Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And this is no truer than in health care.

Many diseases can be averted with preventive care, early screenings and adoption of a healthy lifestyle, saving patients from the negative effects of disease as well as reducing the burden on the health care system.

At VA, we give our health care providers the tools and support they need to focus on preventing disease in their patients. In fact, our patient care model puts a special emphasis on prevention.

Patient-aligned care teams

Our patient-aligned care teams (PACTs) are the cornerstone of a new model of care at VA. Proactive and personalized, PACTs aim to transform Veteran care throughout the country.

They take a positive approach to care, focusing on health rather than disease, and prevention rather than reaction to acute needs or illness. Health care providers are encouraged to help Veterans take advantage of an abundance of prevention tools that we offer, such as early detection screenings, well care services, educational materials and lifestyle coaching.

Focused on all aspects of health, these teams are a true partnership between the Veteran and the health care professionals who treat them.

PACTs use the most up-to-date, evidence-based information to guide patient care, and health care providers on the teams have clearly defined roles to ensure that care is delivered smoothly.

Practice preventive medicine

Does this sound like a team you’d like to join? Consider a career at VA. You can help our nation’s heroes enjoy better health through a preventive approach to care.

In addition to being able to focus on preventive medicine, health care providers at VA are able to deliver cutting-edge care to Veterans every day, working in a nationwide medical system that takes pride in encouraging health care innovation.

You’ll enjoy generous time off, a robust federal retirement plan and a wide selection of health insurance plans for you and your family. Physicians receive free liability coverage as part of federal service and may qualify for higher education support through the Education Debt Reduction Program and other scholarship opportunities.

Pick where you want to work — whether it’s by the beach, in a bustling city or in the country — and take your benefits with you. With one active U.S. license, health care providers can apply for open positions at VA facilities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several U.S. territories.

Other perks that come with choosing a VA career include:

  • Flexible work schedules and shifts.
  • Diversity and inclusion policies and programs.
  • Low patient-provider ratios.
  • Leadership development and mentoring programs.
  • Career training and enhancement opportunities.

Work at VA

Help us provide top notch health care to Veterans, focusing on prevention and catching disease in its earliest stages.

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