If you have ever been distracted while eating, you know how easy it can happen to any one of us. But when we’re concerned when a loved one may not be eating enough, we want to focus on how to help them reduce distracted eating.

Eating is essential to life, and is one of the most important daily activities for managing patients with a dementia type diagnosis.

Those who are distracted while eating can lose weight if they are too distracted and not getting enough at meal time. We focus and work to limit distracted eating for our nation’s heroes as they obtain enough nutrients and stay hydrated.

We want to focus on the goal of eating a variety of foods needed for good nutrition and weight management. Keep in mind the healthy plate method for meal planning. One way to add nutrients disguised as dessert is mixed berries with cream soft serve. A treat, and perfect for a warm summer day!

Listen to episode #32 as Bethany Dawson, VA Registered dietitian nutritionist, gives us some tips that she goes over with caregivers of Veterans in her Home Based Primary Care team. Watch as she takes a twist on a yummy pudding favorite during this cooking demo.

The top 3 tips to keep focused at the table:

  1. Avoid the television while eating.
  2. Keep table settings simple and avoid patterned tablecloths and placemats.
  3. Only have 2-3 foods on the plate at a time.

Food preferences may change, too, so be open to trying new recipes, and get more great recipes from the Healthy Teaching Kitchen YouTube channel. And stay tuned to this episode for more great tips to help our caregiver support system to help our Veteran loved ones when they experience lack of focus at the dinner table.

Fresh Focus Dietitians Beth Blair and Lindsey Purcell welcome Bethany Dawson, Home Based Primary Care dietitian from Louis A Johnson VA in Clarksburg, WV.

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