Army Veteran David Muir is the Senior Vice President of the Veterans Staffing Network, a social enterprise project of Easterseals DC, MD and VA.

Muir was sold on joining the Army National Guard the moment his friend’s sergeant showed him a video of soldiers rappelling out of helicopters. He was just 17-years old when he joined the Virginia Army National Guard through the Split Training Option program in 1989. He served as an infantryman and M-60 gunner while studying to be a teacher.

Following his service, Muir worked in staffing and went to a Department of Labor Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Employment Workshop in 2009, where he discovered that the program needed updating. In 2011, he won the bid to revamp the TAP curriculum.

After he finished the TAP redesign, Muir joined a nonprofit organization named Easterseals. The organization was looking for someone to start a new program called the Veterans Staffing Network.

The Veterans Staffing Network was created to catch the people who fell through the cracks of other programs. Because it is a nonprofit, the organization offers courses and coaching that help build job seeking skills at no cost to the participant.

In this episode, Muir discusses:

  • His journey from infantryman to life skills teacher.
  • America’s need for better job search skills.
  • Civilian versus Veteran perspectives on life.
  • How the Veteran Staffing Network empowers Veterans and their families to get their own jobs.
  • Additional Veteran programs within Easterseals.


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Jana Jenkins is a podcast intern with VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team. She is an undergraduate student at the College of Saint Benedict studying Communication.

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