The Columbia South Carolina Knights of Columbus have honored Caitlin Golson as VA Volunteer of the Year. Golson is a volunteer with Columbia VA’s Summer Student Volunteer Program.

Over the past four years, Golson has dedicated nearly 1,000 volunteer hours to VA and several local organizations.

Volunteer of the Year Caitlin Golson

“I was a bit nervous about being honored, but once they called me up it was a great feeling,” Golson said. “It made me feel very special. Being able to give back and knowing that I am making a difference in peoples’ lives in our community, Veterans especially, makes me feel so good.”

Golson is a senior at Spring Hill High School and  soon will be attending Winthrop University. She plans on obtaining a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in business with aspirations of utilizing her education to become a community change agent.

“Hard to believe she is just in high school.”

“We hold this event once a year to show recognition to those in our community who are patriots and selflessly serve the community,” said Mark Sullivan, a Knights of Columbus member and retired Army colonel. “Golson was chosen for the award after the Knights of Columbus heard about her volunteer efforts at VA. This girl is so selfless. With the amount of work she does and her dedication to helping others, it is hard to believe she is just in high school.”

The Knights of Columbus held its annual First Responders Dinner Dec. 15. There, they honored seven individuals who have served their country or their community.

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