In this fourth episode of TAC Talks, we give you a peak behind the federal acquisition curtain on advisory evaluations.

All throughout the conference circuit we continue to hear about innovation in contracting. The appetite is large for new and improved methods of procurement. Now, perhaps more than ever, contracting professionals are searching for ways to cut bureaucracy, streamline procedures, and evaluate proposals in more meaningful ways.

The acquisition community began using various types of proposal demonstrations in its evaluations, and now these types of evaluations appear almost common. Procuring agile software development services was once difficult and confusing, but now is the norm.

Here, we discuss using the multi-step advisory evaluation process combined with various types of proposal demonstrations. This practice has been used over the last year and is beginning to gain momentum throughout the contracting world. We dissect the ins and outs of the multi-step advisory process with various types of demonstrations. We also walk you through each stage of the process and highlight best practices and pitfalls. We share some data on just how effective this technique can be, while also cautioning against its use in certain situations. Later, we provide some points to consider for vendors participating in these evaluations.

The panel of contracting officers includes VA TAC Contracting Officers Kevin Monahan, Joshua Cohen, Juan Quinones.

TAC Talks discusses relevant acquisition topics with top acquisition professionals and the VA Office of General Council. Throughout the series, TAC Talks dissects the ins and outs of various acquisition strategies, debriefings, market research, and more!

Mark Junda is the director of Procurement Service Eat the VA TAC, and also serves on OMB’s Acquisition Innovation Advocate Council. 

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