Free cybersecurity competition could win you cybersecurity training

Top performers in the annual challenge invited for professional Cyber Camps training


Test your cybersecurity skills against competitors from across the country in the US Cyber Challenge (USCC) Cyber Quest, and you could be invited to professional training in a USCC summer cyber camp.

Why? Because Military Veteran cybersecurity experts are highly desirable for employment with the U.S. Government.

What is the US Cyber Challenge (USCC)?

USCC is a national program serving to identify, attract, train, recruit, and place the next generation of cybersecurity professionals into the workforce.

What is the Cyber Quests Competition?

Cyber Quests is a free series of online competitions in which participants from across the country demonstrate their knowledge in various information security realms. The Cyber Quests include an item for analysis and a series of quiz questions, and vary in difficulty and complexity. Competitors can see how they rank against others nationally, and rankings will be based on who achieves the highest score in the shortest amount of time. The competition is open now and closes on Sunday, March 14.

CLICK HERE for more details on the Cyber Quests competition, including the areas for analysis and software requirements.

What is the summer Cyber Camp?

USCC’s Cyber Camps, offered online during the summer, are week-long cybersecurity training, workshops, labs, competitions and a job fair. Camp spaces are limited, competitive and by invitation only, and require top performance scores from the Cyber Quests competition.

Prospective participants must compete in the qualifying Cyber Quests online competition and be U.S. citizens. The top performing competitors are then invited to attend a USCC Cyber Camp for professional training in cybersecurity.

CLICK HERE for more details on USCC Cyber Camp eligibility, application process and costs.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone can register for and compete in the USCC Cyber Quests competition. Top scores in this competition are the qualifier for participants to be invited to attend one of the USCC Cyber Camps.

What does Cyber Quests Cost?

The USCC Cyber Quests competition is free.

How to Register

Check out the Cyber Quests website to learn more about the competition, software/system requirements, and other important information.

CLICK HERE to register for Cyber Quests.

For more information on the US Cyber Challenge (USCC) program, eligibility, and application process, contact USCC at

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Kiran Dhillon

An insatiably curious storyteller, Kiran is the communications lead for the Multi-Channel Technology Directorate with VA’s Veterans Experience Office. Kiran joined the Department of Veterans Affairs by way of the Department of Defense and the U.S. Peace Corps.


  1. Don Juan Foster    


    Maybe now we (U.S.A.- best country in the Universe) can stop getting our clocks licked by adversaries on the cyber battlefield. But, who knows maybe all of our public cyber blunders are “double agent” / “false cyber battlefield loses” that are publicized in fact are in the U.S.A.’s national interest (something the best country in the Universe would do lol)

    Either way good luck to all the contestants and Godspeed!

  2. john    

    Dan what your trying to say is to cut out a certain races that are still highly qualified so a person of color won’t out shine you!

  3. Martina Moncada    

    Thank you so much for sharing this information — very valuable for our Student Veterans!

  4. Dan Mimis    

    ” Top scores in this competition are the qualifier for participants” Finally some common sense! YES, “Top scorers” IS the way to go, NOT diversity, inclusion and other nonsense. I hope the best contenders will be rewarded.
    And I’m waiting for a cybersecurity innovation competition, which is badly needed.

  5. David E. Gray    

    Please continue to post these blogs. They have become a great source of information for me.

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