Farmer Veteran Coalition helps Veterans into agriculture careers


Farmer Veteran Coalition is on a mission to raise the next generation of farmers and food leaders in America by employing Veterans and fostering cooperation between farming and Veteran communities. They are the largest non-profit organization that guides Veterans to careers in agriculture.

The organization formed in response to the fact that many Veterans come from rural America. Farmer Veteran Coalition began as a small gathering in California. It grew to a nation-wide organization with key partnerships in government and civil society. Farmer Veteran Coalition believes that agriculture gives Veterans a purpose, new opportunities, and physical and psychological benefits.

Their mission is to guide Veterans to full-time or part-time employment in the agriculture community, either externally employed or self-employed. Farmer Veteran Coalition works with a network of partnerships that allows them to serve a large number of Veterans across the country. Their work includes a Farmer Veteran Fellowship fund, farm financing, business resources, and education. Veteran farmers can also be certified to use the official Veteran label ‘Homegrown by Heroes’ on their products. The organization works with Veterans in all 50 states and has a map of state chapters here.

Membership to Farmer Veteran Coalition is free for Veterans. Non-Veterans and supporters may also apply for membership as an Associate Member. Veteran Members are eligible to programs and services through Farmer Veteran Coalition and have access to exclusive discounts for equipment suppliers and agriculture. Membership requires ID and a form of service verification.

Interested in applying for membership or hearing more about the services of Farmer Veteran Coalition? Visit their website at

Note: updated April 27 with a link to map of locations.

The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products and services on part of the VA.


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Editor: Alex Moe

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  1. Clifford Lambert    

    I am interested in the farm program. Please send met the startup info. Thank you much.

  2. Linda Mounce    

    Hello! My husband and I are both retired from the military. We would like information on the Farmers Veteran Coalition Program. We are in the San Antonio/ New Braunfels/ Austin area.

  3. Hector L. ColonColon    

    I am a Air Force disable veteran. Today I became part of the VFC. No experience in farming duties and responsibilites. Interested in building greenhouses in New Jersey. Anyone from that area or either from Pennsylvania or New York, please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Kim Margaret Westphal    

    That is so exciting! My mother still has the family farm. I will have to look more closely at the possibilities. Thanks for the article.

  5. Dakota Glor    

    I am a two tour Afganistan combat Veteran with a 90% disabilty rating. But i must say I’m getting along pretty well after 12 cortisone shots and physical therapy. I was raised on a cattle farm worked it for 20 years my family still has all the equipment needed to work the ground cut hay and bale it ect. I dont have any land and work a pretty low paying Job as a Armored truck driver.I Would love to do something more and move out of this city of Springfield but financially that is impossible for me. I’m posting here thinking their may be someone generous out there willing to help start a new life. Thanks

  6. Gary Cole    

    Help, I can’t figure out the VA farm loans, grants or any of it. Your sign up forms didn’t work each time I attempted. I guessed this is how it’s done.

  7. William A Curtis    

    I would love to get involved . I’m a disabled vet who has farmed Citrus with my family on a large scale . my Father Maj Glen G Curtis created this farm after World War Two 1947 and it still exist in operation under his name in Yuma Arizona . In 2014 I became Disabled and have not returned to the farm since moving to Texas in 2013 . I would love to assist with other veterans and or start a citrus farm in Texas with another Veteran . Where do i apply for this program .

    Thank You William A Curtis

  8. Kristina E Rieck    

    I have 20 acres in NC foothills. Am looking for like minded local vets interested in growing heirloom fruits and veggies. Winston Salem area. Am going to look into this program and I know USDA also has programs for vets too.

  9. Justin N Dietrick    

    Please send info on agricultural programs for veterans.

  10. Joseph Koch    

    Please visit the website at
    There is a wealth of information on there, including a grant application that is relatively easy and straight forward. Please sign up for free, to get the most out of this. Thank you for your Service.

  11. Jack Klesert    

    I am an honorable discharged Army veteran. I have minor leg disabilities. The V.A. recognizes them, and I receive a non-connected pension from the V.A. I had filed for a service connected pension, 3 times, getting turned down, 3 times. Once, they had stated they could see trouble I had with my legs while in the Army (1 bad airborne jump, falling down a flight of stairs, and falling from the top of a telephone pole), and having similar trouble now. But because for about 20 years in between nothing shows up, they turned down the application.
    I had 3 lots, 600 sq. ft., that I had rented ($120.00 per lot, per year), from the City Of Los Angels, Parks And Recreation. I had to give up one lot. Couldn’t afford all 3. I grow my own vegetables, fruit, and flowering plants, now in 400 sq. ft. Besides the rental fees, am always spending money for plants, seeds, plant food, soils, admendments, anti-pest control, and fencing materials.
    Though this is more a hobby, than an occupation, is there anything the Farmer Veteran Coalition could do to help? Due to my low income (and not allowed to earn any additional amount of money, due to the V.A.’s non-service connected pension policy), and after paying all my bills (rent, utility bills, auto insurance), and other necessary provisions (food, fuel, truck repairs), what’s left is pennies.
    Basically, as a veteran, living on the low pay from non-service connected pension, unable to work, and paying all the necessary bills, not permitted in having a real life. Nothing for hobbies, entertainment, clothing, etc… BTW, most of the clothing I acquire is second hand, usually free, or low cost (hardest thing to find, shoes in good condition, that fit).

    1. John Doe    

      Since you do not have a service connected disability, I am not sure why you are criticizing a veterans disability program….
      Veterans disability programs are for people damaged during training or combat…..
      Maybe you should apply for civilian disability??

  12. Steven Mathews    

    I need to start a business. Food distribution preferably. Farming is a start. Finance for any project is essential. Help me.

  13. Donald Walthour    

    Who specifically can you reach out to understand more about the program. I have some acres in Georgia.

    Thank you

    1. Joshua Littrell    

      Donald, I’m in GA and am a certified agriculture veteran thru Farm Veteran Coalition. Happy to help you out and answer any questions and would
      Like to Work together too. V/r, Joshua

  14. Chris Berns    

    My husband who is Coast Guard Veteran and I will be moving back to Texas south of San Antonio to our 10 acres we bought from Veterans Land Board. Any information about Farmer Veteran Coalition in The greater San Antonio/Austin area would be very much appreciated. My wife is helping a grocery co-op her started in California and would love to see how any or all of these pieces could fit together. We as always thank all our fellow Veterans for both Service and Sacrifice. Thank you Chris and Michelle Berns

  15. Michael Reed    

    Good Day
    My name is mike Reed, I am a US Navy veteran, and my wife and I have a small hobby farm in NE California. I work full-time as well, and my wife is infirm from a health issue that has left her unable to continue to physically participate in the farm activities, which has left me unable to do much of what I would like to develop and, honestly, clean up our property and get out home built, as much of my finances go to her healthcare. We have a dome kit, but lack the funds and, with my advancing years, strength to build it. Is this the sort of thing that the Coalition can assist in? Unfortunately we live in an old, donated single-wide mobile home, and for her comfort, I would like to see about how we might eventually be able to get the dome built so I can have her in a real home.

  16. Amy Elder    

    I would love information on agriculture programs for veterans. Or maybe grants to create a sustainable farm or for acquiring equipment and tools to accommodate disabled veterans to be able to work small farm properties.
    My husband and I have a small 10 acre farm in Arkansas. We plan on chickens and goats for our property, but need a lot of work for it to be able to be used for that. The property had been neglected for near 6 years or more before we purchased and moved here. Being 2 disabled veterans, medically retired, it is a daunting task to clear and clean up the property. Since we need fencing replaced (clearing barbed wire and replacing with woven wire with solar powered electric lines), clearing the three acres of fields for the animals, and leveling of some of the land to avoid flooding in some parts of the fields. Clearing up the mountain spring and creek of trash and debris so that it is clear and potable again. This needs equipment and tools that we cannot afford on our own and we cannot do physically with tools we can get from the local farm stores. We don’t want to hire others or just rent equipment and work to do these things. We want to be able to feel accomplishment in doing it ourselves, even if it is with the help of equipment and tools that are able to allow veterans with disabilities to work a farm and property that would sustain them and help locals with sustainable food and products.

    1. Chris Berns    

      Amy, sounds very good and ambitious and love the focus on both sustainable and pro-disabled education and application. We send you good luck and hope that you can get the equipment and training and satisfaction of what farming means on a deep level.

  17. Joshua Sandridge    

    Hello I am Joshua,

    I am a veteran currently enrolled in school studying horticulture. I am very interested in understanding how your organization can benefit me with my future goals.

  18. Lawrence Rayburn    

    I’m an Air Force Veteran of Vietnam. I have a small farm in west Texas and raise vegetable crops in pole barns turned into
    greenhouses and enclosed garden areas protected from the high winds we get in the Spring. I am interested in helping other
    veterans build wind wall garden enclosures and pole barns/greenhouses.

    1. Stan Keolanui    

      Hi Lawrence, I’d be interested in learning more about your growing methods in a high wind area. I’m a Hawaii Veteran and am starting a small farm on the Big Island. It can get pretty windy on my property, I’m planning to plant wind breaks and possibly do alley cropping. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  19. Martha Armstrong    

    I think these programs to help veterans develop their own business is great but I have a question which involves vets who are 90 % disabled and 10% unemployability. It’s not right for some veterans to get back into the community but not allow other to have a job/income.

    1. Daniel    

      Martha, I agree. Especially in this context, there could be a “homestead” program for many of us with unemployabilty. Unfortunately, we are supposed to play out a stereotype and waste what remains of our lives away as punishment for becoming disabled. It’s really unbelievable what this country does to us.

  20. lee lipe    

    We are a small business here in Paradise, ca. Being burnt out by fire in 2018 we opened a nursery and have been trying to make a go of it! Is there any funds available to help us vets?


    leland Lipe

  21. Scott Russell    

    Thank you Farmer Veteran Coalition and those who support it! I am a veteran, a farmer and a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. The Coalition has been a great source of information and support. It is also a good cheerleader for those veterans moving into farming. Farming can be stressful and relaxing at the same time. Stressful….will we receive enough rain, but not too much? Relaxing…..listening to nature while watching the sun rise. As farmers, we are producers. Providing for the health and nourishment of this great country. If you have any interest in farming, join the Farmer Veteran Coalition and find out if it feeds your passion.

  22. Joseph K. Mosley Jr    

    Please send info on agricultural programs for veterans.

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