Return survey and help future VA health care

Same-Day Services survey e-mailed to thousands of Veterans


If you’re a Veteran who has used VA Same-Day Services, VA wants your feedback. A new email survey is asking how well Same-Day Services are filling your needs.

Same-day services

Twenty million Veterans’ health care appointments in FY19 were same day.

If you recently contacted your medical center about care or a question you needed resolved that day, we’d like to ask you a few questions about that experience to help improve our processes.

VA Same-Day Services make it possible for Veterans to get primary or mental health care, other provider care, prescriptions and vaccinations during regular business hours.

Veterans can connect to their primary health care or mental health team by secure message or phone. They can get further care the same way, using video teleconferencing or in person, if appropriate.

VA also offers Urgent and Emergent care options at VA facilities, and in the community.

Survey improves care

If you receive this survey in your email, please complete it. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes and will help improve VA health care for you and all Veterans.

Dina Ramon is contract support for the Office of Veterans Access to Care.


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  1. A H-S    

    This is definitely not true. I’ve been requesting a podiatry appointment for nearly a year and the STVHCS in San Antonio, Texas has not contacted me at all. This department falls under the Surgery Department whose Chief refuses to provide treatment recommended by the community care providers approved under the Mission Act. Audie Murphy VA Hospital Podiatry doctors and Chief of Surgery need to be terminated under the VA Accountability Act that President Trump has passed. These medical providers do not care about veterans and patient care. I call for their immediate termination.

  2. SW    

    Who can get same day care in this environment of Covid-19 which shut down the VA? It has been a convenient excuse for months now to NOT see veterans. Calling our VA only gets us to a CLERK who thinks they have a right to know why we’re calling when they ARE NOT nurses or have any medical back ground. It’s difficult at best to even get to talk to the clinic we need, let alone to be seen “same day”.
    Who are you trying to kid with this article?

  3. Ricky Swearingen    

    The Flint Michigan VA does NOT offer same day services. WHY NOT?

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