VA recently partnered with the Daniel and Salvador Montoya Heroes Foundation to facilitate corporate hiring opportunities for Veterans and transitioning service members.

The partnership also aims to educate corporate employers about VA resources that can help improve Veterans’ health and wellbeing. Resources include benefits, community Veteran engagement boards, Veteran Community Partnerships and Compensated Work Therapy.

Partnership will provide opportunities for economic stability, employment, and health literacy.

VA and the Heroes Foundation work to improve the quality of Veterans’ lives. They provide opportunities for economic stability, employment and health literacy.

Most importantly, it will raise employer awareness of the risk factors of suicide and VA suicide prevention tools for Veterans. This is vital. Research shows that lack of employment and low income can contribute to poor Veteran health outcomes. That includes suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

Veteran unemployment almost 12% in 2020

“Unemployment rates among Veterans spiked to 11.9% in April 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic caused widespread job loss,” said Tracy L. Weistreich, VA National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnerships nurse executive. “While Veteran unemployment rates have since leveled out, partnerships like this help employers hire and retain more Veterans while being sensitive to their unique experiences.”

Link to more VA employment services

For more about Veteran employment services, see VA’s other resources.

If you’re a Veteran, who is unemployed, looking for work, or in need of training to qualify for a job, VA’s Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program may be able to assist you.

Information on VR&E eligibility, entitlement, services, and much more may be found on the VR&E website.

Learn more about this and other partnerships facilitated by HAP.

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