145. Johnny Mitchell    

    This sounds like a winning program!

  146. Girard Learned    

    Apply now to start your career in digital technology. Virtual classes start September 8, 2020.

    I am reading about free training by Npower.
    However, when the “Apply Now” button is clicked, there is no place to apply?

    I would like to take part in the free training starting in September but, do not see a place to do that.

    Regards Girard Learned

  147. Robert Rumfelt    

    This program has all sorts of requirements not mentioned in the article. Once you get into the details, which were conveniently omitted from the article, maybe 1% of less of Vets are actually eligible.

    Just another case of hype by the VA and why vets like me dont even listen to this crap anymore. Just more VA BS.

  148. Matt McCormick    

    Would love the opportunity to work for the Va

  149. Joaquin Durango    

    Where do you apply for the training???

  150. Margaret Delillo-Storey    

    I am interested in the training

  151. Reddex Washington    

    What are the requirements to qualify for this training?

  152. Sarah Grace Baker    

    I would like to take advantage of this opportunity. I am a veterans spouse.

  153. David R. Jemison    

    I would like to comment to class

  154. Richard Mayers    

    You can’t beat that. for Entry Level Training to get you on the ladder to something better.
    This knowledge isn’t career specific, there are many different fields in technology.
    Over the course of a career, you can take this knowledge anywhere.
    For a lot of positions out there, what a company really needs
    to know is that you’re capable of being trained.

  155. Marcia Downing    

    Please provide information about this great opportunity so that I can pass this on to other Veterans.

  156. Kenneth Harrison    

    I have filled out many on-line request for jobs in my area and I have not received any responses. I was previously working for Court Yard by Marriott in Killeen, Texas. I am a very experienced Maintenance Technician . I was laid off do to the cor19.virus. Any assistance that you may provide will be greatly appreciated.

  157. Howard Francis Underwood    

    Please forward me information on the IT. Training program

  158. Tommy Lee Jordan    

    I’m Interested in the training program

  159. Roberto Garza Jr    

    Most of my tech knowledge started back with simple Lotus 123 and then later what I was taught in the service as an avionics technician. Continued throughout my commercial construction sales career and familiar with most office programs. Always in search for knowledge and needing to learn more and how everything works.

  160. Rachael Smith    

    How can I apply for this program?

  161. Eduardo Castillo    

    I am interested in taking this class.


    How do we get access to this? I do not see that outlined on the article.

  163. John Wayne Gatlin    

    Sounds like a great opportunity.

  164. Christine Kubert    

    Not one female in that picture, shame on you Kiran Dhillon. Women are veterans too. My mother was a veteran of WWII & I am retired from the Air Force in 1992.

  165. SHERRY NEACE    

    As a NPower alumni, Veterans can access a growing network in technology, as well as advanced programs, professional workshops, panel events, and can even give back to the community as a guest lecturer, mentor, or NPower ambassador.

    Apply now to start your career in digital technology. Virtual classes start September 8, 2020.

    I am unable to locate the application to apply.
    Sherry Neace

  166. Ryan Allen Mosser    

    I would be interested, currently teaching myself front-end web development and would like to expand my knowledge on this field.

  167. Oscar Gomez    

    Are there any opportunities for those in the LA area?

  168. Eric R Oliver    

    I have question about the course outline ?

  169. Tracy Vinson    

    I am interested in your free tech training

  170. Robert E Kelsey Jr    

    I would like to return to schooling and this sounds like a real chance to learn a new trade, I do have a associate’s degree in web design and interactive media, but the art institute only gave the basics , there is a website I m trying to get up and running but can’t get it on the internet without a hosting website .

  171. Masako Mai    

    Where do we obtain the information to sign up for training at NPower?

  172. Donald Raines    

    Sounds great for young people. What about seasoned people. Do we have a chance for a career change?

  173. Glenn Bernard    

    Where is the opportunity to enroll in the September Tech class?

  174. Tremaine Johnson    

    This program sounds great. I would like to find out more about it.

  175. Eric Wayne Maynard    

    How do I apply and/or register for NPower’s IT training and internship?
    I currently hold three Microsoft certifications and have been unable to secure any CompTIA certifications given that they are vendor neutral, sought after, and widely recognized throughout the IT industry.

  176. Carlette Satterwhite    

    I am interested in cyber-security training.

  177. Jaime Caban    

    How lovely. An ad for free tech training with NPower but no links to accommodate further research. Odd.

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply here to start…”]

  178. George Goodson    

    Can I get help getting my CDL license?

  179. George Goodson    

    Can I get help getting a CDL drivers license?

  180. Zeb L. Everette    

    How do I apply for the training?

  181. Silviano Parra    

    I am interested in the NPower program.

  182. Brian Calderon    

    Hello, where is the link to apply? Thank you.

  183. Marvin Mickens    

    I would like information for myself and spouse.

  184. Adam Gutierrez    

    I would like to apply and train. Thank you

  185. Michael Paul nestor    

    Would like to know what it classes are offered.

  186. Pedro Gonzalez    

    So where is the application for the class?

  187. Damon W    

    What training is available? What certifications are available.

  188. Kent Philips Norton    

    How do we train for these

  189. Allen A. Riek    

    I would really like to enter back into the work force.

  190. edward    

    I want to avail of FREE training – I’m a 58 year old Dad to a current Army Reservist – I don’t mind changing careers, please email me the list of trade skills that you’re offering – to choose one from it.

  191. Daniel Chavarria    

    Hello I would like to have more information about the training program

  192. edward    

    I want to avail of FREE training – I’m a 58 year old Dad to a current Army Reservist – I don’t mind changing careers, please email me the list of trade skills that you’re offering – to choose one from it.

  193. Allen A. Riek    

    I’m 71 years young, served 22 years in the Air Force. I have worked in housekeeping (CWT) at the Dayton VA Hospital for approximately 6 months before COVID-19 became known. My background is electronic which I eat, sleep and drink about it daily because I enjoy the challenge it brings. I wish to stay in the electronic field and chasing electrons where ever they may go…. so this opportunity to enter back into the work force sounds like I would really like and enjoy this opportunity.

    Thanh you for reading this reply….

  194. Clifford Dillard    

    What is the opportunity about, I would like to get into IT soonest.

  195. Vince Procopio    

    How do I obtain additional information on the online classes offered? Thank you!

  196. SHANIL C. PERERA    

    I have tried so hard to find a job with the US Embassy in Sri Lanka but they are not helping. I live here and are willing to work I am a Veteran and don’t where to submit my application. Please help .

  197. Charles A Barrere    

    Dear Sir/Ma’am:

    Are the training classes available to children of transitioning veterans? My son is extremely interested in this as an alternative to the Job Corps. Thank you!

  198. Tamonica Brown    

    I am definitely interested in the free training for veterans spouses.

  199. Betty Gipson    

    What are the requirements.
    I do not type. Nor am I computer savvy.
    I am very much interested in learning about the computers. I would like to apply for the free tech training.
    Sincerely, Ms.Gipson

  200. michael tock    

    Is this program available to white vets? Cause all I see on this page are POC.

  201. Evonne Hicks    

    I really need this class to have some updated training skills is always a plus to the resume. I am looking forward to taking this class and hope that my husband will join me in taking this class also. This would help us immensely grow together and acquire a new set of skills.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Truly yours
    Evonne Hicks

  202. Paula Anderson    

    I’m interested in this IT training. I’m currently unemployed, and taking 8 credit hours of classes through Portland Community College. I have a 70% VA disability rating.

  203. William Rice    

    Is there any graphics or website training?

  204. Don Adviento    

    How do I apply for the NPower Virtual training? I clicked on the “Apply Now” button but there are no links or tabs to apply.


  205. mark dixson    

    I am interested in citrus training

  206. Kevin Brewster    

    I was wondering what kind of certification is offered? I am looking for either beginner Project management certification or beginner cyber security certification. My wife is looking to become certified as an Ultrasound Technician, so you offer that certification? Thank you for your time.

  207. Kenneth Hood    

    I would love to see more information on this training. Can you send information through the mail? Thanks.

  208. mark dixson    

    I am interested in in virtual training

  209. Bryan Freese    

    I’m interested in these on-line classes for job placement. What classes or fields are available?

  210. Derrick Velasquez    

    Like to participate in I.T training.

  211. Andrew Berman    

    How do I actually apply for an NPower training course? Where is the link to do that?

  212. Andrew Berman    

    How do I apply for NTraining? I don’t see any link on the announcement to actually apply.

  213. Annelyn shipe    

    It sounds interesting, I would like to give a try to further my career.

  214. Thomas HJayes    

    I would love a chance to brush up on skills.

  215. Raymond Denton    

    Can all Veteran’s attend the training? Or is this for Veteran’s who’ve been discharged within a specific timeframe?

  216. Michael Sanderson    

    I would appreciate information on the Free training for Veterans and spouses with NPower. You can contact me with the email I provided. Thank you for your time,

    Mike Sanderson

  217. Oscar Garza    

    I want to apply. By filling in my email and name is there anything else I need to do?

  218. Phillip Guillermo    

    It is a good thing to have training like this to help veteran in finding employment

  219. Lee Allen    

    I am a disabled veteran that could benefit from this training,And would love the opportunity to work again.

  220. Joseph Miller    

    I would be interested in learning more. How do we get started?

  221. Kenneth A. Wilsey    

    I got laid off due to age discrimination and trying to change the type of work I do.

  222. David Hartman    

    I was wanting to apply for the Npower training. I an Army active duty Major separating 17 September 2020.

  223. Elusma Pharisien    

    I like to join this program I need respond away thank you advance?

  224. Kara Oliver    

    I’m interested in the free tech training for Veterans. Please advise.

  225. Bryan Wallace    

    Hello my name is Bryan Wallace and I am interested in the classes.

  226. Michael Lazarus    

    Sounds great, but how does sign up?

  227. Kyle Lunger    

    Is this training for people at an entry level or people with a background in the field?
    I’m not technologically illiterate but I don’t have any professional experience in this field either.
    I use P.C.’s, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles every day. I’ve managed microsoft access databases at work and am familiar with all of the Microsoft Office suite programs but have never done any kind of coding or advanced IT work.
    I am very interested in this program if it is for someone like me with little to no professional training/background in IT.

    Thank you,

  228. Carl Sea Eagle    

    Where do I go to make applications?

  229. Vincent A. Chiarelli    

    I have been involved in “worker level” computer handling, repair, etc. without the benefit of formal training.
    I would love to become proficient in the various IT disciplines enabling me to work from home.

  230. Miguel Tellez    

    I am interested in the NP Tech training
    Miguel Tellez

  231. Rodrick Anderson    

    I do see a place to submit my application…

  232. marshall sorgen    

    I am interested in taking the courses but I don’t see what is being offered.

  233. Rodrick Anderson    

    I don’t see where we can apply for this opportunity..

  234. Keith White    

    Where do I apply for the training classes?

  235. Oscar Sussmann    

    Thank you for the help and opportunities
    Keep up your good work

  236. Roger Brown    

    My name is Roger Brown, I am a U.S Army veteran. I am interested in the Coding classes.

  237. Aldo EL Galeana    

    Good afternoon…

    I read your article on Free training for Veterans and spouses with NPower

    I cannot find a link to enroll int his free training. Do you have a link to the enroll page? Do you have instructions on how to enroll?

  238. Gary A Nowinski    

    Are any classes/certifications offered in Technical Writing & Editing?


  239. Gary Bellan    

    I am 69 years old I lost my house to foreclosure but am still in it, Veteran Services in Nashville is I am told the new owner… I really need a job to reinforce my ability to retain my home on a permenent basis… I have a background in construction I also have an associates degree in Applied Sciences Harley Davidson service tech…

  240. Christopher James Villanueva    

    I’d like to apply for Npower!!!!

  241. Reginald Keith Smith    

    I was a Cryptologic Technician Technical CTT2 in the Navy. Now I am an unemployed Piping Designer. I would like to take advantage of the this opportunity. I am interested in NPower’s free, virtual training and certifications are offered in tech fundamentals, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and coding.

  242. Lafette Simmons    

    I’m interested in the NPower program. I can be reached at the email link below.

  243. Justin Carvell    

    Can I use my G.I. bill for the four month training period?

  244. Kevin Woods    

    Which of the four offered by NPower are for Veterans: Tech Fundamentals, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and and Coding?

  245. Ovid Gary Wells    

    Very interested in learning more about the NPower training

  246. Bradley Steiger    

    Looking for tech training so I can get suitable employment after being homeless. Have legal writing skills and seeking Paralegal Specialist position so any on-line research skills I can learn will be helpful! Appreciate any training & internships that might help along these lines.
    Thank you!

  247. Thomas Nguyen    

    I am interested to apply for the program, and which in this program, but I am currently in the VA Compensate Work Therapy. How do I know which IT program is good for me. Thank you

  248. Mark A Sylvester    

    What classes are taught?

  249. John Watts    

    I want the opportunity to better myself and hopefully start a business

  250. Roger A. Harris    

    I am excited about this opportunity and am ready to begin the September course today! Please advise of nex steps and thanks!

  251. Brittany Rochell Tomlin    

    I’m interested in NPower training

  252. Chester Pociask    

    Never mind – I Googled it.
    Why would you NOT provide a link?

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  253. Norman Robert Mackensen    

    I am a retired chief information security officer and a veteran. How can I help. Can I participate in the technical training?

  254. Chester Pociask    

    I saw and read your article but can’t find a link to the application.
    Am I missing something?


  255. Gregory Buckhalter    

    Hello, my name is Gregory Buckhalter. I would like to know how fo I sign myself and my wife up for training with Npower? O would love to get into this so I can spend more time with my family.

  256. Valencia Pounders    

    I would like to sign up for your technical training..

  257. Kevin Minor    

    Yea I would like more information on the free Virtual IT training for veterans.

  258. Tim Limkeman    

    My question is in regard to the 7-week paid internship with top corporations and nonprofits for on-the-job experience. Does this require travel or moving? Or is it online?

  259. Harriett Houston    

    It was an honor serving my country. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the training.

  260. John Regis    

    How does one apply?? You leave no where to apply. Amazing

    [Editor: The link is in the last sentence, where it says “Apply now to start…”]

  261. Charles Mann III    

    Hope to hear from you soon

  262. Harriett Houston    

    This is awesome. However, I am excited and ready to begin. I’m 72, a veteran, I need to work, computer literate, I’m retired and still able to work and ready for more training. I have a BS degree and ready to begin learning and working. Seniors are experienced and still have goals. I’m experienced as a Project Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Secretary. Social Security is not enough. I need employment. Please don’t judge.
    Now let’s get started.

  263. Donald Beasley    

    I’ll like to apply? But don’t see apply button.
    Where do I go?

  264. Wendie Ent    

    I am on disability right now but hope to return to the workforce. In the meantime, I’m learning what I can.

  265. Michael Walker    

    I am interested in what you are offering in the technology fields. Let me know if I will fit in and tell me what the available technology fields are and which training fields are available.

  266. John Wayne Hughbanks    

    I just lost my mother to virus she was 85 years old and she fought it all the way. Like said I have a lot of physical problems my therapist and my doctors will tell you I have been fighting them since all of my surgeries get back into shape. My only way of getting back into shape start working at one type of job or another. If I had my way I’ll be back working on automobiles but after 12 years in prison lost a lot of knowledge so I’m a little bit behind but with a little help I can get right back into it physically I’m sure I could still handle it.
    I don’t know the words stop I might need to sit down a little bit sometime. But then I need to get up and get my butt going again. The army is still in me the good Lord is still in me. All I need is a chance thank you.
    John W Hughbanks

  267. David daniel syed    

    Can convicted felons have the same opportunity?

  268. John Wayne Hughbanks    

    I am a 63 year old man that has different physical problems I’m tired of staying home doing nothing. I’m an ex auto mechanic I know a lot about computers I’m lousy at spelling. But I have a lot of knowledge in my head that I can use all I need to do is get off my butt and do something worth wild tell my fellow vets Arius

  269. Archie JONES    

    How would one get started in the Atlanta,ga. area.. Archie D. Jones

  270. John manigault    

    Would like this program

  271. gregory    

    Very interested in i.t

  272. Tracie McMillan    

    I am interested in the program but have a few questions as to if I will be able to take this training and complete my last semester for my Master’s degree as well. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to extend my knowledge and learn more to get into the working world.

  273. John Hargrave    

    I’m interested in this training.

  274. Piccola A Pina    

    Please send info on training.

  275. Francis Yambao    

    How do I apply for this free class?

  276. Patrick Boulanger    

    I’m interested in learning more about what types of programs are available for the kinds of jobs that are available.

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