The VA Women Veterans Quick Start Guide (QSG) provides clear and concise information on how to apply for benefits and access VA health care. How to schedule regular checkups, fill prescriptions and access specialists, such as cardiologists, gynecologists and mental health providers, are outlined in the latest quick start guide. screenshot of VA women Veterans quick start guide

Women Veterans have their own unique health care needs, some combat related. VA has been, and continues to be, committed to making sure that Women Veterans receive the best available care for all of their specific health care needs.

The new Quick Start Guide helps female Veterans understand what documentation is needed and how to apply for VA benefits, along with a summary of health care services and resources including:

“The patriotic women who served this country deserve a VA that is here to support them and their specific needs, and that is what we continuously strive to do at VA. Women are serving in greater numbers than ever before and because of that, we at VA have to be ready to serve them more than ever before.” – Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Pamela Powers

More Information

Recently, VA held social media discussions for Women Veterans that discuss reproductive health, employment, caregiver support and more. Watch the videos, see the Q & A, and find out how you can join the conversation here. 

Additional Quick Start Guides

Veterans can find additional VA Quick Start Guides on a variety of topics. Those include: VA Mental Health Services, VA burial services, community and urgent care; applying for disability compensation, education benefits, and caregiver and survivor benefits. Those guides can be downloaded here.

Ja'net Bishop helps inmate VeteransBorne the Battle #222: Army Reserve and National Guard Veteran Ja’net Bishop, Ed.D
Senior couple on their 70s wearing a protective face mask picking up the groceries box that granddaughter is delivering in times of COVID-19, she is wearing mask and gloves.Special recognition to the caregivers of our nation’s Veterans

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  1. Glinda Stroik December 1, 2020 at 10:41 am

    Retired military officer, Vet, 27 years of combined service Active duty, ANG and Reserves. Haven’t found any help from the VA!

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