Join us for the Standing Ready podcast.

Welcome to Standing Ready: An inside look at the histories and untold stories of VA’s innovations. Join VA historian Katie Delacenserie and producer Shawn Spitler for this new series. We elevate and highlight the significant contributions (past, present, and future) of the nation’s largest health care system through a historical lens.

We conduct interviews with VA innovators and pioneers. By doing so, we’ll explore how VA has changed the landscape of medicine over its 75 years.

The history of VA

The story of VA is more than its administrative, medical, legislative or political history. It incorporates the stories of people, places, properties, events and activities. It’s all part of interpreting its social and cultural context and impact on the lives of fellow Americans, Veterans, American culture and the world at-large.

Our first season is centered around the history and innovation of prosthetic limbs and how VA came to be. It also will include a discussion with the acting Under Secretary of Health on how history has influenced his response to the COVID 19 pandemic, academic affiliations, community care and adaptive sports.

Episodes will be released every other Friday, so find us on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

Katie Delacenserie is a VA historian.

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