Veteran caregivers can receive COVID-19 testing, vaccinations

Those participating in the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers are eligible


Designated family caregivers of Veterans participating in the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers can receive COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

Each facility will determine its own start date based on site-specific resources, needs and vaccine availability.

“Caregivers play a critical role in caring for some of our most vulnerable Veterans,” said VA Acting Under Secretary for Health Richard A. Stone, M.D. “One of the most important things we can do for caregivers is to help them take care of themselves. The current pandemic has amplified the importance of our caregivers whom we recognize as valuable members of Veterans’ health care teams.”

The testing and vaccines will be administered in line with CDC allocation guidelines. Vaccinations will be offered in accordance with VA’s phased risk stratification framework and will build upon elements outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan for the Veterans Health Administration. Veterans and their caregivers can get the latest information and sign up to receive updates on VA’s COVID-19 vaccine webpage.

For more information visit VA’s Caregiver Support Program, contact your local facility’s VA Caregiver Support Coordinator or call the Caregiver Support Line at 855-260-3274 from Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More information

VA’s COVID-19 vaccine information is at People can sign up to get updates on how VA is providing vaccines across the country. The site also provides updates when people can get vaccines.

Visit the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers website at

Visit VA’s Caregiver Support Program site at

Find a Caregiver Support Coordinator at

Read the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan for the Veterans Health Administration at

Find a VA location at


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  1. Joyce Ryan    

    I am a full time caregiver for my veteran husband, albeit unpaid by the VA. he has received his vaccination at the VA. Can spouses not in the VA caregiver program receive their vaccine? I am on several lists but feel spouses should also be covered to minimize illness in the household.

    1. Rev. Judy Walker    

      I am in the situation as Joyce. I thought I wrote the note. Besides being my husbands caregiver (age 83), I am also an Ordained Minister which puts me in the first group to get the vaccine. (If I could!!.). I am also on several lists and doing the waiting game. My husband will be receiving his second shot on February 8th. I would appreciate your consideration.
      Thank you for your time.

  2. Lon Jones    

    If you have questions regarding vaccinations, contact your local VA, and speak with your care provider or patient advocate.

  3. davud karle    

    i am a service connected ( 100%) spinal cord injury (SCI) veteran since feb 1980. As a C4-5 quadraplegic i rely on my caregiver for EVERYTHING. i cannot perform activities of daily living on my own. this includes personal care, transportation, shopping for necessities, interfacing with outside world. as such my caregiver IS my lifeline,and therefore needs protections and opportunity for the Covid vaccine. while i applaud the access for the PCAFP caregivers ( GOD bless them), i do not understand why i / we must enroll in only this caregiver program to qualify for this access. this is a critical care need and an perhaps oversight on the part of the VA.
    secretary mcdonough pledged to serve all veterans, families , caregivers & survivors, please reconsider enrollment parameters so i and others can feel safe, and our caregivers are protected and they can provide me with the basic, yet critical care needed each & every day.
    with gratitude & respect,
    d karle

  4. James Cawley    

    My name is James Cawley, 68 yes old, heart, copd, on oxygen and need a Covid 19 vaccine. I was told I cannot get one. I want to be able to get to grocery store. Don’t we get vaccines?

  5. Kenneth Burton Ames    

    Thank`s VA for all the help over many of my 94 Years (Perry Point,VA)

  6. Juanita Bishop    

    I am only 45. I have had Brain surgery, have heart disease, congestive heat failure, and diabetes. When can I except a vaccinations?

  7. Kenneth Burton Ames    

    Thanks VA for many years if help with my mostly minor problems and my recent stoke. at age 94 I will keep
    a positive opinion of Va due to all the help you provided as needed!. at: (Perry Point, VA)

  8. Donald Croall    

    Does the VA have a waiting list for the virus? If so how do we get on the list?

  9. Vickie Worthington    

    Does caregivers who have a medical Foster home for veterans qualified for this.

  10. Laura L Schmidt    

    I am 65 and have ChampVA. My husband is 100% disabled Vietnam Vet with many health issues including cancer, heart, diabetes etc. I am a cancer, heart, & lung patient besides other health issues. Does ChampVA cover Covid immunizations?

  11. Steve Roragen    

    Army Retired Vietnam Era, 100% Disabled: Knees, Hips Feet, Back. Treated for Cancer, Heart Disease and multiple other issues.
    My wife 63 is my Care Giver taking care of all my needs to survive. How does my Care Giver register to get her vaccination?

    1. Connie Malloy    

      I am 71 and have Champ VA. My husband is 100& disabled vet with many health issues, he is 74 and has signed up for the vaccine. I have applied for the caregiver program but am waiting for the final approval. My husband lost his leg above the knee due to his service in Vietnam. am I eligible to sign up for the COVID vaccine

  12. Marilyn Hatcher    

    When will the VA make the Veterans Directed Care program mandatory? Veterans and their families need this, especially during this covid time.

  13. Emma Elizabeth Pearline Derry    

    All I want to say is hello to all my fellow Vietnam veterans and all other wars. I was in 1969-1973. And being there for us always and with the virus shot for our survival.

  14. Lance Borden    

    When will I get the COVID-19 vaccine? I am 74 years old, diabetic, heart disease, immune suppressed. I am a Vietnam Veteran.
    Lance Border

  15. James M Locke    

    When do the DAV Nam era 73+ of age, treated for cancer receive their vaccination?

  16. Michael Landy    

    When will wives of 100% disabled vets be eligible for covid vaccine? She already has Champva.

    1. Ronald E. Ross    

      That is a good question I am 100% and 74 and need a kidney my wife takes care of me (caregiver). Lebanon VA does not even know that people 65 and with a condition can get shots.
      Champva is part of the VA after all.

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