Women transitioning from the military or recently separated can attend free, live, on-line virtual events offered twice a day through Dec. 21.

The Women’s Health Transition Training, or WHTT, helps transitioning service women prepare with the tools and resources for a healthy life after active duty service.

WHTT is the only women-only training for transitioning service women.

VA offers many women specific services including whole health services, mammography and OBGYN care, as well as mental health and suicide prevention services.

About the course

WHTT is the only women-only training for transitioning service women. The training is led by women Veterans who use VA health services. They have first-hand experience in navigating the transition process. They provide information about the services available, the enrollment process and provide resources to stay connected during the transition process.

This course provides an in-depth discussion about:

  • Female specific health care including reproductive services, maternity care, mental health services, newborn care, and gynecological care and musculoskeletal care.
  • Eligibility for VA health care and how to enroll.
  • Resources available for service women during the military to civilian transition process.

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The training also includes participation from VA Women Veteran program managers and care coordinators. They can answer any specific health care questions that arise.

Service women planning to transition out of military service to civilian life or Guard/Reserves, or recently separated women Veterans can sign up for a WHTT session at www.va.gov/womenvet/whtt/. Learn more about health services available for women Veterans from VA.

For the safety of participants and trainers, all WHTT sessions have shifted to a virtual format on Adobe Connect.

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Wendy Millar and Sherri Curtis are Veterans Affairs marketing and communications consultants.

Man supervising woman in driving simulatorHelping Veterans with therapeutic exercise and holistic interventions
Nurse assisting women with mammogramPartnership to enhance breast cancer treatment for Veterans

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