While we may not think about it, the lower back plays a role in just about every movement we make throughout the day. Activities such as getting in and out of a car, carrying laundry, picking up a child or pet, and even brushing our teeth use the muscles in our lower back. Research shows that at some point in their lives, 9 out of 10 people experience low back pain and 50 percent of people in the work force experience it annually. Strengthening and protecting your lower back is one of the best things you can do for your body every day.

Body mechanics exercises, such as the “hip hinge,” are designed to improve your posture, coordination and stamina.

Watch along with Dr. Aaron Armetta, chiropractor with the Omaha VA Medical Center, as he demonstrates the hip hinge movement in the video below. Take note of his movements and posture. When practicing this exercise, bring your attention to the present moment and the sensations that you are feeling within your body as practice.

If you are living with chronic low back pain, you may want to learn how acupressure can relieve your symptoms. Acupressure is thousands of years old and is considered safe to be done along with your usual medical care for low back pain. Using these acupressure points are useful when your pain is worse and during times when back pain is less bothersome but still there. Using acupressure more regularly may lead to better results. Press these points several times a day when your back is hurting and see if you find relief.

Read about how Linda, a 42-year-old Navy officer Veteran, used Whole Health and Complementary and Integrative Health to manage her chronic low back pain.

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    I clicked a link for breathing exercises and got “hip hinge”

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    I did not see a video about “hip-hinge”. I saw a video about acupressure.

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