VA scholarship program pays tuition and salary while you’re in school

The VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP) covers education costs and offers a replacement salary while recipients are in school


At VA, we support your career goals and offer numerous education support programs and scholarships to help you on your way to achieving them. One of these is the VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP), which covers not only some of your education costs but also pays your replacement salary while you attend school full-time.

Isaac N. Womack, a registered nurse with the VA Portland Health Care System, used his VANEEP scholarship to complete nursing school at the University of Portland.

“This generous scholarship enabled me to attend a program that was elsewise out of my financial reach – it paid a majority share of my tuition. It also matched my regular income, allowing me to focus on schoolwork and other professional pursuits rather than spending time at a job,” Womack said.

During his time in nursing school, Womack helped create and manage Oregon Health & Science University’s 3D Printing Prosthetics Lab, which brings prosthetic devices to underserved families across the U.S.

He also helped start an internship program, giving college students from across the U.S. and Canada the chance to spend a summer at the lab, design a solution for a patient, and personally deliver it to the patient.

The VANEEP scholarship also freed Womack to focus exclusively on his studies, leading to a senior clinical capstone at Portland VA Medical Center and ultimately a job offer there.

“That extra time that I had to study allowed me to get the most out of my educational experience,” Womack said. “I am proud to be a part of this team and help bring the highest quality of care to Veterans.”

VANEEP scholarship

Part- and full-time VA employees who are enrolled in school can receive a full salary and additional tax-free funds toward the cost of higher education, including tuition, registration fees and books.

The program is designed to accelerate completion of a degree in an approved academic program for Title 38 or hybrid Title 38 occupations, including:

  • Physicians.
  • Dentists.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Optometrists.
  • Registered and licensed practical nurses.
  • Physician’s assistants.
  • Respiratory, physical and occupational therapists.
  • Pharmacists.

Recipients have up to three years to complete their education and must agree to serve three years in a VA career for which they trained after program completion or licensure.

The maximum funding is $41,160.42 for the equivalent of three years of full-time coursework, up to 90 credit hours for undergraduate coursework or 54 for graduate-level coursework.

Work at VA

If you’re looking for an employer that supports your desire to learn and grow, look no further than VA. We’re here to help you move into the next phase of your career.


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  1. MIG UEHARA    

    Trust me you will not sit on your butt. It is not that easy as you think. People who thinks that all the VA employees sit on their butts and don’t do nothing you got something coming.
    The only way you can make it here at a VA is to LOVE what you do and Love taking care of the Veterans. For those who does sit on their butts and not doing something, it will catch up to them. You just might want to rethink how you perceive the VA.

    M. Uehara

  2. Paul A Henderson    

    I retired in 2002 After 24 yrs with 70% disability. Do I qualify for the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy?

    I am currently in the Information Technology career field as a Cyber Security Engineer/Analyst. I have a problem with constantly paying for all the different Certification Training & Tests that are required to keep me employed and competitive with my peers.

    I would love for the VA to pick up the tab for training courses and the certification tests.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    Ole Sarge

  3. Benjamin L Prouty    

    Man, all this wasted time enlisting in the army and deploying to Afghanistan just to get my GI Bill when all I had to do was work at the VA and sit on my butt. Must be nice.

    1. Martin Hyacinthe    


      If you are a current VA employee, you may apply through your local facility. Your facility scholarship coordinator is available to assist.

      Please the following links:

  4. Judith    

    I just don’t know how to get through with even getting an interview. I apply and I get an email that based on my qualifications my application has been sent to a manager. Then a few weeks passes waiting for that call which never comes. I am passionate to serve our veterans. I am married to one. I am a professional licensed healthcare provider who sees veterans when they are using their urgent care benefits. However when I apply in those VA positions I am yet to get an interview. Frustrating.

  5. Tonya    

    Please let it be known that this program is not offered at every VA hospital.

  6. Miyoko Bell    

    I can’t get VOC Rehab to pay for graduate school but they gladly pay for tuition and pay for just three years of pay back from the employee. WoW how much more can a Veteran be unsupported. When I medically retired from the Army as a CRNA, I was told that I would be re-educated by the VOC Rehab program to a parallel level of education (masters level equals masters level education ) in an area of my choice. Well now after I am told out of the blue, policy has changed and this is no longer the policy. Veterans are only to be educated to basic employability. This means if you can be employed to bag groceries at Walmart then they have met their obligation. And yet, non veterans are given scholarships? I lost my ability to provide for my family. To be best qualified in my field, I need a masters degree, and yet the VA will only fund a bachelor’s degree. Yep, thank you for your service!

  7. Mark A    

    Thats bullsht. Just proves my point that the bureaucracy is about helping itself. The people in the bureaucracy get better benefits than the veterans do. As a veteran, the VA screwed me out of my education benefits. Not enough money for veterans. But for employees?

    1. Annette Davis    

      I totally agree, I am a veteran also and I have been applying for work with the VA for almost four years and I can’t even get an interview. All this bullsht that my resume is transferred to the hiring manager, wow!! But we were good enough to fight for our country. You have civilian sitting on their asses, that never did sht, for this country.

  8. Roddy David Paredes    

    I need help, i no longer see well and live in Quito Ecuador. I need to upgrade MY disability but can’t fill the V.A. papers be cause MY sight and MY wife doesn’t speak or write english. My name is Roddy Paredes -U.S.Marines.

    1. LaTisha M. Bowen    

      Contact MyVA411 main information line at 1-800-698-2411, 24 hours a day/7 days a week

      VA benefits hotline 1-800-827-1000 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET

      VA health benefits hotline 1-877-222-8387 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET

      Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255, 24 hours a day/7 days a week

      I hope this helps.

  9. William Deak    

    I am currently a VA employee in Engineering/Plumbing at Bay Pines VA. I’ll have 1 year service on April 14, 2021. I currently hold. BS no degree in Teaching Physical Education. I am very interested in continuing my education via this new and exciting Schlorship program. I would think a Physician’s Assistant might be a good fit. I will begin to explore my opportunities after April 14th.

    1. Martin Hyacinthe    


      As a current VA employee, you may apply through your local facility. Your facility scholarship coordinator is available to assist.

      Please the following links:

  10. Michael Angelo Farella    

    To Whom it may Concern,

    I am a 54 year old DesertShield/Desert Storm Veteran. I was Honorably Discharged with a Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and Bronze Star just to name a few. I have a disability rating of 100% and have worked at the Cheyenne VAMC for many years. I work in the EMS department as a Housekeeping Aid and am ready to move on, within the V.A., doing something more for the Veterans. I would like to further educate myself in a different field but am unsure what would best suit me. I would like more information about your scholarship program along with different opportunities that would help advance my career at the VAMC. I am excited about furthering my education to be a more productive employee in a more exclusive field. I am looking forward to discussing my options with one of your representatives as your earliest convenience. Thank you.,


    Michael A. Farella

    1. Martin Hyacinthe    


      As a current VA employee, you may apply through your local facility. Your facility scholarship coordinator is available to assist.
      Cheyenne Coordinator: Camilla Pena

      Please the following links:
      Home – VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP) (

  11. Bielo Wilkes    

    This only is your counselor knows the regulations and guidelines, mines didn’t.

  12. Patricia Salvant    

    This program should also provide for veterans in all fields

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