site becomes central login for accessing benefits


Veterans and their families may begin accessing their VA benefits and services on the new and user-friendly website starting April 30.

Users will be able to access information about VA benefits and services through a single site rather than through multiple locations.

All benefits-related features previously located in the eBenefits web portal will be available on Veterans are encouraged to start logging into the site using their current Digital Service (DS) Logon or creating a new account using

“ offers Veterans an enhanced site in terms of usability and security with the implementation of two-factor authentication,” said Acting VA Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy. “The most frequently used features are now readily accessible on one website to include the ability to file a disability claim, check the status of a claim or change direct deposit and payment history.”

The eBenefits site will remain functional through March 31, 2022, to give Veterans an opportunity to complete claims started on the platform. Thereafter, becomes the single source solution to access VA benefit and service information online.

U.S. Digital Service worked with thousands of Veterans to test the new and improved The department wanted to ensure Veterans deemed the site functional before migrating Veterans’ data.


Media Relations

The Office of Media Relations serves as the interface with news media representatives from newspapers and electronic media for the Department. OMR arranges interviews, provides press releases and answers media queries.


  1. zee    

    The eBenefits site will remain functional through March 31, 2022, to give Veterans an opportunity to complete claims started on the platform. Thereafter, becomes the single source solution to access VA benefit and service information online.

  2. Steven Smith    

    Where is the f_ _ _ ing free guitar and lessons? And people wonder why there’s so little trust in government?? I’m sick of your lying email headlines VA!

    [Editor: This post? It was very popular from the email: ]

  3. Johnny Five    

    The new site is not anywhere close to the quality of the old site.

    It is a disgrace to be lied to like this.

  4. Donald Cheshire    

    Logging on with the DOD (DS) identity is an exercise in futility. The overpaid bureaucrat that designed this should be tried and convicted for torture to military veterans. I am currently locked out after 30 minutes of frustration.

    1. samuel cook    

      In the past successfully developed an I.D. me and DS login accounts. Went back a dozen times this last month and was refused entrance. Wrong password. Also, it would help if I could see what was entered as a password and that copy/paste worked to enter one.
      Answer these 4 questions we pulled out of a hat. You flunked the answers. You’ve exceeded 3 tries you’re locked out. You’re a robot, yada, yada, yada. You need to double authenticate with a code because your browser is not recognized. Your browser needs to accept cookies.
      What’s wrong with MyHealthyVet login? That’s the only login of mine that hasn’t been hacked. BTW, I do use a password program with strong passwords.
      Stay safe everyone. Don’t want to get vaccinated against Corona? Search Youtube for Penn and Teller’s presentation on getting vaccinated.

  5. Col. Swayne Cates    

    I still have been unable to access the travel re-imbursement site with any success. What’s up with that?


    I can not believed a PUBLIC ORGANIZATION has stooped to the low life “BAIT AND SWITCH” advertising . I get dozens of adds from Companies saying I can get a VA Loan with 2% APR only to find out it is really 3.5% to 4%.

    Now I see I can get a FREE GUITAR and LESSONS and no where in the directed WEB SITE is the information readily VISIBLE. I haven’t played since lonely nights in Vietnam. as a member of the JTSF- RDF for ten years I was ready to go for ten years. I could say sorry I got a hang nail or something.! I expect the same thing from MY VA!! IF IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO PUT IN THE ITEM TITLE. PLACE THE SAME IMPORTANCE IN THE ARTICLE. IF IT IS THE FIRST THING IN THE ADVERTISEMENT TITLE PUT IT FIRST IN THE ARTICLE.!! DON’T BURY IT LIKE SOME HUNT GAME.!!!


    1. T. Bailey    

      I saw that headine and had to look way down in the feed to find the article. Here is the link:

      You can copy and paste, or hunt down in the original Newletter – it’s the 5th or 6th article below all the links. Semper Fi.

  7. Frustrated Veteran    

    There may have been a page overlooked during this transition. There is a page in eBenefits that allow you to see your current rating and the breakdown of your disabilities. This was the Disabilities page under the Dashboard.

    1. Johnny Five    

      The section that allows you to see and download your documents is also gone.

  8. Gary Meyer    

    The issue is I am out of the country for an extended period and despite me having a working, I cannot access the which I was previously using. Instead I get this when I try and login using

    Access denied
    Error 16
    2021-05-04 23:13:21 UTC
    What happened?
    This request was blocked by the security rules
    Your IP:
    Proxy IP: (ID 10440-100)
    Incident ID: 440000400018059415-56195949130156549

    When I contact for support, 12 DAYS later I get a rather generic response saying clear cookies, try a deferent browser, disable VPN which I am not on, a different network, all which do not work. Then I get this from them:

    “Hello Gary,

    Thank you for contacting support.

    This problem may be related to the VA website, it does not appear as though you had any trouble accessing your account. Please try contacting the VA for further assistance with this issue.

    Feel free to reach out with any further questions or concerns!

    Warm Regards,

    Member Support Associate, Inc.”

    So I am locked out of my account now that I am in South America despite a valid working that had worked for months and I am on my same laptop. I am run into circles, and nobody to help. Myhealthevet login works great say if I want to go on that site, but the and is BROKEN. Can anyone help from, as apparently is like speaking to my cat-it’s cute, but worthless.

  9. James Butler    

    I hope this works better than changes that ruined the Choice program. It worked great until we had to go through the VA. Before I called TRI WEST and told them the Doctor I needed to see and that afternoon they called me back with my appointment date. Now since have to go through the VA it takes weeks to get approval. I had a neck operation on Medicare because I got tired of waiting.

  10. Rudolph Valentin    

    I tried using the new system on May 3rd and May 4th…. Does not work with IDMe (w/ existing IDME account). It consistently put me into a login loop, by sending me back to the DS Log In / IDMe page; even after during validation of 2nd verification step code was sent to me. I agree with one stated comment; wasn’t aware all this was either being tested nor EBenefits being transferred. I was trying to use the upload tool but couldn’t due to the login looping,

    1. james satory    

      Obviously, thats what the Government wants from the VA.. make the vets so frustrated and angry, that they will say ” f**k it and walk away…they save millions of dollars that way!!!

  11. Glenn Wise    

    This article should have a button to take me to the new site.

    [Editor: is linked in the first and third sentences.]

  12. Walter J Rainey    

    We need help.At least those of us that life has been a struggle for. God knows what I went through serving my country. But I did it proudly and successfully. Now if my country can help me a little through the hard times that would be a blessing. And know this,if I’m ever needed to defend this great nation. You won’t have to ask me twice!!!!!

  13. Richard Palmer    

    The main issue I’ve had with IdMe is that the customer service sucks. I have been locked out of for about 6 months, and have put in about 20 work tickets to get my account working but I never have received help from them yet. No easy way to get help with them. I haven’t been able to file a claim for 6 months. This time is holding me back. I wish they would have left it with DS login. Much better system….

  14. Francesca Roman    

    It seems no government or corporation is smart enough to ask the users to volunteer for testing things. Same way a base might build a new gas station and screw that up because they didn’t ask the users to submit a design. Most people are so eager to help because they know it will be done right the way they need it, not the way the creators think it should be.

  15. V W    

    I was directed to the new site from eBenefits today and I like it! One site for all our (vets) needs is a great idea.

  16. David Montague    

    Is thete someone or department within va that does va home loans?

    1. Mike Nelson    

      The Dept of Vet Affairs has a home loan program but they do not originate loans. You have to go through a mortgage broker who is familiar with the VA home loan program and how the process works. I would start by reaching out to other vets in your area or the local VFW or American Legion to get recommendations for mortgage brokers who are trustworthy and know how to process a VA home loan application.

  17. CMF    

    Another shell game. Just moving crap around and making it harder to find. Why don’t the merge ALL of the health records so Doctors in Florida can see what treatments you had when you lived in Washing State? STUPID PEOPLE DOING STUPID THINGS and thinking they are reinventing the wheel. Obviously this is a lame brain idea driven by the Administrative side of the VA. The majority of the Doctors, Nurses, Health Care providers ALWAYS have been top shelf.

  18. corey pinks    

    I have been tracking my claim for 6 months and I keep getting the general answer, “it is with a Law Judge and a claim decision…”. This does not tell me exactly where my claim is.

  19. SW    

    Really? I never heard a thing about a new program nor testing of it. Maybe these same people should have had veterans testing the “new and improved” benefit travel program before that got implemented and screwed everything up for veterans. Is this why va staff have received a 19% pay increase? Messing up what has been working good?

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