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  1. SGT US Marine Corps RET.    

    Sounds like a big job for the Department of Veteran Affairs, first why dont the VA stop stating their making everything better every day a new program just ask their help. Try telling the truth VA “give up” so we can not try and do our jobs we are incapable of that. That’s another file in the trash along with the hundreds of copies you already submitted but then we dont have to lie about losing them and maybe another bonus for key VA players for a Veteran to give up their compensation. What has the VA did for rural veterans besides put everything online with podcasts and blogs that us rural Veterans cannot partake in because of lack of internet oh wait they do tell me at the main hotline you should move to the city it would be easier. I also wish you would stop asking or stating positive accomplishments about sucide rates they haven’t changed they never will that’s not the VA goal. It’s pretty clear to us Vets give up another file in the trash and money in our pocket.

  2. my full name    

    Hi. This doesn’t really update everywhere. I changed my email address three years ago and made sure it was correct on, yet IRIS is still sending emails to my old address. I can’t get it changed.

  3. Stephen Carl Lingle    

    Just attempted to get on Ebenifits and it would not take my password?

  4. SW    

    more than one word and you won’t post my comments? why?

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