As part of its surge plan, the Orlando VA Medical Center, along with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Emergency Management (OEM), has deployed a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (Mobile ICU) to support hospital operations for non-COVID-19 and COVID-19 inpatient requirements.

VHA has long been a leader in disaster response. The Mobile ICU, part of VA’s deployable asset inventory, is designed for operational speed and flexibility.

This Mobile ICU allows Orlando VA to continue to provide necessary care to inpatients during this surge of Veteran hospitalizations while taking some infrastructure pressure off the hospital.

Installed equipment, ran simulations and held training

The unit is fully self-contained and self-supported with its own oxygen generation capability and potable water system.

The Mobile ICU components were delivered on Friday, August 20. Over the course of a week, contractors made all necessary connections and tested systems.

Once turned over to Orlando VA, staff installed additional equipment for patient care and ran several simulations and training, involving staff from multiple disciplines.

The Mobile ICU on-site:

  • 1 Command Unit – the “brain” surveillance system, communications system, automation/inventory system.
  • 1 Technical Unit – the “heart” generator, water filtration system, medical gas system and more.
  • 6 ICU Units – the “backbone” medical equipment and supplies capable of stabilizing and treating up to a total of 10 patients.
  • 4 Self Contained Restrooms.
  • Medical grade electricity, oxygen, and potable water generators, along with HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Inventory management system.

The Orlando VA began using the Mobile ICU for patient care on August 31, 2021. It will continue to operate it as long as the unit is needed. Immersive photos of the impressive unit can be found here.

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