The Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem’s (VHA IE’s) Diffusion of Excellence is taking the next step forward in promoting and collaborating with innovation champions across VHA by announcing the successful Diffusion Marketplace (Marketplace) is now public. Its initial launch in February 2020, then available to only VA employees, garnered more than 14,000 users and over 30,000 innovation page views. Now Veterans, their caregivers, external health care innovators and the general public will have instant access to innovations already spreading across VA.

The Marketplace drives VHA’s success as a learning health care system and acts as a digital storefront for innovations. For this public launch, 75 innovations are featured for users to discover, explore and possibly implement in their own health care organizations. All these innovative practices help improve the quality of care for Veterans, improve health care efficiency and increase job satisfaction for employees.

The Diffusion Marketplace encourages visitors to browse innovative practices and communicate directly with the VA employees leading the diffusion of each innovation, known as innovation champions. Each innovation has its own webpage with key information including the problem faced, innovative solution, and notable results. In addition, an implementation timeline, required resources and team contact information are provided to further aid the user. These tailored pages include an interactive map of the facilities where the innovation has been adopted.

Visitors can also search by regional health care system or facility to explore Marketplace innovations created or implemented in a specific region or facility. Additional capabilities consist of the ability to search by keyword, category, and originating or adopting facility.

Providing the Marketplace as a public resource means displaying the innovative and creative culture of the VA community to Veterans and the broader health care community. Alongside the recently released Diffusion Playbook, it allows the rest of the world to see how VA is breaking health care boundaries and expands the impact of these incredible innovations outside VA. The Marketplace invites everyone to view groundbreaking programs like the Centralized Lung Cancer Screening Program, PRIDE in All Who Served, The Surgical Pause, and so much more.

Click here to visit Diffusion Marketplace and spread the word!

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