G.I. Jobs magazine has worked for the past 20 years and 240 issues to connect transitioning service members and Veterans with civilian opportunities. It has been a pleasure and an honor.

As we continue to deliver relevant and timely information to the military and Veteran community, we look to the future to expand how we aid Veterans through job placement, school enrollment and franchise ownership. To that end, G.I. Jobs is excited to announce these free new offerings – just in time for Veterans Day! 

G.I. Jobs website  

We have totally revamped our website from the ground up with the goal of delivering the resources you need quickly in an easy, searchable format. You can enter one of three environments based on what civilian opportunity you seek: employment, education or entrepreneurship. From there, you can search jobs, companies, schools or content to assist in those areas.   

Additionally, you can save your favorite information to your free personal information locker for later review.  

Visit the new website at gijobs.com.

Virtual career expos 

We host monthly career expos that are free to transitioning service members, Veterans and military spouses. You can chat with recruiters from dozens of organizations that put a priority on recruiting and hiring from the military and Veteran community. 

To help you prepare, we offer free G.I. Jobs Get Hired Workshops prior to each career expo. The workshops offer access to insider knowledge from corporate recruiters, hiring managers and other subject matter experts. Plus, each career expo includes a keynote speaker: a successful Veteran who shares their story, insight and advice with military job seekers. You can register for the next G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expo at gijobs.com/expos.

Career portal 

As the original Veteran hiring connection, we have an extensive network of companies and hiring managers that are looking for Veterans. We know the value of your service and our platform translates this experience into traits that recruiters crave. Creating a free profile and uploading your resume will allow you to be seen by our vast network of employers actively seeking to hire Veterans and military spouses. Visit the career portal at careers.gijobs.com.  

G.I. Jobs app 

All of the functionality for everything we offer at G.I. Jobs is now available for free on your phone. Read the current magazine or look up a past issue. Register for a Get Hired Workshop or Virtual Career Expo. Look up articles regarding jobs, trends and tips. With this app, you can connect to civilian opportunities anywhere. Download the app at GIJobs.com/app, or download for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

“Our team isn’t content with only producing the great content you’ve grown to trust over our first 20 years. They’re hard at work thinking of the best ways to use technology to connect you to civilian opportunities,” said Chris Hale, CEO and Navy Veteran. 

The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products and services on part of VA.

Post 9-11 Veterans looking for a career as a wildland firefighter can apply to the Southeast Conservation Corps Veterans Fire Corps program.Post-9/11 Veterans can apply to become wildland firefighter
The American Red Cross continues to experience a severe blood shortage that is negatively affecting blood product availability across the country. Donors of all blood types – especially type O and those giving platelets – are urged to make an appointment to give now and help ensure hospital shelves are stocked with blood products over the Fourth of July holiday and beyond.Veterans, families can donate blood to help critical shortage, receive $10 Amazon gift card

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One Comment

  1. Maynard Perkins November 18, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    I am writing this as a warning to veterans who want to work as teachers in the state of Alaska. I have been an Alaskan resident for more than 69 years. I am a veteran. I used the GI bill to earn my M.Ed. and Alaska teachers certificate. While in the Army I earned enough quarters of Social Security to be eligible to receive benefits. However, the first day I started teaching in Alaska I lost a major portion of those benefits. This is because of the federal Windfall Elimination Program, WEP, and the Government Pension Offset, GPO. Because Alaska teachers, firemen and state troopers paid in and earned state pensions, these professions were penalized by having a majority of their social security benefits removed even though they have paid in their SS taxes and have sufficient quarters for benefits. This is true for 13+ states. The state pension has since been discontinued but new hires still are penalized.

    This something that is not made clear to prospective Alaska employees who might already have earned their SS quarters. This is definitely not fair to veterans who have earned SS benefits through the military, then go to work in one of the affected states, and then lose a majority of those benefits.

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