Do you ever seek out your family for advice? Although our Fresh Focus dietitians are the specialists on planning your plate the healthy way, getting back to your own family roots can help show you how to begin before you even pick up your plate.

What better way to kick off the season of warmer weather with being able to grab some fresh veggies to put on your plate from your very own back yard!

Listen in to episode 35 while dietitians at Fresh Focus talk with some of their own family members on tips and tricks to starting a garden.

As dietitians, we do tend to talk to Veterans and their families on getting reconnected where their food comes from. It is beneficial for all of us and a great time to get together with family members and share ideas about gardening, and it can be a fun time down memory lane.

Gardening can be both a healthy way to add more nutritious foods and also a great way to add in more movement and physical activity into our day.

So what do you do when you are thinking about starting a garden? It may seem strange at first but you actually want to plan ahead, even a year in advance. Plan to start thinking of a garden for next year today.

  • Research your soil. Research and come up with items that grow in your area. You can look online to your local Extension Agency for assistance. Then research your back yard space.

You will need to decide on an in-ground garden or containers. You may even have space for a green house.

  • Start a list of items you actually need. We don’t recommend just going out and buying items and seeds and plants without deciding how much you actually need.
  • Remember to start small. When you are first starting out, focus on three tomato plants and then the next year you can plant tomatoes and bell peppers or advance to three other veggie varieties.
  • Look at your budget. Do you want to start with seeds or plants? Starting everything from seed takes more time but can save you money in the long run.

Or if you want to start with plants, look at your local gardening store for options. Remember to save seeds for next year and share in the community.

If you have neighbors or family members, keep your seeds, store them for the next year, or give away to your neighbor and vice versa.

Remember: You do not have to be an expert gardener to start your very own garden. Happy gardening!

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